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On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Martin Hill of Martin is an activist, a blogger, and an independent investigator who is perhaps most famous for publicly confronting Donald Trump about the “dancing Israelis” arrested on the day of 9/11, a topic we discussed at length during our last conversation. In this podcast, Martin and I start off by talking about his recent travels in Europe and some of the recent articles published on, including one which highlighted an interview he conducted with Bruce Leichty, a Southern California-based lawyer and mutual friend who represented the righteous revisionist and historian Ernst Zundel as well as 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani.

We move on to analyze President Donald Trump and the actions he’s taken in his first month in office. We also discuss the wide array of political and media actors, including the radical left, the organized Jewish community, the (((mainstream mass media))) and top Republican leaders, working to undermine Trump’s agenda. We review the many Jewish connections to President Trump and his administration, Trump’s ostensible support for Israel, and related matters.

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  • Hey John, regarding the JTA’s article on the alleged bomb threats, I don’t think the JTA is admitting Jews made this up or were behind the threats. In some of the articles I’ve read it was determined that no bombs were found at the locations and determined that the calls placed were hoaxes. They are not saying the calls were not placed.

    However that being said, I believe all of these alleged calls never happened or were placed by Jews or leftists and it is a concerted effort by the Jewish media and groups to compare Trump and his majority white supporters to anti-Semites and Hitler. I am hoping that these alleged threats will be exposed as hoaxes but don’t expect the JMSM to release that information. I also hope that if the DOJ does investigate they’ll release the findings showing they never happened.

    If they did happen, wouldn’t the NSA would have them stored? Just my opinion on the wording used by the media.

  • Hey, I didnt wrote that comment about Mark dice’s nose. it’s an imposter!

    • Yeah, sorry about that – I should have known. I just deleted that comment. Mark Dice is not Jewish to my knowledge and he does good work.

      • I think the main result of Mark Dice’s work is getting people to think once again in terms of left vs right, a quite useless mode of thought that people were starting to move beyond, before the Trump/Clinton prizefight hype.

        But I’ve only seen a series of videos where he makes fun of young liberals’ blind assumptions. I haven’t seen the ones where he shows how blind and dumb are typical young conservatives, or where he shows the value of race and nation over mere ideas.

  • “The Holocaust is the Holy Grail of white guilt.”