The Realist Report – Mark Neuhoff

Mark Neuhoff

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Mark Neuhoff, a Masters student and Graduate Teaching Assistant at Virginia Tech University who has come under fire for his personal political, racial, and historical views. Mark and I begin by discussing his background and history before addressing his college experience. We move on to discuss the recent controversy on campus surrounding Mark’s personal connections to individuals who attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville earlier this summer, his social media posts, the media’s response to all of this, the Alt Right and much more!

Below are relevant links for this program:

  • Fascist Threat in the NRV: Profile on Mark Neuhoff – New River Against Fascism
  • Virginia Tech ‘white supremacist’: ‘I’m not a white supremacist’ – The Tab
  • Students protest Virginia Tech instructor in debate over white supremacy – The Washington Post

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  • Sababu A. Sanyika

    It’s time we all know and understand how the scheme of white supremacy originated as a divide, conquer, exploit and rule over Gentile doctrine used to generate hostility and conflict amongst Gentiles while the originators increase bank and power to continue the scam over thousands of years of deception and manipulation of psychology of human sociological acculturation. The intent to psychologically indoctrinate and brainwash was deliberate.

    The color racism scheme was invented by Talmud mindset Rabbis who gave false, evil, blasphemous, and divisive interpretation to Torah/Bible stories – “a mark of Cain and curse of Ham” indoctrinations. The interpretations alleged that black skin was the curse and perpetual servitude the sentence on Ham, Canaan, and their descendants. The so-called “curse of Ham” was taught to innocent, unaware, unsuspecting, and illiterate Europeans for centuries, indoctrinating them into white supremacist mindset. Brainwashed Europeans have been used, abused, and manipulated for centuries to be a conquering army of goyim by Jews who remained behind scene as they still do today.

    It’s freedom and liberation time from color racism. We must stop using color terms to identify human beings because it’s the real racist language used to scam and to divide us for all this time. The devil scam defeated.

    There has always been One Human Family. Now is time for a United One Human Family to defeat and eliminate the color scheme used by the devil to cause such hatred amongst us for far, far, far too long.

    Satan set out to prove that human beings are unworthy of the position of service to The One Creator G-D Almighty. Satan recognized, found, and has exploited the weakest link – human willingness to answer the call to rebel against Divine Moral Guidance for human life.

    The Hebrew/Israeli/Jewish community’s rejection and refusal to accept belief in The G-D and to live as guided by Divine was fertile weakness upon which to develop and grow a stable community from which to lead in the attack on human beings with corruption, indecency, sin, rebellion, disbelief in and disobedience from living by Divine Guidance.

    Dear Beloved People, These Talmudist are Satan’s earth agent devils missioned to disconnect human beings from Divine Moral Guidance for human life – our true Salvation. Consistent, persistent, and insistent refusal to accept Divine Guidance brought curse upon themselves to become the human embodiment of Satan – devils. Satan said attacks on human beings from all angles would prove humans unworthy of being servants of The G-D Almighty. These devils have been busy positioning themselves to have controlling influence to direct us away from discipline to live By Divine Guidance, spreading corruption, indecency, sin, death and destruction wherever they wander. The moral failure of Judeo Christian western world has been fault of Talmud rule. This is the iconic war between good and evil that has brought us to these days of the grand finale of Armageddon in which TRUTH IS MISSIONED to expose, defeat, and destroy Satan’s devil ability to continue ung-dly tyranny over a united, repentant, and redeemed One Human Family.

  • Sababu A. Sanyika,

    Respectfully…………..where did Cain get his wife?

  • Sababu A. Sanyika – There is no such thing as “Judeo Christian”, they are mutually exclusive terms. Judaism is anti-Christ to the core.

    Did it ever occur to you that it might be an act of love to promote similar races/cultures living together?

  • John..

    Check this out:

    Give it 10 minutes. Farrakhan lays out the case for black nationalism and mentions that even some of the “alt-right” likes his thoughts on the matter.

  • I liked Mark Neuhoff very much and enjoyed everything he had to say. You should be commended, John, for finding different, “unknown” people like him to bring to your podcast. Too bad the comments here are so retarded.

  • “……..It’s freedom and liberation time from color racism. We must stop using color terms to identify human beings because it’s the real racist language used to scam and to divide us for all this time……..”

    Hard to let a comment like this go idle. I’ve seen too many “CoExist” stickers. Don’t need to hear it here.

  • Mark, you have this figured out very well, and as you say, you are not alone. Understanding the big picture is something that our enemies are doing everything to prevent us from doing.

    Here is an english translation of a speech I gave at the Rhine Meadows memorial gathering a short time ago.
    Please understand that here in Germany, the security people are craving for a political change to free them from the intolerable obligation to commit treason for their pay check. I openly broke all the thought laws and “forbidden gestures” laws during this talk. There was a small army of police that recorded everything, and I am not in prison, and I am not even worried. We are winning. We are going from “response mode” to “attack mode”. This will soon be over. This past summer I was raided for the second time, followed by an extortion attempt from a parasite jew masquerading as a state prosecutor. I called it out and have not heard back from them. They are on the retreat.
    We are under assault, and only a proper awakening will lead to the healing, and you will find yourself with masses of people looking to you for guidance as their world of hysteria and lies falls apart. You are well positioned with your understanding of the problem.

    Here in Germany we are the “pacemaker” for the heart which our enemy has tried to kill, and we will get this heart beating again. The Heart of Europe. This will bring to life all of Europe and Europe will rise again. All the other races on this planet expect nothing less from us than our success in dealing with this pathetic parasite that has been plaguing our planet for far too long.
    Hail Victory!