The Realist Report – Kevin Alfred Strom

Kevin Alfred Strom

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Kevin Alfred Strom, a legend in the White nationalist movement. Kevin is the host of American Dissident Voices, a weekly podcast, and editor of Kevin and I begin by discussing his racial awakening, background and experience with Dr. William Luther Pierce and the National Alliance. We discuss the White nationalist movement generally, the rise of the Alt Right, and the top priorities of our movement. Kevin offers his analysis and explanation of the age-old “Jewish Question,” i.e., the Jewish agenda to genocide the White race, as well as many other topics.

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  • Another outstanding interview. You are really good at this interview stuff, John.

    “We are going to attract the brightest people of our times into our cause, and they are going to come up with ideas that neither you nor I have thought of. They are going to find new ways of doing things because that is what white people do, and we are going to win.” — Kevin Alfred Strom

    Sounds good to me.

  • Great interview John ! That is worth another donation to the Realist Report, so stand by. More and more people are finally figuring out the Jewish fraud being forced upon the planet by some very evil people whether they are Khazars, Ashkenazi, or whatever they may claim or deny their origins are. Dr. David Duke has now stated that the Khazar Theory is all wrong, but I am not yet ready to abandon it. It makes too much sense to me. Keep bringing the great work to us John, I am with you and the great work of your guests !

  • good interview.I was a big fan of Dr.Pierce and ADV.He offered great insights into jewish motives and what their policies and propaganda have done to the minds of our people and what must be done to counter it.Unfortunately,the national alliance has floundered since his death in 2002 and has struggled to find effective leadership and support.I hope his broadcasts will continue to be redistributed and heard.They are still very much relevant today.As Pierce used to say,we are in a war to the death with our enemies.We must understand this and also understand that the jews will not reform themselves.They will continue to do what they are doing to us,unless they are stopped.Lets make their nightmare of a worldwide nazi revolution come true.

  • The awakening is utterly unstoppable now in 2017. Learning that all of these weaponized control words are nothing more than jewish constructs to control us is neutralising the jews power over our minds. The word “racist” was first used by the jews against Russians who wanted to retain their values and culture. It is a meaningless control word. The same goes for all the rest of these words. “Nazi”, “Hitlerite” etc etc.

    This is now a war against thinking and working people in general and white people in particular.
    The jews use their “control words” to trigger programs that they have engineered into our minds ever since we were born. These programs cause emotional and irrational outbursts based on fears based on fantasy. People who still respond to these control words have been reduced to zombies. They can be healed through careful exposure to truth and reason.

  • Good that Kevin Strom mentions Revilo P Oliver. Sam Dickson arranged a wake for Prof Oliver in 1994, at which David Duke and Paul Fromm spoke. Since then, neither Duke, Dickson nor Fromm have mentioned Oliver, their mentor, and he has almost disappeared from modern Right discourse, despite the fact that he was one of the major intellectual figures on the “Right” in the 20th Century.

  • hi John, I heard your interview with the guy about Dr William Pierce, as usual it was very interesting. one of my Twitter friends just posted this clip of him, lol damn he was firey,  pissed and entertaining.

    I had never heard of him prior to your show. I did some research . his birthday was 9/11, & his last birthday was on 9/11/01. He died about 6 months later. He was married 5 times. lol, *(a paradigm of wholesome white family values? what a joke.) But the thing that got me was his new “religion” he formed, and that his protege whom you interviewed admits his primary goal is this religionist (cult) bullshit. That is amazing, but I gotta give the guy credit for honesty. At least he doesn’t hide his sinister goals like the jews & others.

    now you might protest & say “aww come on hes not sinister., he just simply has a different belief system than you. ”

    As a Christian, I find the whole thing abominable. A few years ago I began listening to Dr Duke & red ice, and began noting that several of these self- proclaimed “white nationalist” types openly stated that their goals are actually incompatible with Christianity. I was gonna do an expose with a collection of all these goons but lost interest.

    Even Dr Duke, who’s show I enjoy , says he is merely a “cultural Christian,” whatever that means , and duke denies that the old testament is the word of God. Christians do not deny that Holy Scripture is the inspired word of God. So Duke likes the “cultural aspects” of our civilization but not the theological ones. 

    It reminds me of when Christ said
    “WITHOUT ME YOU CAN DO NOTHING,”  which is at the very top of my website.  It’s true.

    Forget the Catholic vs. protestant thing for a minute, these other  folks are basically at war against Christ. Just like WHO? Yes, the jews.

    Anti-Christs, or those who deny Christ, are satanic and will never win anything. Trust me this race stuff will be the least of their worries when they meet their maker at their judgement.
    Scary stuff and very sad!!!

    I just thought I’d share my perspective with you my friend.

    • No mere White Nationalist has goals incompatible with your belief in Christianity, and the mere Christianity of many WN refutes the idea that Christianity is incompatible with WN – as some insist. So it is known to be a non-issue within both WN and Christianity. It is the overlaying of WN or Christianity with other hobby-horses by the feeble minded or mischief making that makes for these conflicts. Get over it …

  • The 9th circouth court has blocked Trump Temporary Travel Ban…this us what happen when ALL the judiciaries state,federal are dominated by JEWISH lawyers.

  • Michael other than Michelle Friedland, it’s two white males on the 9th circuit appeal court, William C. Canby, Richard R. Clifton

  • seeing the comment about WNs and christianity reminds me of the late Ben Klassen,founder of the church of the creator.A big part of his philosophy about racial survival was his belief that Christianity was a tool of the jew used to soften us up and make us all the more exploitable by taking away our faculty to make distinctions and to know who our enemies are.It should therefore come as no surprise that the churches have been used to push poisonous doctrines on race,miscegenation,etc.The enemy knows that an endorsement by the church of an idea otherwise abhorrent to our racial instincts is more likely to be accepted.It makes sense when you think about it.