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Master Chim

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Justin Garcia AKA Master Chim of The Pressure Project, one of my favorite podcasts on the Internet. Justin and I begin by catching up and re-capping our last podcast back in April 2015, which you can download here. We move on to discuss the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia and its aftermath, the Alt Right, racial realism, the concept of tribe and building networks, “White supremacy” and the weaponization of language, and much more.

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  • One could arguably call the Jewish money causing this chaos supplied by the Jew Soros to the Jewish money that caused the Russian horror supplied by the Jew Schiff.

    The result will be the same. The sad thing in it all, Russia under the Czar had it GOOD compared to the raping being handed out here;

    We may have the privilege(?) of witnessing the death of Empire. Will the nation killers be allowed to move on to the next “host” or will it finally end here?

  • John Friend needs to invite Jim Fetzer back on, to discuss the recent news that the Lee Harvey Oswald files that had been sealed at the FBI have suddenly “gone missing”, just a few weeks before they were due to be released to the public (October 26th, I think).

    The sealed FBI file on Martin Luther King Jr is also due to be released some time in the near future, and I will predict that his file will also suddenly be found to have “gone missing”,
    too. Just before the date where it was supposed to be released.

    Count on it.

  • I finally got around to listening to this podcast yesterday. I have mixed opinions of it.

    First of all, I found myself agreeing with Garcia about 75-80% of the time. I particularly agreed with his post-mortem analysis of Chris Cantwell and his unbelievably ‘stupid’ HBO Vice interview – but disagreed with both Garcia and John when they tried to claim that Cantwell is basically a ‘smart guy’ and has good intentions towards the pro-White, Alt-Right movement in general.

    I will admit that, up until the Charlottesville fiasco and what I saw from Cantwell in that Vice interview – I had no real reason to suspect Cantwell of being insincere with regards to his claims to finally being ‘red pilled’ on the race issue and deciding that it was time for him to abandon his looney-tunes, libertarian driven, race denial philosophy of the past. But, what I saw and what I interpreted from Cantwell’s Vice interview – was that this guy was one of two things. Either he has an IQ in single digits and therefore fails to grasp the seriousness of the battle we are involved in, and has not bothered to do 5 minutes of homework on the tactics that the jews have been using against our race for the last 60 plus years – or else he working off a script that the jews handed to him and helping them to put check marks in every negative stereotype box that they have on their hate Whitey, White Genocide Agenda.

    Except for one. Cantwell can’t put a check mark in the box next to ‘White Southerner’ – because he isn’t a Southerner. But as for the other stereotypes? White racist. White Supremacist. Skin Head. Crazy & dangerous White gun nut. Loud, obnoxious, crude, bombastic, unrefined in his speech and message delivery? Check, check, check, check.

    I take the view that Cantwell is a huge negative for the Alt-Right movement, regardless of whether his IQ is the issue or whether he is a potential mole working for the other side. He caused real damage to the Alt-Right and the Unite the Right movement by agreeing to do that interview – which, as Garcia repeatedly pointed out – was both predictable and 100 percent avoidable. In fact, if Cantwell didn’t exist – I cannot think of a better “face” that the jews could have come up with to paint a negative image on the Unite the Right rally and Alt-Right movement – without issuing a casting call in one of their Hollywood ‘actors wanted’ trade publications.

    And, when Cantwell – formerly a loud, obnoxious, bombastic, bravado huffing, chest beating tough guy on camera – put the ‘cherry’ on top of the jews Charlottesville setup cake by making that video in his motel room where he is crying and whining like a little bitch – that was a perfect illustration of what Garcia was talking about early in the podcast when he observed that the American White male has become so disgustingly feminized that he is no longer ashamed or embarrassed by crying like a little girl and creating a video of it that he uploads to youtube – where he can share his emasculation with thousands of other White males? For what reason? To inspire other White males to mimic his emasculating behavior? Or, perhaps to earn that bonus check signed by the ADL and SPLC?

    Moving on from Cantwell – I have a bone to pick with John Friend. I listen to a lot podcasts that John has done and almost all of the ones he has done where Charlottesville is discussed.
    John sounds a lot like a broken record – in that, he will repeat himself, ad nausem – going down the checklist, pointing out each and every thing that the Unite the Right rally organizers did that was strictly within the law and 100 percent according to the rules – and then John will get up on his moral and self righteous high horse and complain that the other side (the enemy) did not follow the rules or follow the law. Whine, whine, whine. Not Fair, Not Fair, blah, blah, blah. This is sickening to listen to. Garcia pointed this out later in the podcast – and posed the question as to what was more important. Being saintly and right or winning this battle?

    Since the Charlottesville fiasco on August 12th – I have listened to dozens of pro-White podcasts and read dozens upon dozens of written analyses of the event – and almost without exception, all I hear and read is more of the same kind of whining. And, what is even more alarming – is that several of the major organizers and personalities who were most heavily involved in the lousy planning of the event – are not even being criticized for screwing things up as badly as they did. Apparently, the buck stops nowhere and at nobody’s feet in the Alt-Right movement – and that is one thing that has to change. Leaders must be held accountable. Personalities within the movement must also be held accountable, if they engage in behaviors that lend assistance to our enemy and which allow our enemy to discredit and further demonize our movement.

    I am referring to the Nazi Roman Salute stunt that Mike Enoch (Peinovich) admitted to having arranged at the first ever Alt-Right Meet the Press conference in September 2016. When Garcia brought that incident up and cited it as the kind of ‘major mistake’ that our movement must adopt a zero tolerance policy for – John timidly chimed in some lame comment about that ‘was just a fun thing to do’ – and I heard that, and said to myself – Say What?

    This struggle we are in is not a GAME, John. It is deadly serious. Our racial survival is on the line and our enemies do not give a hoot about following the rules of engagement or being chivalrous. Good sportsmanship and having a ‘sense of humor’ is not part of their playbook.
    Garcia pointed out the obvious: It was 100 percent predictable what would happen if the enemy were to get their hands on a video of the Alt-Right press conference that featured two jews executing a Nazi Roman Salute. One does not have to a genius to possess the foresight to predict that the enemy would use a video of that sort to discredit and demonize and smear the Alt-Right. Which is why I am convinced that Mike Enoch (Peinovich) set that whole thing up – for the express purposes of making sure it was recorded and then passed along to the enemy controlled jewish media.

    Anyone who thought the Nazi Roman Salute stunt was just ‘fun’ – needs to seriously reexamine their commitment to the survival struggle of White Europeans.

    One last point. I am of the mind that the hammer needs to come down hard and swiftly on any of these ‘clowns’ or moles – within our movement who engage in stunts that hand our enemies opportunities to discredit our movement. Leaders who fail to anticipate enemy tactics and take measures to mitigate them – must be held accountable. Incompetence should never be ignored or rewarded. The Alt-Right has a swamp of it’s own – and it needs to be drained.

  • The rally failed, our momentum has been stopped and our recent gains reversed. I wish we could all more focus on how our cause is about love and not hate. Love for Europa and her people. The media has to be educated-somehow- to stop using loaded words like ‘white supremacist’ ‘hate group’ etc… Maybe if white nationalists presented the case differently…but I know the counter argument is ” media knows, but they use those words on purpose to defeat us”…. At the top, yes, but I’ve encountered media or otherwise educated people who literally are clueless as to what we are about, they were raised on “white supremacy” as a thing, as a bogey man to combat tooth and nail. I recently listened to a radio interview of Jason Kessler talking to a female reporter for about 25 minutes… was abundantly clear that aspects of the ‘white cause’ was way over her head, she seemed stupefied by what Jason was telling her about white demographic decline, Jewish influence over society, etc.. She seemed to be in a mild shock- this was new information to her. (Interview can be found on Kessler’s twitter, the show was called “This American life” an NPR affiliate (?). We should work on media to make them respect us more.

  • Here is another fairly peculiar detail about Chris Cantwell that I ran across yesterday, when I visited the Daily Stormer using the Tor Browser.

    This guy is being held, in jail (for defending himself against some antifa goon at the Charlottesville rally, I’ve been informed) and he was recently deemed to be so ‘dangerous’ and a ‘threat to the public’ that he was denied bail. This is clearly ridiculous, but then, consider the enemy we are dealing with.

    At any rate, the Daily Stormer has a link up to a Chris Cantwell youtube video / radio show that he is being allowed to do from INSIDE the jail he is supposedly confined inside?

    Anybody besides me find that a little suspicious? Especially at a time when these same jews and leftists are going whole hog on shutting down and censoring pro-White speech online.

    What possible (non-suspect) reason could there be for them to allow Cantwell to resume his youtube podcasts from inside the jail he is in?

    I welcome any ideas from the regular visitors to the Realist Report website, but please do not tell me that the jews are playing 4D chess.

    • Tucker- Cantwell is allowed phone calls. These calls are recorded by the other party ( usually Jason Kessler or Mike Enoch) who then uploads the call to the internet.

  • Good interview. Your guest is very articulate. Unfortunately, I don’t think any of his proposed solutions will work. We had a tribe once. The Jews destroyed it. If we dared build a lighthouse for our people, the Jews would tear it down.

    I read a book once, a long time ago, about the buffalo herds that roamed the western plains. The author said buffalo were so stupid that hunters could sneak up on them by walking up a ravine, suddenly emerging in the middle of the herd, where the animals would take no notice of them. He said that even after the hunters shot two or three buffalo at close range, the herd would continue grazing, oblivious to what was happening.

    That’s us. We are too stupid to see the systematic destruction of our herd. Only instead of eating grass, we watch TV.

  • Justin Garcia’s image in the photo you display does not correspond to his personality, which is very sociable and moderate. Too moderate for he criticizes the AltRight if it becomes too strict; he is half Puerto Rican himself; he has no problem with homosexuals — he is good friends with Jack Donovan and likes the Counter-Currents website.

    Dr. Andrew Joyce has just published a three-part article at taking a strong stand against homosexuals in the movement. (A little strange maybe because Richard Spencer is tolerant of homosexuals himself, but perhaps that’s why Joyce chose his website?) The best of the 3 parts by far is Part 3, so I’m linking to that one. I highly recommend it and commend Joyce for his great work on the subject.

  • Race-realism and conservatism are fundamentally opposed to White Nationalism.

    • Not for nothing did Justin Garcia join Gottfried’s altright when it hit the media, while ignoring and still undermining White Nationalism for decades.