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On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Johnny Monoxide (@TheParanormies), host of The Paranormies, a top podcast broadcast on The Right Stuff (RSS feed is here). Johnny and I begin by discussing his journey to the Alt Right and 9/11 Truth. We discuss the importance of 9/11 Truth, who was really behind the event and what agenda it has advanced, and the fraudulent nature of the “Global War on Terror.” We also address “Holocaust” revisionism, media fakery, PSYOPs, false flags, and hoaxes.

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  • Hooray, two of my favorite talk/podcasters on one shoah. What a fine day this is and will be. And I haven’t even listened yet!!!

  • Hi John (and Johnny), thanks for another good podcast.
    Just a comment about the Vegas shootings – I can confirm that real people died. I knew the Jasper woman who died there. That said, it was of course a created event, with the goal being to disarm the people.
    They like to mix it up a bit with all these “false flag” events. Sometimes there are no actual victims but just crisis actors, and other times real people die.
    Another thing I have heard about the Vegas event is that a woman was escorted out of the stadium before the shooting even began, because apparently she was repeatedly screaming “everybody’s going to die here tonight!” Hmmm… perhaps some foreknowledge? Was she there to prime people, stoke the fear and panic that was to come?

    • Monika… You are going to have a tough time selling the lie that people died from hundreds of “bullets”, but yes, lots of people died and were hurt from very evil people putting on a show using fake gun shots and crises actors on the ground to cause a human stampede. I am a little weird Monika, I would LOVE to see some pictures of blown off skulls and torn apart necks and gasping/gurgling sounds and bodies shuddering in death and pain etc… I have tried to find some of this on those good internet back channels to enjoy, but sadly, there is nothing to be found :(

    • MS, I have massive prejudice in your favour, and no reason at all to doubt that you are sincere in your belief about Calla Medig being a real victim of a real shooting, but as a matter of logic your knowing her does not equal ‘real people died.’ And I’m not posting this comment because I have an opinion one way or the other about this question.

  • I think ((( Deep State))) manipulates these events in such a way as to make people believe its all crisis actors and no one dies, , etc… In reality, it is much much easier to actually do these events, to really kill people, via MK Ultra mind control.

    • Dave Marshal. Could you pretty please provide me with some PHYSICAL evidence of dead people? Pretty Please. I follow the old saying: “Believe none of what you hear and only 1/2 of what you see”. As of now, all I am provided with are empty WORDS.

    • I’ve seen some images, but ‘crisis actors’ could never pull this off. Even if just 25 people were to try such a thing, one would crack. If you hired just three people to rob a bank or bump someone off, one of them would spill the beans to someone. Various people in the ‘alternative media’ who often think everything is a hoax, etc. are saying that this is for real- because friends of theirs or friends of friends were shot.

      • Dearest (((Dave Marshall))),
        Thank you for the picture of death, that was very revealing :)
        Say “Hi” to (((Jeff Rense))).
        You made my day :)
        John 8:44

      • Dave, you wrote that “various people in the ‘alternative media’ … are saying that this is for real – because friends of theirs or friends of friends were shot.”

        I also am suspicious about this matter, and give some examples later in this thread. Please check out my comments and add any information you can. Cheers!

  • What needs to be done about proof of people actually dying is to get the hospital and morgue admission records. Thinking about it, I find it difficult to imagine that one or two big hospitals could possibly take in any more than maybe fifty injured people at one time, which means to me that more than several hospitals were needed to handle that disaster. A gunshot wound means at the very least severe bleeding, and at worst near death with agony. Also, how were the victims transported? 500 injured people would have required as many different rides to emergency. Two thirds of those trips or more would have been by ambulannce. So there’s got to be Medivac and ambulance records. If I were a researcher, I think these are leads I would chase.

  • Great show, John. Keep up the good work. When you spoke of 9/11 being a media event, I couldn’t agree more. It was made for TV. I live in NYC and was on 22nd St. and 2nd Ave. in Manhattan on 9/11. That being said, even though I saw the aftermath and huge plume of smoke from my rooftop and various other vantage points around the city, it occurred to me, on that day, as I was watching the news accounts and the footage of the planes flying into the buildings, that this image was being drilled into our heads through the TV, and it was the TV images that were the primary vehicle for the terror that ensued. I was literally blocks away, yet like everyone else around the world experienced the visuals through an electronic screen. Of course, there was also the vibe that day that couldn’t be conveyed through the TV, the scared people, the masses of those covered in white dust making their way north, and the burnt smell that permeated everything the following day when the wind shifted directions and all that smoke drifted uptown, but it was the visuals coming through the tv that interpreted all of this for us.

    Another aspect of 9/11 that most people tend to forget is the entire Anthrax scare. I’m pretty sure it’s been demonstrated that the strain of anthrax used most likely came from US govt. labs. I’d be willing to take an educated guess, based solely on the sheer viciousness and vindictiveness of those attacks that fits a very specific MO, that the people who had the access can somehow be linked directly back to a certain “group”.

  • I really enjoyed this interview.

    That 9-11 was a media event could only have been possible with accomplices at the very top of the fake news media.

    I liked the logic presented regarding those who understand the Holohoax, but refuse to look at the evidence of other so-called “conspiracies.” Makes perfect sense to me: if they would like about the Holohoax, how can you believe them about anything?

  • It becomes a matter of legitimate concern when an unusual pattern is made evident. And where widely dispersed alt-media personalities say they have a local connection to a questionable distant event it is worthy of study.

    Monika Schaefer, here, has made the claim that real people died because an alleged victim is from her tiny town in Canada.

    Greg Palast at Rense says he went to school in California with the alleged shooter and has an insight into his motive.

    Jay Dyer also claimed a link with a victim in one podcast I half listened to. Perhaps you guys can help?

    And I am fairly sure at least one other broadly ‘truther’ podcast I heard included a guest or host claiming to know an alleged victim. Was it one of Fetzer’s guests – do you guys remember? Was it the fella with the very high voice, perhaps?

    These odds are wild! I picked up these podcasts listening to just 6 or 7 hours of altmedia a week, and reading two or three blogs!

    Very few media sources would reliably question the basic reality of such an event as is alleged to have happened in Las Vegas, and yet quite a large section of those venues among those I visit, perhaps 20% have all somehow had hosts or guests support the official version with a claim to the alleged perpetrator or his victims.

    This is not remotely statistically possible if it were not a managed event, or some of the response managed.

    It is possible that involved persons were drawn from communities that have among them people who enage with these issues, like Monica Schaefer, Greg Palast, Jay Dyer and others, who just as possibly might have offered some supporting claim for the official story in response. But it cannot be considered plausible that these alt-media personalities all just randomly had a connection with the event the way all the rest of us didn’t, even though we outnumber them by millions to one. Something is up here.

    I’d really like to pin down the Dyer and possibly Fetzer thing, if anyone remembers or will go back; and of course any other examples.

    • Nick Dean
      Not sure how one can trust any of these so-called Truth Tellers. None of them tell the truth about everything, they all just lie and deceive with half truths. Name one truth teller that tells the truth about the following: Nuclear Bomb Lies, Holocaust Lies, 9/11 Lies, Moon Walk Lies, Evolution Lies, Racial Lies, etc…. None of them do. They may tell 1 or 2 truths but then mix those truths with LIES.

      • How about me? I try to tell the truth about these topics. Just curious what you think.

      • Dan, you should not be overly concerned that people do not agree with you on every issue. You did not always hold the opinions you do now, and it’s likely your family and friends do not share most of your views. But you were not a liar, and neither are your friends and family.

        I don’t have the scientific knowledge to understand the argument about nukes – and I suspect most fake nukes advocates do not either. That does not make me crook. And evolution is quite obviously real, so I’m not with you on that argument either. Doesn’t make me a liar.

        You would more properly make a case for active manipulation by showing statistical impossibilities such as in the question I raise here, than by saying different opinions equal nefarious control.

        • To Nick Dean & Dan , I listened to part of the Rense- Palast interview, I thought it was garbage. Palast was trying hard to put up a motive but to me it was woefully inadequate.
          Dan, putting my name inside Jew brackets is part of the problem- people do the ‘conspiracy theory’ thing based on too little info sometimes.

          The alternative media persons I referred to are AMTV’s Chris Green who has a close friend who’s cousin who got shot in the wrist and the ankle, plus John de Nugent, who said a trusted friend, his friend’s son knew a coworker who got shot.
          This was a big event, over 500 people shot at an event that drew people from all over- the world is a smaller place than most people like to think.

          The Cabal that runs the show can more easily stage actual shootings than try fake ones where too many witnesses could one day tell all. The difference in ease is almost infinite. Plus, our rulers also like the negative energy released by bloodletting, its their version of ‘Wheaties.’