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Adolf Hitler

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by my good friend John Kaminski, one of the most insightful and powerful writers in the independent media today. In this introductory podcast, John and I discuss the importance and relevance of Adolf Hitler, easily the most righteous and courageous leader in modern Western history, a conclusion I came to in June of 2012. We focus particular attention on the way Hitler and National Socialist Germany have been demonized by the Jewish media in order to prevent the masses from objectively assessing this man and what he represented. John’s essay The Hitler Test is highlighted, and we begin discussing the official Program of the NSDAP, which was publicly released on February 24, 1920.

During the second Subscribers Only segment, John and I pick up where we left off in the first hour and continue our discussion of the official Program of the NSDAP. Why is this basic information kept from the public? Is the official “Nazi” party platform “hateful” and misguided, unworthy of serious study and contemplation, as the media and educational establishment would have people believe? John and I argue that all the lies and slanders leveled against Hitler and National Socialist Germany are used to prevent the masses from realizing there are legitimate solutions to the many problems facing our nations, solutions Hitler implemented while the leader of Germany.

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  • The owners of the Judas Class in D.C. had to vilify Hitler and the national socialists in order to keep alive their myth regarding Central Banks. Of course no one knew it would be so comically simple to “dupe” the denizens of the west.

    Sewer nation – idiot Culture.

    Where the Germans chaffed under the evil/perversion of “The Synagogue”, this “mutt” culture revels in it.

  • Most unawakened Whites are suffering from cognitive dissonance on any topic that concerns jew subterfuge. Cognitive dissonance causes an inability to think about anything where they already have a set opinion. The jews, through intense indoctrination that we have all suffered all our lives, makes the indoctrination they have disseminated, to be set in stone. Cognitive dissonance, is a program of psychological warfare jews have embraced and perfected.

    The reason none of these individuals can understand anything revealed to them about the jews (blank stares, no response, and no opinion or substantive discussion) is due to cognitive dissonance, a very real technique which the jews have thoroughly and deliberately inflicted on our people for a century. For a lot more than half of that century, the jews have so indoctrinated our people, many times each day of their entire lives with philo-semitic feelings, that they are unable to concentrate on the facts to the contrary. When these many facts that describe jew wrongdoing are presented to them, they become affected by the symptoms of cognitive dissonance. That’s why they seem hypnotized. They are in effect, when it comes to hearing the truth about the jews, which are sainted, multiple times 24/7/365, day in, day out, overtly and covertly, on every form of media that exists.

    Cognitive dissonance is the result of a person being confronted with new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values they have. The more deeply one holds or values any belief, the greater the magnitude of the cognitive dissonance. This is why our people, deeply indoctrinated by jewsmedia, can’t or won’t question any aspect of jew activity. Humans seek internal consistency. When we explain to them what’s really happening, it is totally inconsistent to their established belief system. It’s shocking to them. It causes the reactions we see when we attempt to tell them or even show them the overwhelming evidence of jew perfidy. In most cases, you can’t even get them to look at the incriminating evidence that proves the case. Very soon, they become unconfortable, or even hostile in their frustration, and then it’s “I gotta’ go”. And after they go, many times they actively avoid any contact with you and you can imagine what they tell all your ‘friends’ behind your back — you HATER!

    • The two groups here that seem to be the hardest nuts to crack are 1. The young far leftist ideologue 2. The patriotard ‘conservative’ Republican man over the age of 55, usually a regular churchgoer and fanatic about supporting Israel, a kind of Archie Bunker type.

      If anyone has any kind of open mind at all, I think the best introductory video about ‘our’ side is Anthony Lawson’s “Holocaust, Hate speech, and were the Germans so stupid? “

  • I think we get a bit too much preoccupied with diversions and end up not doing enough activism. If we would put as much energy into blocking illegal immigration as we put into re hashing historical events or entering labyrinths like Sandy Hook, the problem would get solved.
    Fine tuning our ideas is necessary but balance must be preserved- we must agitate on the open borders issue more. Join NumbersUSA, FAIR, or some other such group. Visit your Congress critter instead of just writing a letter.

    Our inertia prevents us from forming a pro -white PAC, we could have explicitly pro- white lobbyists if we dared. We should have Euro-American cultural league chapters all over the nation, etc. but we dont, we have sloth to blame. Part of the blame is due to our high tolerance for kooks and weirdos, who scare off normal people. Simplify the message and organize now, or die.

    The closest thing we have to a white nationalist political party here is the American Freedom party, yet they allow blacks to join. (Sigh).

  • Great stuff, except for John’s disdain for the people like me who use pseudonyms. I did appreciate your response.

  • Good interview. One thing: It would be nice if people stopped pronouncing Adolf with a long “a.” Germans pronounce it with a short “a.” The first syllable should rhyme with “Glad” rather than “Glade.” When you pronounce it with a long “a,” you sound like an American.

  • I meant no aspersion to Buelahman. That was a good example of the danger of generalizing. It was other people I had in mind.

    • John Kaminiski.. Can you offer a list of what you think constitute the top 10 books that people interested in this movement or understanding the political landscape should read? Would sincerely appreciate your thoughts..

  • Chuck, thanks for asking. I’d be honored to.

    1. The Nameless War, by Sir Archibald Maule Ramsay (1952)

    (there are dozens of links to this on the Internet)

    2. Kill the Best Gentiles, by James Von Brunn (1999)

    3. The International Jew, by Henry Ford (1920-22)

    4. The Curse of Canaan, by Eustace Mullins (1987)

    5. 200 Years Together, by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (2002)

    6. The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, by Arthur Butz (1976)

    7. The Truth about the Protocols, by Gerald B. Winrod (1937)

    8. Jewish Ritual Murder, by Arnold Leese (1938)

    9. The Hidden Tyranny: The Interview with Harold Wallace Rosenthal and other stories (2005)

    10. The Leuchter Report, by Fred Leuchter (1988)

    Apologies to scores of other authors whose rigorous defense of the truth has served to overturn the blatant Jewish lies about World War II and reveal the actual facts about the Jewish sabotage of historical truth.

    This is only one observer’s opinion about important books to read. Many others are more qualified than me to compile such a list.

    Best wishes
    John Kaminski

    • Thanks JK for sharing that list with us. And, I agree there are so many good books.

      If memory serves me correctly, John Friend did a piece a while back highlighting the major issues/institutions in America that need to be confronted/removed (i.e. the Fed, Jewish media control, Jewish Hollywood control). If the people had before them those fundamental issues and the books that establish those issues (with good support for the assertions therein), the people could get informed on, say, the Fed, get grounded in the details, and begin to speak out, to call for change. Whether you call out the Jews directly or topple their institutions, the ultimate result is the same, their shenanigans will be revealed and the institutions, culture, etc. they have erected will be toppled. Topple their institutions and the perps will be unmasked.

      Grateful for both you and JF. Keep up the good work. Know that it is having an impact.

  • Damn, the site took out all the links I included.

    • Many single lessons could be taught by those texts, JK. In a sentence what is the best most moral and all encompassing lesson you would draw?

      I could suggest for example:

      be pro-truth

      be antisemitic

      be pro-White

      be all of the above

      What do you say?

  • I support you all the way. I am a black man my self who had heavy grudges against white people, until I read Kaminski blogs, when I realized what we refer to as capitalist is actually Zion, the financial controllers. Then The exodus fable and the serpent that have put black people, and women particularly in the marginalized lines. II need to contact you directly los people are the one in the total darkness about these facts.The time has come when Europe must liaise with her former colonial territories and slaves to counter The Jews.
    I am in the final stages of my book about the same issues from the black angle and I need your support. May the ancient gods , guide and protect you against zion, in life or death
    Hasta la victoria

    Mwana Ikoma

  • This is my second trip through both hours of this great interview with John Kaminski, and due to the availability of the right books to read from American Free Press and Barnes Review, the second listen further entrenched my knowledge and respect for the “Great One.” I also highly recommend that we read the work of Waffen SS General Leon Degrelle that is published by the Institute for Historical Review (IHR). Some of Degrelle’s work was also available on the Barnes Review website. Keep up the great work John (both of you), and due to family issues I had to cancel my trip to California this year, so I hope to make it back to visit with you again in June 2018.