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On this edition of The Realist Report broadcast live on Renegade Broadcasting, we’re joined by my good friend John Kaminski. John and I will be discussing a number of topics, including my recent trip to and reporting on the on-going #OregonStandoff (see my interview with the BLM here), some of John’s recent essays, Obama’s tyrannical and un-Constitutional gun-grabbing agenda and the Jews behind it, Donald Trump, and related matters.

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  • Appreciated the program but an overlooked point is how Trump is denouncing the Internet, the Neocon nemesis. He’s a shill?


    The above link is for one of the indictments of the Hammonds.

    The poaching allegation is a problem, as it makes the Hammonds look real bad. This was the September 30, 2001 incident- hunting guide Gordon Choate and Dennis and Dustin Nelson supposedly are the witnesses (?). I’ve read that the younger is alleged to have Hammond shot from his property into a herd of deer, into BLM land. Up to seven deer were said have been killed, and a few others were seen limping away. The governments case claims that the motive for starting the fire was to obliterate evidence of this poaching- the govt. acknowledged that the blaze was initially set on Hammond land, and it escaped and burned about 130 acres of BLM land, the govt also admits that this burn probably improved the value of the land. The Hammonds claim this burn was meant to deal with invasive plant species (?).

    Men who live on the land , close to nature, and then killing seven deer- this on its face doesn’t sound right. Once you kill seven deer you have to skin them, clean them, field dress them, this carving up would take some time, or hauling the carcasses away back to where you can finish the job would be cumbersome, etc. Its just sounds strange and not a wise use of ones time, its overkill, literally. Now if the govt. had its sights on aqcuiring the ranch, this would be a good way to demonize the Hammonds, make up a tall tale. The govt claims that the burn was designed to obscure evidence of poaching, the govt claims that this cover up attempt was successful, traces the deer were all burned up. This itself does not sound right either- a brush-fire that moves through a glen or whatnot, burning sagebrush, bushes, a small tree here and there- this would have moved through the area for a brief time. Would this fire have been able to burn up the deer carcasses in their entirely, every bone bit ? I think not. But the govt says it did, the govt. never produced any pieces of these deer, no photos of charred remains, not that I’m aware of…..Plus, the Hammonds were never charged with poaching, and I’m under the impression that they were never thoroughly investigated for poaching either. So far, I dont believe it, it just looks like the governments attempt to add a bit of “maliciousness” to the fire starting, to make it look like the 1996 anti terrorism law/ statute would be applicable to the case, when in reality it is not.

  • Oops- Third sentence above should read “I’ve read that the younger Hammond is alleged to have shot…” Hope you can do an edit for me, thanks John.

  • I totally believe that whenever the government makes up charges that make no sense, it is usually a product of “jew think”. That seems to be the way those within the Tribal power have their brains wired. The focus stays on the end result and not how to logically get there with any sense of honesty.

    Since all those decision makers in the end are Tribals or connected or owned by the Tribal cabal, the rulings go down against the persons charged and thus don’t have to make sense. They just make up the rules as they go along. The criminality of the power elite in this country is outrageous and without citizens grouping together to put an end to this, we are 100% doomed to be a vassal nation with nary a trace of freedom to be found.

  • This is from the Northerntruthseeker and makes sense:

    NTS Notes: Through my own research into the WACO massacre, the Bundy Ranch stand off of April 2014, and other incidents that have involved the US government facing off against “militias” and those opposed to their rule, I would agree that what we are witnessing is a staged provocation…Of course the US government has indeed put their own agents into these “militia” groups to try to stir up trouble and to have these militia groups turn violent… It is also a fact that the ultra criminal, President Barry Soetoro, does indeed need a “provocation” to bring in his gun control legislation…This situation in Oregon with the Hammonds could be his ticket to sell that despicable overturn of the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution to the gullible American people…

    Again, there is so much more to this Oregon stand off that we are obviously not being told…. There have also been a multitude of articles that have come out that point to the fact that the Hammond ranch sits on top of a wealth of mineral riches including Uranium ore, much like the Bundy ranch did when the US government attempted to seize that land during April 2014….

  • Largely OT, except John F & John K are both Sandy Hoax truthers, with JK on a couple occasions expressing his shock & dismay at Delphi-Deanna Spingola’s proclaimed belief in the kosher Sandy Hoax story… even ‘profiteering’ from the event in the form of her ~600 page “Screening…” book. Just listening to Delphi-Deanna’s latest Jan 16 show, with a guest who’s an ex cop talking about race & crime. Beginning at 1:24:30, out of the blue and obviously without knowing Delphi’s public SH position, cop says:

    “[…] if you don’t realize Sandy Hook, by now, is a complete false flag, you’re, you’re DEMENTED!! […]”

    and that SH dialog goes on from that priceless statement for the next 7 mins; check it out!

  • Does anyone have the scoop on why Red Ice Creations radio network has been down for almost a week?

    I hope nothing sinister has happened to Henrik Palmgren or the beautiful and talented Lana Loktef.