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Tales of the Holohoax

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by my good friend John Kaminski, one of the most articulate and powerful critics of international Jewry and their New World Order agenda. In this podcast, John and I begin by discussing the recent death of David Rockefeller. We then move into John’s latest article “Boycott Amazon: Jew Publisher Outlaws WW2 Historical Truth,” which addresses’s efforts to literally ban certain “Holocaust” revisionist books from being sold on its monopolistic platform. We go on to discuss a number of recent developments and news items, including the recent conviction of Michael Strickland, which I wrote about for American Free Press.

Below are relevant links for this program:

  • Jewish groups, pols say Trump budget is bad for Israel and other US interests – Jewish Telegraph Agency
  • Dad and daughter transition together from mother and son: ‘If she can do it, so can I’ – Yahoo! News

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  • The west, “Sewer Nation” specifically, is doomed. Idiot Culture is “politically correcting” itself into the Russian horror for the 21st century and there’s absolutely nothing cognizant folk can do to stop it.
    So bold the synagogue is, so confident in their control over a dumbed down “mutt” culture, they barely attempt to cover their hatred and contempt;

    “It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not ~ they will be killed.” ~ Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg

    The idiocy. Can you imagine a culture so sublimely ignorant they would attack a fellow Christian/Muslim for nothing more than posting the Jew’s OWN WORDS and ACTIONS?


    MATTHEW 23:35






  • The six-Million is their religion now. Without that they simply do not exist. Think about that.
    Without the Six-Million they disappear down the History hole. They never had a Country of their own, but they want a World of their own. Hence the NWO.

    • Bobby Shoelaces

      Alleged Holocaust (holohoax) numbers:

      6 million dead jews.
      5 million dead non-jews.

      Auschwitz reduces numbers from 4 million to 1 million. Thus, 3 million – 6 million = 3 million total dead jews (alleged).

      Holocaust scholars and college professor’s (all jews) are now claiming Elie Weisel lied about the 5 million non-jew deaths to garner sympathy for the alleged jew Holocaust (see Israeli newspapers or the Daily Stormer).

      Thus, we may conclude, that at most only 3 million alleged jew deaths occurred, whilst the other 8 million deaths were a complete fabrication. Therefore, one simply need repeat this verifiable truth to the masses and question the validity of the remaining 3 million alleged jew deaths.

  • If the 3 billion that the USA taxpayers are paying Israel without being consulted about it…to be fair: what is the amount paid to Palestine?
    Israel is the chronic spoil “child” always crying for more, nothing is enough, greedy and selfish.
    Why Jews always have a problem? I for one am tired of the propaganda in films , media etc. There have been in history so many massacres done on other nationalities but nobody “remember” them yet the jewish “suffering” is the “only” one to be talked about !!! wow What about today’s suffering of the Palestinian people? aren’t they worth a thought? so Israel is causing deaths and suffering to others but that is not even mentioned in the media which is ruled by Jewish .
    There is no Democracy while there is greed and power belonging to the few.

  • The great tribulation is upon us, Israel is,attacking Syria the IDF giving open support for ISIS, kurds,invafing Syria. Damascus retaliated by downng an Israeli jet. Saudi Arabia,Turkey supporting Israel, Iran,Hezbollah,Russia supporting Syria. In the USA the JEWISH Neocons pushing a fake anti Russian congressional hearings calling for US/Nato War against Russia and China. The petrodollar is collapsing, the US debt is unsustainable, the middle classes of US and Europe unable to use,anymore credit to consume. The JEWISH global bankers and the jewish cobtrol Fed,central banks, repeating the old historical pattern provoking WW III to deplete excess industrial inventory, force govts. to finance more debts to fight WARS, mass killing of excess GOY population, use war to supress dissent, reduce inventories and kill as many goyim as possible. Then the JEWISH bankers will control the whole world through perpetual debt servitude. The jews will become the worlds finabcial oligarchy. The JEWS criminal aggressors but will be the eternal victims, the holocaust, antisemitism their weapons of mass world deception oppress,supress the TRUTH REALITY. The great losers the ignorant cattle inhuman GOYS.

  • Bobby Shoelaces

    Hosting Kaminski’s articles would be a great addition to your influential website. I suspect the old guy just doesn’t want to be a burden, as old people tend to avoid doing. His own site plus yours would be even better.

    Getting his articles out to the masses is very important, as it sticks it to the man. People know who you are and you have increasing influence in Nationalist circles, plus you are respected, regardless of what Renegade continuously states about you.


  • John,

    With the closure of the rebel website consider publishing Kaminski’s essays.

  • “the jews” have been running the usa for quite a while. is it a religion? what’s a religion?

    the murder of general patton was one of their first big deep state deals. the cia was still the oss then in 1945 but it was the same people. patton’s murder was a bill donnovan, fdr, stalin plot. it’s another jew thing. the jews were directly in power from 1933 to 1969, with a year or two where they had to lay low a little under jfk. they had 20 years in power before that, with theodore roosevelt (rosenveld), i’m thinking william taft was under their power too, and definitely woodrow wilson. hoover maybe not. no doubt they murdered mckinley and harding. so from 1900 to 1969 the jews had direct power in the white house the whole time except for 4 years of hoover and 8 years of harding and coolidge. jfk wasn’t around long enough to get through with them but he did have time to understand what was wrong and what had to be done. in that time they cultivated the cia as their power tool, no doubt filled it up with not just kgb but sis and mossad too. fdr and truman, both jews, designed it that way. eisenhower was a jew too. i’ve talked to college educated people who think a jewish president couldn’t happen. nixon was pretty much under their control. he was a rockefeller stooge and had kissinger for a national security advisor. that’s who did him in, because he was really serious about the war on drugs. carter more or less too as a david rockefeller trilateralist. reagan another stooge, though speculation is he may have been killed when he was shot in 1981 and replaced with a dummy. of course clinton is a crypto (rockefeller), probably bush too (sherf) and obama was never anything but a cia/mossad plant. trump’s blasts against the fake news media are pretty obvious – it’s full of spies and agents. so they all know he’s opposed.
    of course, camp king david is the real white house.

    for darkmoon – kaminski’s negative statement about women was too general to be taken literally, though it certainly would apply to some women. it was bound to offend someone. lots of people out there looking to be offended. but my guess is john got kicked off kyle’s site because his article offended kyle’s wife and kyle got an ultimatum. get rid of john or i’m closing the playground. lesson learned – plenty of successfully married men are mammas boys who know who the boss really is…

  • I’m still waiting for John Kaminski to get around to reading the eye-opening, fantastic book by Tom Goodrich titled ‘Scalp Dance’, and then spend the time necessary to watch the youtube video titled ‘Ice Age Columbus’.

    These two homework assignments just might be the ‘red pills’ that Kaminski desperately needs to help him get over his cuckish and often repeated White guilt over how our White European ancestors met, fought, and defeated the various tribes of Redskin Indians in what was actually a rematch of the first battle of our Caucasian ancestors, in which, they got genocided by the Redskins who Kaminski feels so sorry for.

    Oh, and here is third red pill homework assignment that Kaminski could benefit from:

    “You Stole America from the Indians”

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