The Realist Report – Jim Condit, Jr.

Jim Condit Jr

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Jim Condit, Jr. In this podcast, Jim provides some updates on the 2016 election and the very real threat of vote fraud. Donald Trump is now openly calling the nomination process “rigged” and “crooked,” which it most certainly is. Trump is dominating the overall vote count and has over 200 more delegates than his nearest rival, yet he still does not have the nomination locked up. The GOP establishment appear intent on preventing the populist businessman turned Republican front-runner from obtaining the nomination before the party convention in Cleveland this summer. Will they be successful? Doubtful!

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  • Fantastic interview, very informative. Jim is right about the million and one ways they can manipulate the elections. As Jim Fetzer documented, Wisconsin was totally stolen through election fraud.

  • Thanks again John. Another very good show. Jim Condit is great to listen to. Not a boring word.
    Nothing but valuable information. I think most of those of us who pay attention to this process suspect these things, but to hear it all from someone who has dedicated their career to studying it all is very worth while.

  • Looks like Fetzer nabbed Jim C Jr as guest too; 2 hrs, haven’t listened

    The Real Deal Ep # 192 VOTESCAM with Jim Condit, Jr.
    Published on Apr 22, 2016