The Realist Report – James Lancia

Downtown White Police

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by James Lancia, a former police officer in Bridgeport, Connecticut and author of the must-read book “Downtown White Police”: Demonizing the Alpha Cop, Glorifying Thugs, and Militarizing Law Enforcement. In this introductory podcast, James and I discuss his background and experience as a police officer, what motivated him to write his book, the state of law enforcement in America today, the reality of violent crime, political correctness, and related matters. Be sure to check out James’ YouTube channel.

During the second Subscribers Only segment, James and I pick up where we left off in the first segment and focus more attention on the federalization of local police departments, 9/11’s impact on law enforcement, racial relations in America, the central role the Jewish media plays in instigating Blacks and non-Whites, Jewish supremacy in America, White genocide, and much more.

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  • Dear John Friend,

    Everywhere I go, and I do mean Everywhere in the “White Patriot-Community”, I keep hearing the same magnificent Shit!!! By that I mean, 99.99% of what is said is correct, BUT, it is always just TALK. You know it and I know it. The jew BASTARDS don’t just talk, THE DO!!! We don’t!!! Now I know very well that David Duke admonishes that we must NOT get physical because, he says: “That is exactly what they want us to do!”
    To fire the fist Shot, as it were. Like the Criminals got Japan to do.
    But here is my two Questions: 1. If we don’t get physical, do you think that the Kikes will stop? 2. I know the jew started long before, but count from 1965 TILL WHEN EXACTLY will it be that we Whites INTERNATIONALLY band together to a. expose, denounce and actually throw the jews out, and b. throw out all Nonwhites back to their own Countries, c. by international Recognition and to Hell with Agreement, carve out in Africa or use South Africa as the Place where all the Race-mixed will be sent and to where those that insist on mixing can go to . Call the Place: Mixonia. No Stigma. No Problem. (save those of their own doing). d. We must get Control of OUR Military!!!! Our Military does not belong to jews via Rothschild nor to the jew aiding and abetting Idiots among us!! The Military not only should but must exist for only ONE PURPOSE and that is to defend the genetic Intergrity of our Race.

    • Yea, you should, and while you’re at it M..V. — get them to stop messing about with the TV remotes! Every few years you get a new one, and you finally figure it out, and when you’ve figured it out they give you a new one! It’s driving me crazy!!!! It’s probably political correctness gone mad!


  • The police training in the USA is done by Israeli Defense Forces. Israel uses their police on its citizens and IDF to keep the Palestinian in line. By any means necessary. Does it surprise anyone why the police forces are quick to use deadly force at the drop of a hat and not verbally diffuse the situation when possible .

    • We address this issue during the second Subscribers Only segment. It’s outrageous that Israel and the ADL train American law enforcement officials.