The Realist Report – Hedd McNekk

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Hedd McNekk (@reactiontorrent), a participant in the Unite the Right rally last summer whose commentary on the event was recently featured in an article published by Henry Makow. Hedd and I begin by discussing his background and journey to the Alt Right, racial realism, and related matters. We address the reality of the White genocide agenda pushed by the organized Jewish community and compromised White traitors throughout (formerly) Western nations. We then move on to discuss Hedd’s experience at the Unite the Right rally last summer, the controversial “car crash” allegedly perpetrated by James Fields, a young man from Ohio, and the aftermath of the rally.

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  • Thanks a lot for your time, John. That was fun :-)

  • Many of the things which are in fact the disease of our society were created by the usual suspects, and a very long time ago. One of these cultural and social diseases is feminism. If someone has the capacity to be honest with themselves, they will recognize that feminism is based on sexual irresponsibility and ego audacity. Women were not protesting in the streets for the rock breaking jobs, the railroad building jobs, the cowboy jobs, (and it wasn’t because they were oppressed) the black smith jobs, the woodrite jobs, the lumberjack jobs, etc. women were not lined up outside the institutions such as the ones that taught medicine, being turned away at the door. Feminism has from its beginning been about the audacity of women to trespass on the masculine herritage of the human race and ultimately about the cultural (and possibly the physical) castration of the white Christian male. There have been less good men who were a benefit to human civilization who didn’t have a woman, than the truly good men of that nature who did have a woman, and those women were equal to or greater than their husbands in integrity, character, love of God, love of humanity, love of community. And no one said they in general are less intelligent. Their natural place will never be the leadership of men or of civilization. There have been great matriarchs over the ages, but they only arise in dynasties, or monarchies, and are the exception to the rule.
    If the Alt-right movement is to survive and thrive, then the men in that movement are going to have to do at least two important things.
    1) They will have to recognize that modern values are morally corrupt, and that they are the direct result of the feminization of our society, and
    2) They will have to actually be men, and put women in their place, which is not a place of equality, and is not inside the Alt Right movement.

    • Good points, Jim. I have not listened to the podcast yet. I often read the comments first, if there isn’t too many.

      I overheard a woman calling her boyfriend stupid in the local supermarket a few months back. I told her to look around. (I’m not shy.) The products they’re buying, the shelves those products are sitting on, the building they’re in, the car you’ll drive home in, and the streets you’ll drive that car on were all the idea, planning, execution, and built by men.

      Everything you use in the comfort of modern day life and everything you rely on are there from the work of WHITE MEN.

      Next time some woman complains about men, remind her she (probably) has her job thanks to a man, will drive her car, conceived, designed and built by (mostly, nowadays) men home on streets put there by (White) men. Will clean and comfort herself with a warm shower, what water heater, piping, and shower is there, thanks to men, in the shelter and security of her home, built by men.

      Women are treated with kid gloves in screwed-up America while so many men are treated like dogs. I’ve endured miserable injustice as a man. I will no longer listen to any woman’s problem. STFU!

      I have no respect whatsoever of men dominated by their girlfriend or wife. They all know right off the bat they won’t get away with it with me.

      Don’t get me going on the stinking vile hypocrisy of men and women in society. I’d be here all day with LEGITIMATE examples of how men get screwed. We all know The Tribe contributes a lot to this problem through control of the MSM. It’s part of their destructive agenda.

  • Next to the picture… “”phoney” should be spelled phony. Easy mistake to make.

    • Yeah, first time I’d ever actually written it. Plus, I was typing it on my phone while drunk and pissed off on the shitter.

  • Hedd, no disrespect intended, but you’ve got to get with the program regarding 9-11!

    I consider Christopher Bollyn the heavyweight front runner on 9-11. You’d have to be part of the conspiracy of 9-11 itself and near the top to know man than this man.

    Here is a great primer:

    Here is a recent shorter Bollyn lecture:

    And here is his web site:

    • Yes of course! Christopher Bollyn is a top notch 9/11 researcher that has been on the Israeli/Jewish connections to 9/11 from day one! I should have mentioned him as another excellent source re: 9/11 truth. Thanks for bringing Bollyn up here Matthew.

  • …to know more than this man.

  • Excellent program! Another Christian Zionist awoken! That’s the key demographic we need to reach. Loved the “Boomer shield” line Hedd. Great work both of you. Thanks.

  • The most telling part of the interview for me was when Hedd remarked on the hostile reaction of the locals. We like to believe that people are waking up, but I dunno. People are herd animals. Most welcome their enslavement and will happily lick the boots of their Jewish masters.

    When the final crackdown comes, it won’t be Jews who drag us off to FEMA camps in the middle of the night.

    BTW, I finished the Codreanu book, For My Legionaries, that John recommended. It felt like it could have been written yesterday. The Jewish playbook has not changed: buy the politicians, control the media.

    Interesting book. Very relevant to our current situation.

    For those who haven’t read it, Codreanu tried to organize a grassroots movement in Romania to wake up the normies and gain power through the ballot box. His reward for playing by the rules was to get the crap beat out of him. Just like in Charlottesville, the police were on the side of their paymasters which, then as now, were the Jews. Any strategy that depends on normies waking up is a long shot. Codreanu eventually became disillusioned with democracy as a system of governance.

    A hundred years later and nothing has changed. The genocide of the white race is proceeding on schedule.

    But look on the bright side. I for one am grateful to my Jewish masters for making opioids readily available, so I may at least dull the torment of my looming extermination.

  • Greart interview. Nice to see people waking up and hear their stories. And good to see people willing to put their bodies and careers on the line for a future for our people. We have to resist the replacement and genocide of our people.

  • Keep em coming. Maybe next have Jason Kessler on the show. He seems quite isolated right now but the lawsuits he has planned relating to the UTR holds the promise of vindicating the rally goers as well as exposing our (((enemy))) through legal discovery, etc.

  • Hedd,

    Here is Culture of Critique summarized down into ten pages or so.

    Everyone should bookmark it.