The Realist Report – Harald Scharnhorst

Harald - book

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Harald Scharnhorst, author of the recently published book An Immigrant Remembers. Harald is also a regular contributor to The Barnes Review history magazine and sits on the Board of Contributing Editors. In this podcast, Harald and I discuss his book, the importance of real, honest history, weaponized historical narratives that advance the White genocide agenda of the New World Order, and related matters.

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  • Edward Sullivan

    I am coming to you, because I really trust your judgement and wanted your opinion on the latest Richard Spencer scandal.

    Is it true his mother is jewish?

    There is a new website called:

    They investigated his mother and have found she is Ashkenazim.

    Your opinion is valuable.


    • I have no idea if his mother is Jewish or not. I think Spencer is doing great work, and he does not act or look Jewish to me at all. If he did have some Jewish ancestors in his family tree, I would be surprised. It’s not something I’m going to investigate further or gossip about and I’d encourage you to do the same.

    • Spencer is not known to be Jewish, to any degree.

      I’m afraid he has no excuse.

  • I must say John. I liked this guess a hell of a lot better than last weeks. You are doing a great job Mate. Cheers!!!!

  • Great interview, John. The book sounds interesting and I love the cover.

  • Excellent interview! Everything he said about how stringent immigration was back then is so true! Makes me shudder at today’s policies! I’m so glad people are exposing the truth! Thank you John!