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On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Hadding Scott. Hadding maintains the excellent blog National-Socialist Worldview and also contributes essays and blog posts to the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust. Hadding begins the program by explaining how he became interested in historical revisionism, race realism, and studying Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany.

I am a big fan of Christopher Cantwell, a popular libertarian/Alt Right commentator who hosts a podcast called the Radical Agenda, and often hear Hadding call into his program to enlighten Chris and his audience about National Socialism. Hadding and I briefly discuss Cantwell’s program and libertarianism in general before moving on to discuss the philosophy of National Socialism, its basic tenets, what it meant in practice, and related matters. We then address the fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative of WWII, and highlight Hadding’s recent article Why Did Jews Invent the Holocaust? In my view, it’s quite clear that the official Jewish narrative of WWII, which has been institutionalized by virtually every single (formerly) Western nation and is endlessly promoted in both the mass media and educational establishment, is a weaponized falsification of history used to advance the Jewish agenda to genocide the White race. We wrap up the program by discussing the importance of historical revisionism in the White struggle.

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  • I made a slight misstatement about the Klarsfeld Foundation. I said that they had been funded by the Kremlin. In fact they worked with the StaSi and received funds from the ruling party of the GDR. This is what Wikipedia says:

    “Since the reunification of Germany and the opening of Stasi files, in 2012 Lutz Rathenow, the State Commissioner for the Stasi Archives of Saxony, has stated that Beate Klarsfeld cooperated with the Stasi of East Germany in the 1960s. They gave her material containing incriminating information about the wartime activities of West German politicians. The cooperation of both Beate and Serge Klarsfeld with the Stasi and their status as contacts was also documented in a new book by former Stasi officers, Günter Bohnsack and Herbert Brehmer.

    “In 2012 Beate Klarsfeld admitted to having received 2,000 DM from the SED, the governing party of East Germany, after her confrontation with Kiesinger in the 1960s, but said that she did not take orders from East Germany. She said she has also cooperated with the French, Israeli and US governments in hunting for German criminals.”

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for having Hadding on. I do miss the shows he and Carolyn Yeager used to do and I have every episode they’ve done on the International Jew. I also enjoy his calls into Christopher Cantwell’s program where he engages Chris on economical systems, Germany, and corporations along with misc issues. Here’s the thing about Chris; he still clings to his libertarian leanings, thinks that usury is okay, free markets (I’ve never heard him or any libertarian explain what they think free market is) etc…I could be wrong since I haven’t listened to Chris’s earlier shows which were before he discovered his whiteness or his perceived whiteness. I say perceived due to his August 8, 2016 show EP177 – Contaminated, where he reveals the results of his DNA test from 23andMe.

      I’ve looked for articles on the NSDAP’s meaning of socialist because I’ve heard and read that it’s not the same as the meaning other western nations. Oh well enough of Christopher Cantwell.

    • Hadding, have you any record of your call-ins to Cantwell; dates, times, etc.?

      • Radical Agenda appearances. This might be all of them as of 19 January 2017. You’ll have to add the prefixes, because this website won’t let me post with them.

  • Hadding freely uses the words racist and racism to allude to his views- most (?) pro whites prefer racialist, race realist, etc., because the term ‘racist’ is too heavily tainted. The usual definition being two fold- 1. a belief in one race being superior over others 2. a desire for one race to lord over other races. My question is, is he defining racist the standard way or another way, and does he think it is wise to employ the term generally, since most people are conditioned to recoil when they hear the word and thus it makes it harder to get through to them ?

    Capitalism leads to monopoly, and anti trust laws can be subverted via the monopolists power over the government- with National Socialism, the people are imbued with a proper pro white ideology, from this one should get a more noble leadership who eschew wealth acquisition and are thus beyond the reach of corruption (ideally), thus the government is guided by the ideology of what is good for whites or the folk.
    The state directs the economy in ways to benefit the community or nation. The main threat being the Iron law of oligarchy- NSDAP meritocracy etc. is a brake on this tendency, to a high degree. Issues involving the government or state can be addressed by making positions of high leadership restricted in what wealth that can be had or accumulated plus these leaders/polices should be subject to recall, referendums or plebiscites, similar to the Swiss Canton system of direct democracy. The danger of the rise of plutocrats is what must be dealt with firmly. ( Hitler allowed at least two referendum votes on his rule, one related to the Anschluss of Austria. However, I do not like majority vote rule- let the plebiscites prevail if the vote is two thirds plus one, or let them be in two stages, one vote to proceed then the next to vote is a up or down).

    Under National Socialism, the state represents the will of the people, the folk community, since the people who rise up to lead will have been thoroughly imbued with the proper race-community spirit. A vertical integration of society… the class struggle dissolved, subsumed into the meritocratic organic communal whole- a racially based nation. Under this arrangement, there is nothing to fear from the state governing apparatus, since we will be ruled by near philosopher kings, who have tamed big business to make sure they only seek profit or gain only as long as the health of the nation/folk is preserved….we will be ruled by heroes.

    • I think that in the long run nothing is gained by avoiding the word racist, and there is nothing inherently wrong with the word. If you insist on not being called racist, you only make it clear that the word bothers you, and thus reinforce the negative connotation that has been imposed on the word.

      • It can always be pointed out quickly that this neologism ‘racism’was popularized by Trotsky and his followers as a way to smear as stupid, crazy, evil (thanks to tanstaafl for the summary) White people who simply wanted to stay racially and culturally as they were. It costs just a few more seconds to throw in the fact that Trotsky was quietly sympathetic to the Jewish ethnostate project citing

  • Thank you Mr. Hadding Scott and John for your most excellent conversation.

    Hitler was right, and Wagner too. Why did Hitler hate jews? by Rabbi Yosef Tzvi ben Porat:

  • On the subject of race and National-Socialism, I should have mentioned H.S. Chamberlain, who came before Grant and also exerted some influence on National-Socialist thinking. It’s odd that this slipped my mind, since I even translated one of his books.

  • Cantwell got upset with me because I pointed out that the fact that Germany lost the war is no proof that National-Socialism was a bad system.