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Fascist Lemming

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Fascist Lemming (@fascistlemming on Twitter), who has been making some awesome YouTube videos lately. Be sure to check out his channel and subscribe for video updates. In this podcast, Fascist Lemming and I discuss his background and experience in the military, how he became red pilled, Jews, Hitler, Donald Trump, and why this is the best current year ever.

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  • I really liked this segment, but I’d just like to leave you lads with a thought.

    The Jews are getting ass-whooped, that’s for sure. But, they don’t take losing politely. They’ve worked for thousands of years to enslave humanity, whites, blacks, Christians, Muslims, you name it. Their methods are well known and well-covered by both of you.

    What I think you might fail to realize is this. The Jews will pull their next 9/11 any day now, since they’re losing ground quickly. It WILL be a false-flag nuclear event, designed to create massive race-warfare in this country and probably other countries as well, along with refugees, poverty, disease, squalor and all the destabilization “benefits” the Jews can exploit.

    My point is this: We’re gonna need the Mexicans and the blacks on our side if we’re ever going to see our way out of the massive chaos and mayhem the Jews have planned for us in the very near future. Whites fighting against blacks and Mexicans is what the Jews WANT.

    We Gentiles really need to bond together and fight the Jews, our common enemy. There will be plenty of time to fix the other problems if we don’t let the Jews win by killing each other, first.

    Let’s not prove the Jew is correct when it calls us “dumb Goyim.”

    • Let us know how “uniting with the Blacks and Mestizos” works out for you. It’s a fanciful, ridiculous proposition man. The vast majority of non-Whites will never be on our side, so “uniting” with them is absurd.

      • Bullshit. I live in a mostly black neighborhood in Nashville part of each year. Those are some of the best people on the planet, as long as you don’t come off as a pretentious prick.

        I think you’re dead wrong, John and I’ve proven it, at least to myself.

        • I’m speaking in generalities man. What do your Black friends in Nashville have to say about White genocide and White self-determination?

          • I haven’t talked to them about those topics and frankly, I wouldn’t insult their intelligence by doing so. They’ve been screwed just a LITTLE more than we have so I wouldn’t expect them to feel too sorry for us.

            What I CAN tell you is that many Southern Blacks know who did 9/11, know who is behind these filthy wars, who has destroyed the economy and who was largely behind the slave trade. Jews, that is. Many also seem to understand that Jews are not white and vice versa.

            Southern blacks take the Four Gospels VERY seriously, almost to a man. That’s probably why they understand the nature of the Jew so much better than the idiot white evangelicals who listen to Pat Robertson.

            I’ve had a lot more trouble with poor whites in Nashville and my fair Irish skin didn’t help me in the slightest. Frankly, when the SHTF I’d feel safer in my 37207 area code than in the whiter “zones”.

            I know it can be done, getting along, that is.

          • The key question, that ultimately decided the seriousness of the positions of DaveE and Bob Bowen, came from JF. And they evaded it.

            All normal life (free of invasion, absent of forced cooperation/i.e. slavery), promoting maximal human cultural and biodiversity (just in case we throw off the Jews, get to Mars and find for some reason we need the one helpful Black who can run 0.01% faster than the entire rest of the race that got us there), absent White Nationalism, boils down to,


            They say, “er, ah, um, well, if, um – oh, hell, fuck ’em!”

      • John & DaveE: Before we give up hope of ever uniting the real Americans, lets consider how the races were divided in the first place. Four key events led to this division.

        1. The ratification of the XIII Amendment on December 6, 1865. That Amendment did not “free” the slaves, it only gave it a new Master. The new Master turned out to be the Federal Government in Washington, DC.

        2. The ratification of the XIV Amendment on July 9, 1868. That Amendment rounded up the whites and other ethnic races and placed all of us under one Master, which is the Federal Government in Washington, DC. Prior to that we were all citizens of our respective States, which were Federated under the national government to guarantee our “individual” rights and protection against an outside invasion.

        3. The founding in 1909 of the National Association of Colored People (NAACP) by one black man (W. E. B. DuBois) and the white bankster, Jacob Schiff (cough-cough) and ten other white banksters all of which were Jews. I have the names of those ten somewhere in my library, but I can’t remember which book listed them. I thought it was in “The Secret Behind Communism” by Dr. David Duke, but he only says the NAACP was founded by DuBois, Schiff and ten white people. The purpose of NAACP was to convince the black Americans that they have been the victims of white oppression in order to divide the races.

        4. President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty was designed to break up the black families and reward with an additional paycheck for the black women to have out of wedlock babies. The so-called “War on Drugs” initiated by President Richard Nixon was aimed primarily at the black men in order to imprison them and reward the single mother at home with a new pay increase for having a child, but only if there is no man in the house. I heard recently on Jeff Rense Network that 70% of all black children born today are to single mothers.

        John, I beg to differ with you on the consolidation of the races. If both the whites and the blacks knew the truth about these four events I describe above, I feel that we can unite us all against this scam and return our once great nation to its Constitutional Republic roots.

        • this type of talk is not allowed on these type of sites. Unity? Coming together to fight the ultimate evil? No way. That almost sounds like a real strategy of attack. What are you guys, traitors? Don’t you know The Donald is going to save us from the zionist octopus that has us in its grip? Remember his lip service to AIPAC? He’s going to save white people from genocide! He’s going to build a wall!

      • Dude, just because there are blacks who are wise to the Jewish question, doesn’t mean they like whites or will unite with us. In fact, many blacks and Mexicans HATE whites and they are already committing violence against us and openly showing hatred for us. Why do whites always need to ‘unite’ with nonwhites? What is this obsession we have with trying to be everyone’s friends?

        Also, what about the black nationalists? They are Jew wise, but they hate whites. Louis Farrakhan and the black militants openly call for killing whites. I’m supposed to look aside their violent hatred of whites because they are Jew wise like we?

  • Good stuff. Mark Weber said in an interview with Jim Rizoli (see: that he changed his position on the Holocaust and believes there were considerable numbers killed at camps other than Auschwitz. He offers ZERO proof of that. Then, he argues that the Holocaust is not the central issue but that we need to focus on the Israel/Palestine issue. Complete nonsense.

    Then, David Irving “revised” his Holocaust views (see:, which basically amount to agreement with Mark Weber’s views. Mark Weber is probably the reason there’s the “back off the Holocaust” move at the present.

    Now, fast forward to whenever the movie “Denial” is released (see:, which will make a warrior for truth/humanity out of Deborah Lipstadt and vilify David Irving and all revisionists/”deniers.” How wonderful would it be to roll out David Irving, Mark Weber, and David Cole for candid interviews where they now acknowledge the Holocaust? Be a great accompaniment to the release of the movie or to prop it up afterwards, wouldn’t it?

    • I imagine that movie will do more harm than good for the Jews. Irving can’t win unless he switches sides again, this time to the truth or partial truth but coming out punching anyways.

      Weber and Cole have nothing on their sides except the establishment, which has no need of opening up this debate.

      Except for forums like this, I suppose this movie will disappear or be a major backfire if promoted for just more Jewishness.

  • I find Fascist Lemming’s Angelo Gage worship annoying and schizophrenic, thereby having forced me to drop his channel. Fascist Lemming states you must name the jews (always), 14/88, 9/11 was the jews and is open to other ‘conspiracies’, yet Gage repeatedly states guy’s like Fascist Lemming and John Friend are in a “White circle-jerk” obsessing over the jew and its parasitic nature. Fascist also wants people to donate money to Gage, when Gage clearly stole thousands of dollars from the printer fund, then closed down shop, before joining the ‘Power through discipline’ crowd. Gage has also stated that anyone who identifies with being White, can be White (any admixture is fine); those of North Western European descent who wish to maintain their pure bloodlines are LARPing, talking about Hitler and WW2 is foolish/counterproductive and vaccines are safe; a topic which John Friend obviously holds close to his heart, as he has had ‘anti-vacciners’ on his show in the past. I find it disturbing when Gage promotes vaccines, which are owned by jewish multinational corporations, with a clear agenda of White genocide. Why do individuals such as Gage try and shame Whites into embracing vaccines, when those inventing and producing these neuro-toxins hate White people? A clear correlation exists between vaccines and their frequency of use and autism. Autism rates were 1 in 50 000 in the 60’s and now they are 1 in 45 (they will be 1 in 2 by 2030). Gage is dangerous, as he sheds his numerous personas and creates new ones on a whim, with guys like Fascist Lemming embracing and promoting him. Do not forget Gage is a self-stylized expert in hypnotism and neuro-linguistic programming and thus does not make persona changes, nor push specific rhetoric for no reason. I suspect Gage is being schooled by individuals who may not have Europeans interests at heart and much of what he states seems scripted by individuals with a clear understanding of human psychology at the university graduate level, which Gage obviously does not possess.

    • When did Fascist Lemming “worship” Angelo John Gage? I don’t know what you’re talking about frankly. He mentioned during the interview he joined Gage’s group (I did as well) when he first launched it, but he certainly wasn’t “worshiping” Gage.

      Perhaps Fascist Lemming can chime in and address your comment. I don’t want to speak for him.

    • You’re so full of shit it’s not even funny. Not even worth a response. Go ahead and keep spewing your nonsense, no one cares.

      • Actually, you stated in a recent YouTube episode, you gave Gage $20 and you hoped all of your supporters would do the same. Also, you have mentioned Gage a couple of times, suggesting to your followers the value of following Gage’s rhetoric. Obviously, you are not aware of his past mis-deads, nor anti-White comments, as I have outlined above. These statements are facts, as I watched Gage state them during his YouTube videos (which he has taken down, as more people have started calling him out [Renegade, for example]. Furthermore, Gage has appropriated multiple personas and stolen a serious amount of funds, which were meant for a printer. And, finally, I do not hold you responsible, but I disagree strongly with Gage, as those of North Western European descent have the right to retain their ‘fair’ characteristics (blue or green eyes and red or blond hair), which will disappear with southern/non-White DNA admixture.

  • Good,frank talk. It is a shame how those of us who wake up and do lots of reading and research and objectively come to the same conclusion,are ridiculed by hysterical and ill-informed people who see everything emotionally.I have experienced a few friends of late who ,this time,REALLY THINK I lost it. Even though Ive spent the last 8 years reading history of every sort and devouring the internet archives.All of my critics haven’t read 6 books between them.And of course never address the question asked,nor do they show me where and why im wrong.AHH,well.

    • Yeah, I hear you. I think we all go through this or have gone through it. For me, it’s an ongoing thing. I’m at a point now where I’ve basically disassociated with people who are not comfortable with my views. It’s really such a shame. I’ve never asked anyone to just blindly accept my views or information, but I do expect people to actually entertain what I’m saying and do their own research if they’re interested. It’s a very weak, emotional society we currently live in unfortunately, thanks largely to political correctness and Jewish influence. But we’re challenging this every single day and we will ultimately prevail! That I am certain of :)

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