The Realist Report – F. Roger Devlin

Sexual Utopia in Power

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by F. Roger Devlin, author of Sexual Utopia in Power: The Feminist Revolt Against Civilization, who I met at the recent NPI conference in Washington, D.C. In this introductory segment, Mr. Devlin and I discuss the basic concepts and arguments in his book, which revolve largely around the decline of virtue in women in the modern Western world. We also discuss the ideological origins and tenets of feminism, the traditional family unit and monogamous marriage, cultural Marxism, and a number of related topics.

During the second Subscribers Only segment, Mr. Devlin and I continue our discussion of his book, further elaborating on the destructive nature of feminism, the assault on the family unit and traditional parenting, the divorce industry, sexual degeneracy and pornography, Donald Trump, and the future of America.

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