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On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Evalion, a video producer who has made some of the most provocative and brilliant YouTube videos I’ve come across. Be sure to check out all of her videos on her YouTube channel. In this introductory podcast, Evalion and I discuss her background and how she became red pilled, the creation and purpose of her YouTube channel, the rise of the alternative and independent media, censorship, Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), Jews, Whites, and related matters.

During the second Subscribers Only segment, Evalion and I pick up where we left off in the first hour and focus on some of her recent videos dealing with Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany. Evalion’s videos Why Hitler Wasn’t Evil, The Jew by Joseph Goebbels, and Julius Streicher’s Political Testament are highlighted and discussed. We also address the future of America, the demographic crisis facing the West, Donald Trump, and related issues.

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  • What a brilliant young woman, thanks for this.

    I share many of Evalion’s experiences, growing up in a Jewish-controlled urban jungle, but it took me until age 35 or so, working in Jewish Hollywood, to realize just how utterly diabolical and Satanic the Jew truly is. I’m SO glad young people are waking up so much earlier than I did.

    I didn’t even START the journey of WWII awakening until I was nearly 50, I’m sorry to say. (I’m now 55) Although if I had, I would probably have been murdered already. It used to be EXTREMELY dangerous to say ANYTHING anti-Jewish, no matter how true it may have been. But, the fact that the tables have turned bodes VERY well for humanity. It’s been a long, long road.

    I suspect that Evalion has been down this road before, or a similar one, in a previous lifetime. Just as Mozart was a prodigy at age 5, we all start out with a personality and knowledge which we earned in the last “extended school-year” as I like to call them. (lifetimes) Maybe Evalion was a German in her previous “body.”

    But even more important than awakening is the courage to stand up and not be intimidated. At minimum, you will be called a bigot and far worse for doing so, but just tell ’em that “a bigot is not a bigot if he / she is RIGHT.” And if you’re a male, especially, learn to carry a weapon because you will probably need it.

    What I found most inspiring about this video was Evalion’s courage, for a person so young.

    We ARE truly on the cusp of reclaiming our world from the diabolical Jew. Evalion just made my day, maybe my year. She just made me realize that my own experience of getting kicked off EVERY website from The Nation to the Washington ComPost to Facebook to JYT, you name it, over the last ten years, was worth it.

    Thank you both, John and Evalion.

  • Regarding videos on the 9/11 attacks which were referenced in this podcast, here is the best and only 9/11 video you need to watch: “911 Missing Links – How Israel Did 911.” It’s over two hours long, but very worthwhile – watch it, if you haven’t already:

    • There isn’t one ONLY singular view we need to hear. It’s a complex and undetermined question, still. Isn’t it the case that 9/11 MISSING LINKS, and its director Mike Delaney, both assume the ludicrous idea that planes do not slow down as they hit buildings? Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s my memory.

      I myself am satisfied that Jews acting in Jewish interests were ULTIMATELY responsible for 9/11. That would include Israelis and Americans especially. But I’m also inclined to convict some particular Jewish and non-Jewish Pakistanis, Saudis, Americans and Brits and others, before and after the fact.

      • “Isn’t it the case that 9/11 MISSING LINKS, and its director Mike Delaney, both assume the ludicrous idea that planes do not slow down as they hit buildings?”

        This has been a particularly (and entirely unnecessarily) divisive issue in the past. I’ve pursued research into this topic, and I feel confident that the video imagery depicting an “airplane” (which airplane is the question – certainly not the massive 767s allegedly high-jacked, as each video shows a different silhouette or image of a different airplane!) effortlessly entering the WTC in NYC is fraudulent. That includes both the alleged “live” footage of the day’s events, as well as subsequently released “amatuer” footage. Suffice it to say, the world was majorly deceived by the Jewish media on 9/11.

        That being said, all of the available evidence in the public record points to 9/11 being planned and organized by Jewish criminals and the state of Israel in order to justify and initiate the pre-planned “Global War on Terror,” which was concocted by Israeli geopolitical strategists and Jewish neocons back in the 1970s.

        • Agreed! As crazy as it may sound to anyone who has seen the endlessly-repeated MSM footage of the 9/11 attacks, no planes hit the WTC towers on 9/11 – only bombs placed inside the buildings. It was a massive Jewish media psy-op on us “dumb goyim,” who believe anything they see on the talmudvision. There are plenty of REAL eyewitnesses on 9/11 (as opposed to the obvious shills like “Harley Davidson man”), who reported that no planes hit the buildings – only explosions from internal bombs.

          Here is a seldom-seen camera angle on 9/11 – expand to full screen and watch at 2:14, as a small ball-like object comes into view in the upper right of the screen, and travels downwards to the left, towards the south tower. It’s definitely NOT a 767 – it’s either a missile, or a failed CGI attempt to add a plane to the footage after the fact – I think more likely the latter, because it disappears and reappears as it travels downwards to the left. Also, when I quickly stop and restart the play/pause button as it descends, a strange square pixel appears around the ball in one frame – evidence of CGI manipulation, in my view. Also note the cartoonish “Wiley Coyote” airplane-shaped hole in the north tower at the beginning of the video, which could have easily been done with explosives placed inside the building. As others have said, a 767’s wingtips are very fragile, and would not have sliced through the solid steel-reinforced concrete of the north tower’s facade like that – they would have disintegrated on impact. That hole is ridiculously cartoonish, but they had to do that, to convince people that a plane hit the building.

          Another, more far-out possibility is that a top-secret holographic projection technology was used, as expert pilot John Lear (son of the LearJet inventor) claims. But whether it was that, or more likely, just CGI manipulation of the footage, it’s obvious to me that no planes hit the WTC towers on 9/11:

          “Harley Davidson man” – a Fox News shill/plant/actor reciting the script pre-written for him. Everyone else was wandering around in shock, not even understanding what had happened, but this f’in joker had it all figured out already: “And then I witnessed both towers collapse, one first and then the second, mostly due to structural failure because the fire was just too intense.” Right.

          Why would they not have used remote-controlled planes, as many 9/11 researchers have claimed? In my view, it would have been just as difficult (maybe more so) to hit those towers using remote-controlled planes as it would have been for a professional airline pilot to do it, even if there were homing beacons placed in the buildings. They would not have been able to achieve such pinpoint accuracy with a massive and unwieldy 767, hitting speeds at low altitude that it was never designed for. Many professional airline pilots have said they wouldn’t have been able to hit those towers, even if they slowed down to near stall speed. Also, professional pilots have said that a 767 wouldn’t even have been able to reach the speeds claimed for the south tower plane (500+ mph) at such a low altitude – it would have broken apart due to increased air drag. Airliners like the 767 are not fighter jets – they are only designed for 500+ mph speeds when they reach 30,000+ feet altitude, where the air is much thinner, and the air drag is much less. And obviously, the Islamic patsies who supposedly flew the 9/11 planes couldn’t even handle a Cessna trainer – that is a well-documented fact.

          Then there is the cartoonish way the planes “disappear into” the towers like magic when the footage is slowed down – it’s pure CGI. There are many, many more anomalies regarding the supposed 9/11 planes – don’t even get me started.

  • This is the transcript of the 15 minute video “The Most Anti-semitic Video Ever – The Truth About Jews” by Evalion, giving, in her endearing young female voice, a summary on how jews have been secretly subverting our societies for a long time. Organized jewry has been poisoning our societies through the promotion of a multitude of degenerate movements and “isms” that sell themselves as being beneficial to minorities, while not letting on to the true reason behind these agendas, that of destroying our societies, for the purpose of taking us over step by step, to create a Jew World Order — KATANA

  • This girl has Joan of Arc potential to be a GREAT leader. Her sweet voice is a gift to bring forth the truth in a non-threatening manner.

  • Very great interview John with Veronica. She’s a bonus, she from my home province and who have similar view than me.

  • Mario Velasco.

    Please, do not as so often happens among us stupid White-People attempt to monopolize this wondrous and beautiful White Racial Patriot– A FEMALE !!!! A Phenomenon that I truly thought I would never, ever witness!!! Share her with Jeff Rense. Insist that he feature her on his magnificent Site. Ditto to share her with AFP, and And so forth. Promote her!!!!! I do so hope that she will never change in her Racial-Patriotism!!! I hope that someone with the Means can have her and DVD Copies of her magnificent Productions meet with Viktor Orban,and with Pedro Varela and with Marinne le Pen, and Sylvia Stolz and Ursula Haverbeck and Pegida. As for Russia, one can only hope. Maybe via Oleg Gazmanov to the Great Putin. A true Understanding between Germans and Russians IS NEEDED and to do that the JEWISH-WEDGE has to be removed: Germany was not fighting against the Russians BUT AGAINST THE JEWS who dominated and murdered Russians, too!!!!

  • Oh wow, very very disappointed in you John Friend. There is absolutely no hope for pro-Whites.

  • If she was really bad the jews would be promoting her not shutting her down. I’d say she is the real deal. She ought to check out trutube.

  • Most are aware that Evalion’s YT channel with its ~40K subscribers, got shoah’d a few days ago. There’s been some dinjoo-wise alt media buzz, but UK’s Daily Fail has now picked it up:

    ^ Read “The comments below have been moderated” there (76 ATM)… I say at least they spelled her handle right; and their publicity will likely backfire coz curious readers who search “Evalion” will still find plenty of material. :)