The Realist Report – Eric Hunt

Questioning the Holocaust

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Eric Hunt, one the top revisionists in the world today. Eric has made numerous documentary films thoroughly debunking the fake “Holocaust” narrative of WWII, one of the greatest deceptions ever foisted upon humanity. In this podcast, Eric and I discuss his latest documentary project Question “The Holocaust,” including the recently released film Questioning “The Holocaust” – Why We Believed. We also address a number of other topics related to the fake “Holocaust” narrative, and how his weaponized version of history has been effectively used against the White Western world.

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  • the nature of the security pyramid requires that those on the lower levels be fed lies about their history and their current circumstances. the pyramid has to stay intact to keep the same bloodlines in the money and power. it’s been going on for a long time. as long as the masses are repeating the lies to each other the controllers of the pyramid know they’re still in control. we should all catch ourselves when we hear us repeating the official stories on the major events, past and present. part of the resistance to the globalists agenda is in reorienting ourselves locally, no longer buying into and supporting the false narrative. and it is a lot bigger than you think. tell mr. hunt we’re grateful for his work, but, rather than to repeat the narrative on the boston bombing, he should consider it a hoax too. look into it. pearl harbor was not a sneak attack, not for everybody. it was planned by the jews who ran ww2. the moon landing was a hoax too. so was the okc bombng and 9-11. stuff did happen but not even according to the public relations lines you were fed. the security state never wants to tell you the truth about anything. if the first beam of light ever enters the basement it could lead to the overthrow of the whole rotten shithouse. but remember – there’s no limit on how big the lies can be. have you heard it repeated lately that bernie sanders is the only jew to ever win a presidential primary? most of the key players in these jewish machinations were never who you’ve been told they were. my opinion – that includes hitler too. the only question is – how far do you want to open your own eyes? check yourself out. see where you’re invested. you probably should not be.

  • I found Questioning the Holocaust very informative and a great companion piece to The Greatest Story Never Told,and Were the Germans so stupid? All were rational and concise and I highly recommend any or all of them. It is so long past time we smash through the lies and expose this ugly fraud and begin to live without the interference of the insidious force that has a foothold for far too long. Also I just watched The anti Racist Hitler,that was soo funny and ironically true,a must watch animated ditty.

  • The Oscar for best documentary WILL one day go to Eric Hunt. I am certain we will make it happen.

  • Here’s the transcript of an audio interview by John Friend of Eric Hunt about his revisionist video making and his latest video, “Questioning the Holocaust, Why We Believed — Part One” Both Friend and Hunt don’t mince their words about calling out the “Holocaust” for what it is, a gigantic pack of evil lies being foisted upon the world by the only victor of WW II, namely organized jewry — KATANA.

    • Wow. Are you using software now katana, or did someone put in a great deal of work very quickly?

      I hope you have all these texts backed up in more than one way and if you haven’t already I think you should try to offer edited interviews such as this and other texts you’ve compiled to publications like AFP, TOO, Renegade Tribune, Daily Stormer, Western Spring or others.

      You’re slogging away admirably, month after month, year after year, and so I admire you greatly as I know others do also.

      • Thanks Nick for your expression of appreciation. It’s encouraging to get positive feedback.

        With the transcribing I first put the audio through an on-line machine transcribing system that can do a good to poor job depending on the speakers. Then I start the correction process using Express Scribe with a foot pedal to stop and start the audio while fixing up the text manually. So, that all helps but still there’s a a lot of work to do them, especially for an accurate transcription.

        Yes, I back everything up and also, nearly every post I do, I also post a PDF of it for download. I encourage readers to download the PDFs and also to repost the material wherever they can.

        It’s often a slog alright, but as it’s all for a cause with the highest stakes imaginable I feel it’s a duty and doing my bit is a source of satisfaction.

  • A most excellent documentary; and inspiring. Inspiring to see the phoenix of Truth arising
    from the lingering debris of pure psychopathic Big Lies forged in the holocausting of Germany.
    What is this race that manifests repeatedly in history as power grabbing, maniacally gold coveting manifestors of mendaciousness & manipulative deceit; yet who pose relentlessly and vociferously as Victims even as they, generation after generation, train their young to be aggressive warriors
    in an unending, but not publicly acknowledged, war on their host peoples; out-groups targeted for destruction by an unwavering cold hearted PREDATOR race of humanity, too convinced of it’s superiority, that surely must be a pure-psychopath-race in all it’s leadership families. Nothing else makes sense.
    Ordinary humanity ,endowed with innate ethical and moral behavior by virtue of a rich and inescapable emotional capacity, have too long been held captive by this peculiar race which genetically lacks this emotional capacity. Our empathic nature is now used as a weapon against us by these masters of psy-ops; these dreadful psychopathic magicians of mass-media! By the mechanism of false Information and Big Lies, our moral compass is amiss; our vital empathic energies drained by deceit and manipulation to be squandered on the villains of history who are even now our most deadly enemies on the face of this earth. An earth that may well have been a Paradise for empathic humanity but for the curse of this villainous psychopath entity. An entity that now writes and re-writes our history that it may be used as a weapon against empathic peoples.
    May this phoenix-of-Truth documentary fly high for the sake of empathic humanity! This I pray.