The Realist Report – Emily Youcis

Emily Youcis NPI

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Emily Youcis. Emily is an independent animator and artist who was recently fired from her job as a result of media coverage of her participation and attendance at the latest NPI conference. To begin the program, Emily and I discuss her background and awakening to racial realism, Jewish supremacy in the West, and the reality of White genocide. We move on to focus on the Alt Right, her attendance at the NPI conference and the resulting drama, and some of the latest developments in the Alt Right.

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  • Thanks John for having this wonderful young lady on. I’ve had the utmost respect for her ever since I heard of her and especially after her interview on Red Ice. I’ll be sending some money your way. I’ll look into sending Emily some cash too but I know nothing about Patreon!

    • Thanks Steven!

      Unsurprisingly, Emily was just kicked off of Patreon the other day, so you can’t even support her work there now. I believe you can still donate to her via PayPal – her email is: I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually kick her off that platform, too! When I first contacted her, I wanted to send a few bucks her way but since I’m permanently banned from PayPal I can’t even send her a single dollar. I’m glad I never bothered with Patreon… she had a good chunk of change heading her way before they shut down her page. I hope she either gets the money or it is refunded to the donors!

  • Very glad to hear you, two, speak. It is wonderful to hear a young white woman learning the truth about our people.

    Emily, I (also a younger white woman, 38-years-old) began my research at age 31. What a joy to hear that you have your eyes and ears open, now, also.

    Blessings to you handsome, intelligent Friend..

  • An excellent primer of the truth about 9/11, geopolitics and the role of The J*ws in all of them, from the premier researcher in the area . . .

    • Glad you posted this, P.O. I use this very lecture to introduce people to Christopher Bollyn and his work. It took hours to download this lecture and many tries to successfully complete the download. Now it’s on my hard drive and can be burned onto DVD’s. I should write Bollyn and ask him what two lectures posted online he thinks are his best, so I can download those two a take my pick to disseminate. I search for fresh Bollyn information using the Tools > Custom Range in Google. The last podcast I listened to was on LetFreedomRing2016(dot)com. He seems to add some new bit of information to each subsequent podcast.

      The man is amazing. So much research. So detailed. So much depth. And brave, too! He came to Cambridge, MA, but I missed him. Such a regret.

      Like I say to people I meet: If you don’t know who was behind 9-11, shame on you. If you don’t care who was behind 9-11, double shame on you!

      Every last American should know who was behind 9-11, and Christopher Bollyn is the expert to go to.

      • 9/11 was clearly an inside job – science and reason tell you that. It was – and can only have been – a controlled demolition, therefore it was an inside job. The question is “whodunnit”? Bollyn gives maybe the best analysis of the crooks at the top, although there were many others links in the chain covered by people like Kevin Ryan. Look on Bollyn’s website for ideas, but the recent tour video I posted is surely good enough to meet most people’s needs.

  • I think it is wonderful that so many of our womenfolk are getting involved now in the cause. Many of them could put a lot of men to shame!!!!

  • I enjoyed the interview. There should be a Cupid to set you two principled truthtellers up, fall in love, get married, have a bunch of Hitler youth white kids, and live happily ever after! Lmao! I’ll pay for your first date, airfare not included. :-)

  • Emily I wanted to add one point because I’m half Italian too. The (most likely) reason your mom didn’t learn Italian from her parents is because when people came to america, (especially through Ellis island) they were proud to be here and ASSIMILATED, . My grandpa for example was now American and spoke only English. Something that the immigrants today should do, too. So that is not a bad thing.

  • Emily and I are mentally EXACTLY the same except that I NEVER EVER felt negative about my Race from any Shits attempting to effect that and the more that stupid Whites, “Organisations”, and ALL NONWHITES!!!! God damn to hear that she would say that she felt those shit,stupid,damnable Feelings/Thoughts!!! And I am also quite amazed that that the Interviewer would admit to such Things and to say the Generalisation that the “AltRight” avoid 911!!! AFP, RENSE,TEXE MARRS, none that I know of avoid 911!!!!!
    It is for this Ability of mine that I absolutely say that I am going back to our Continent to pick up Arms!! TO NOT DO SO, IS TO, IN TOTAL EFFECT/FACT TO USE ARMS TO JOIN IN THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR BEAUTIFUL RACE AND OUR BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN AND CULTURE!!!! I have not been traumatized!!!
    Heretofore, I have hated WhiteFemales because I never saw ANY that were ProWhite!!!!!

  • I too enjoyed the show, kudos to Emily.

    John, I hope you’ll reel in a #pizzagate guest for a show. It’s much worse than a little ‘kiddie diddling’; it’s systematic Satanic Ritual Child Abuse & Murder… You know what state has the 2nd most number of “missing children”, after the vastly more populous state of CA? Little Virginia (think: DC). UK Truther Brian Gerrish has said for years, it’s the “Elite Pedophilia” aspect of the JWO which could bring them down… because nothing is more abhorrent to average people than what these satanists are doing with (our) kidnapped children. :(

    Pizzagate is what made the JSM & social media corps all unite so abruptly in rolling out their (((Fake News Crisis))) psyop; and it’s why (((they))) changed horses to Trump in the final ~10 days before the election– Killery + Pedo-sta = Pizzagate, which became (((their))) new top priority to snuff out, above all else.

    This YT vlogger reviews this pedo-victim-grooming “children’s book” written by NYC jew Adam Rubin; 24 mins but you can skip the last 3 mins (she rambles about vid sharing, & cussing…),

    “YOU DECIDE | Children’s Book – SECRET PIZZA PARTY | #Pizzagate”

    You say yeah, obvious pedo victim grooming aid; but what’s this 4/30/16 article?

    “Mayor de Blasio reads ‘Secret Pizza Party’ to Queens kids — and the plot mirrors the fund-raising probe he’s caught up in”

    Search any or all of Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Macaulay Culkin; plus the word “pizza”, and see what comes up.

    • Thanks for the feedback and info – I’ve been following the Pizzagate scandal for weeks now. I’ll see if I can get someone on to discuss in the near future.

      • Unfortunately many Pizzagate commentators are Christians or simpletons – they actually believe in “Satanic child abuse”, when there’s no such thing. (Paedophiles putting on cloaks for kinks is another matter). Commentators should just stick to the facts known and build up a credible analysis, rather than getting lost on “occult” matters which they haven’t the experience or knowledge to talk about.
        Sinead McCarthy may often be an annoying shrew, but her Pizzagate video here is quite effective in its own way:

        • P. O’Sullivan: “Unfortunately many Pizzagate commentators are Christians or simpletons – they actually believe in “Satanic child abuse”, when there’s no such thing. (Paedophiles putting on cloaks for kinks is another matter).”

          Disagree, and I’m speaking as agnostic. In understanding our (((satanic elite))), it’s been said that it doesn’t matter what WE believe; it matters that we understand what THEY believe. And the evidence of their belief in a satanic/luciferian ‘god’ is overwhelming. Killery attending “spirit cooking” parties, anyone? Us ‘normal’, non psychopathic people find it impossible to get our heads around Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA – incl the stealing, then ritualized torturing, (gang) raping, murdering, & eating of children…), and the study of what (((they))) believe, IE their ‘spirituality’, is a place for us to start, as we puzzle over what’s wrong with these demons?!

          Rense just posted this ‘lost’ documentary from the early ’90s: “America’s MIA Children.”
          63 mins, it’ll really shake you up. Depicts among much else, a brief, too-dark-to-see-much snuff film; & a cannibalism scene. One brave lady who’s interviewed at some length, was alleged to have been satanic-ritually murdered shortly later.

      • John, there’s this leading Pizzagate researcher/vlogger David Seaman
        …who’s an impossible mix of jewish, seemingly honest, big anti-killery Trump-O-Phile, gold bug/anti-fractional-reserve-fiat “money”, anti “elite/NWO”; and yet, zionist/pro-israel. See his Dec 28 title “Obama Stabs ISRAEL On His Way Out; The Chaos President?” for that last steaming turd. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt as brain-dirtied zio based on his ethnicity/background… he doesn’t seem to ‘get’ that israel is the pirate’s cove of the ‘elite’ & our kosher-usury ‘money’ system & JWO which he’s otherwise so opposed to.

        Anyways, he was fired from HuffPo last Fall for writing stories about Killery’s awful health. So he struck out on your recent course: trying to scratch out a living as an indy reporter/vlogger.

        It seems he really hit pay dirt with Pizzagate reporting: now 139K subs, vids typically with 10s of Ks of views in their first 24 hours. See his Jan 11 video “Donald Trump’s Family By His Side During Intense Press Conference”, where in the latter half he mentions his gratefulness at the recent “uptick in donations”; and how he’s scouting for (Denver) commercial office space now for his work, feeling he’s outgrown his apartment.

        So you John, could also jump on the Pizzagate Cash Train lolz :D, but be even truthier than David S., in properly linking PG with the JP. In the countless hours of PG vids I’ve been watching the past couple months, last night I found the first one which went straight after the tribe. Search up: “#PIZZAGATE – SATANIC JEWISH JOURNALIST EXPOSED!”

        It’s 26m, & overall it was weaker than I’d’ve liked. Focused solely on the jewish “journalists” & bloggers who’ve been most aggressive in the PG coverup, it was very weak or AWOL on ‘evidence’ where, name after name (30+), he’d just say “person xyz is also a member of the synagog of satan”, and that was it. Half+ of the names weren’t typically jewish at all; and yes we know about the jew name changing game… I’m just interested in the video’s ability to reach the non-jew-wise majority. Besides that, the vlogger/narrator talks a notch too s-l-o-w, like a stoner, or like he’s patronizing the audience as being retards.

        I’m suggesting you could do a far better job, John! Principally with interviews, mainly posting to YT/, where they come up in searches that otherwise marginalize your website here… and you know your friend Sofia S. has been on the PG research circuit! 😉

  • Thank you Emily and John for this interview. I am so glad that more and more people are waking up to what is going on in the world. I am also relatively new to all this stuff; my “red-pill” moment began about 10 years post-9/11, when I started learning about who really did 9/11. Then I discovered that lying was not invented in 2001! Lo and behold, after resisting at first, I finally went down the rabbit hole to discover the Holohoax. That’s a really big one. I thought that was the biggest one until I started to learn that hey, we whites are in their cross-hairs! Like you said so well in the interview, the whole anti-white movement is rooted in the foundational lie of the holohoax.
    Thank you both for what you are doing. Time is short! But the awakening is happening at an exponential rate. We need to succeed. Failure is not an option. All hands on deck!

  • Excellent program, John. Thanks to you both.

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  • This was an excellent interview.

  • I just followed the link above to Emily’s You Tube channel and watched the video of her at He Will Not Divide Us…. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life!!

    I haven’t laughed that hard in years.

    Comic genius.

    John, you gotta watch it.