The Realist Report – Electre

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Electre, a French Nationalist who is extremely active in the Alt Right on Twitter (when she isn’t being censored and suspended!) as well as real life. In this podcast, Electre and I discuss her background and activism, her website, YouTube channel, and Twitter platform, Jews, Donald Trump, White genocide, fake news and fake history, and much more.

Check out Electre’s recent YouTube video:

Also, Electre was featured in a recent BBC documentary about Marine Le Pen and “the far right” in France. Check it out:

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  • More and more people are waking up to the fact the so called ‘Nazis’ were not the bad guys of ww2, it was the jews, and the jewish lies they spewed on their jewish owned TV channels, Hitler did not gas millions and have mass graves of jews, no were ever found in all of Europe, the only mass graves found were the ones from the Red jewish led army.

    jews are evil liars and should never be aloud in any white countries, but they own our banks, (this is why Penn has no bankers backing her) they own all our TV outlets and news outlets, the jews are paying most if not all our politicians, this all has to end if we are to survive as a white nation. The jews want to kill of the white Christian race. They (the jews) even are so bold as to say this out loud now, its written in all their plans for their future. WAKE THE FUCK UP MY WHITE BROTHERS AND SISTERS, there is a war on us and half of us don’t even know about it.

  • french authorities investigate marine’s financial connections.
    are those the same authorities who will throw french people in jail for questioning the holocaust, and who have flooded the county with invaders ?
    the question of antisemitism is used as a dogwhistle against anybody the zionists fear, as if judaism had no factional significance and people opposing zionist policies were mere bigots.
    once they throw up the term, repeatedly in this piece, the other person is labeled and it’s the end of the discussion, so they would have it.
    why doesn’t someone ever assert that criticism of zionist policies has nothing to do with prejudice, because they are after all a faction, with its own exclusive nation.

  • She was good until the 30 min mark. Then she transformed into a jellyfish. Oh vey “jews are victims “.
    Disappointing. Thought she was sharp until then.