The Realist Report – Dr. Nancy Turner Banks

Dr Nancy Turner Banks

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Dr. Nancy Turner Banks, author of AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire: The Deadly Virus of International Greed. In this podcast, Dr. Banks and I discuss her experience in the medical field, the root cause of disease, alternative medicine, and her book, which examines the origins of the medical-pharmaceutical-industrial complex. This is one podcast you don’t want to miss!

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  • Great job John….nice to see the different topics that you discuss here…..
    The Phama industry runs the world and is not our friend….
    I like the term “health” care, it’s actually death care….

  • Dr. Banks is one of the few M.D.’s who saw the light, and learned the truth about allopathic medicine. However, she retained the atheistic/evolution nonsense when she talked about cells evolving billions of years ago in water, which is foundational to the pharma/med educational model. Since 1850, Marx made that part and parcel of the Communist belief, and he even corresponded with Charles Darwin.

    The human body/mind is so complex, interconnected, and dependent on the food /minerals of the earth, that it is mathematically impossible to have “just happened,” not even in a trillion years.

    The insane, “death medicine” as practiced today, is just another version of destroying the human body and mind, whether it is childhood vaccines planting animal DNA and toxins into a little child’s bloodstream, prescribing pharmaceutical drugs, or dripping Chemo poison into the veins of brainwashed, deceived fools, or mass murdering entire nations like Bolshevist Soviet.

    We are at “WAR” with an evil force that rules everywhere; it wrecks honest, productive nations; it murders honest national leaders; it creates wars without end; it uses technology for evil instead of good; it perverts minds with propaganda designed to make black into white, and good into evil; it has turned the whole world upside down, and most people think you are slightly “nuts” if you can see things as they really are, and not buy into the crap they embrace.

    The Flexnor Report got started in 1910, spawned by those in the employ of the international bankers, and now big Pharma is an unstoppable beast! Remember, this happened just 60 years after Darwin and Marx’s communism.

    The White race, unique in world history, is on the brink of extinction. The “War” is directed at us, specifically, because of who we are, and what we are here for.
    This war is spiritual, as well as physical.

    One reason Adolf Hitler is so vilified by the enemy, is that he uplifted the German people “Spiritually” and gave them hope in a better life, a pride and joy of being a citizen of Germany. He “healed” the nation economically(physically) by ridding it of a parasite that had been eating the life force of the nation. He was the good doctor who knew what the gravely ill patient needed to regain health.

    Not only is the U.S. a physically sick nation, it is spiritually sick. It cannot even stand up to 3rd. world invaders, who have NO purpose, except to devour our god given resources, rob and ruin our once beautiful cities, and prey upon our women.

    Time to seek our creator, and start healing the “body.”


  • Very interesting, I once wrote about how the high tech industry stole coltan from central Africa, causing massive warring among tribes which resulted in millions of deaths in DRC etc. I don’t use a cell phone by the way, if you can believe it (I do use a computer though).

    Check out this interesting new article, off topic but hope you don’t mind, thanks:

    Can Trump Save America From Third World Hell?

  • No one who has even one bottle of the highly toxic substance alcohol in their house, never mind those who poison themselves by drinking it every day, can criticize Marijuana without being thoroughly hypocritical.

    The people who don’t like Marijuana, secretly and subconsciously, and without admitting it to themselves, do not want to see a peaceful society of balanced individuals who are prone to meditation, laughter and long-term concentration and thought, which transfers into win-win relations and peace, but yearn and lust for strife and conflict and neurotic maladjustment instead, because only violence and war can bring about the so-called “tribal utopia” of wins at the loss of those considered “not-one-of-us” or “weaker” without really being so.

    Alcoholics are the ultimate frustrated win-lose drama-queens and tragedians. I would call them “romantic” if their intentions were pure but they rarely are. They are almost always frustrated and bitter because being convinced of the win-lose or tribal way of doing things, being convinced of most of the false narratives they’ve been fed since they were children, reality or karma always outruns their dogma. They then have no recourse but to blame whatever miseries they can’t transcend with or without the toxicity of alcohol, on those with enough karma to back up most of their dogma (those who practice the win-win dialectic of all see-will-eye-zation). They also hate the fact that the weed-users who don’t use alcohol are happy and content to work from-the-inside-out while they, never able to meditate and always seeking external solutions, are not. This enrages them to no end. As always, group initiated violence against individuals is then screamed for and justified as some kind of defense of “morality.” This is also done because it is a well-known and scientifically-tested fact ignored by all alcoholics that alcohol kills the “staying power” of a man during sexual intercourse while Marijuana increases it by lowering excess testosterone to its proper balance. Having more testosterone does not equal having more “staying power,” only having properly balanced hormones does.

    “Macho” types also complain that Marijuana makes a man more “wimpy” and not as likely to be triggered into fights because users tend to be more prone to laughter, joy and fun and have a long-fuse instead. This is another fallacy. Bruce Lee smoked Marijuana. To do anything well, you need to be able to relax first and fighting is not different.

    By the way no more than 1.9 % of Californians and Coloradoians even have a Medical Weed card, so I don’t know what “conservative” whiskey-&-beer-drinking & tobacco-puffing geniuses are so paranoid and worried about. lol

    Also, people talk about vaporizers as if these were new. Vaporizers have been around for over a hundred years:

    I don’t recommend smoking because of the unnecessary carcinogens that burning creates. To put Cannabis to its best use, a good quality vaporizing unit with multiple heating temperatures is essential.

    For those who hate alcohol and tobacco as much as I do and want to run five miles without even huffing & puffing & getting out-of-breath in their 40’s (Marijuana is anti-inflammatory and makes you breathe much better and deeper during cardiovascular exercise). I recommend this 7 temperature solo unit (best prices are on the Persian Pierre Omidyar “mud” creation e-bay for this. Since a “mud” Iranian created e-bay, Renegade Broadcasting are not allowed to use the service (lol). On the newer models you can vaporize while the unit is charging, a great feature:

    Once you get used to THC and Cannabinoids, you tend to always concentrate more on the important and foundational rudiments of any task and therefore take a bit LONGER doing it. This is what amateurs and arrogant know-it-alls call “lazy,” when in reality it is just proper respect paid to the right or rite way of doing a task (the proper rituals or balance of elements within each task = the rite or right way of doing that taks). With proper respect paid to the ritual of each task, within a short time you come to completely master it, while others looking for shortcuts become amazed at how you found your leverage points. The leverage points are in the rudiments. This is why Neal Peart, a professional drummer considered one of the best in the genre of rock, at the age of over 50, went back and studied rudiments with a master drum teacher. This is why Phil Collins, another great drummer who never learned his rudiments correctly, had to have an operation on his shoulder and will never drum again.

    Also, people talk about vaporizers as if these were new. Vaporizers have been around for over a hundred years: