The Realist Report – Dr. Kevin MacDonald

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Dr. Kevin MacDonald of The Occidental Observer. Dr. MacDonald and I focus on President Trump’s outrageous decision to bomb Syria following allegations Syrian President Bashar Assad ordered a “chemical weapons gas attack” on “innocent Syrian civilians” recently. The alleged “Syrian gas attack” is as fake as the “Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election” narrative promoted by the fake news media, yet Trump and his administration accept it at face value. Why? Likely, because Israel provided the intelligence.

Has Trump betrayed his base and America? Obviously, the answer is yes. Even more infuriating is the fact that Trump has openly stated on multiple occasions that the endless wars in the Middle East are a total disaster, and now here he is prosecuting yet another one. We analyze and discuss the situation and much more.

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  • I voted for Trump, but have been warning all of these naive, far too worshipful, far too gullible pro-White fans of the guy to not get their hopes up that he is going to keep the promises he made to the millions of Whites who voted for him. And, just like I predicted – the guy has proven himself to be a bald-faced liar and a con-artist – or, if not that, he is dumber and just as easily manipulated by the jewish neocons as was the cocaine brain damaged idiot from Crawford, Texas.

    I have not yet listened to this podcast, but will do so today – because I value the opinion of Professor MacDonald.

    I am convinced that, by reneging on his promises to keep America out of these endless jew neocon wars and regime change operations – Trump has sealed his defeat for reelection. I will not cast a second vote for this lying, war mongering, neocon toe kissing dirt bag.

    • I feel the same way. Disappointed and outraged that the man who spoke against pointless jewish wars in the middle east, has basically started another one. People get gassed so his solution is to launch missiles into the country, potentially killing more? Murder is not a solution for murder.

      If his reelection was up today I sure as hell won’t vote for him again. He is a liar and zionist puppet.

      Let’s hope the other parties have decent candidates in ’18

  • I am so disappointed, but not surprised, with Trump for his actions against Syria. I didn’t think he pull this now, not this early anyway. I read that with the moves on Bannon and others allegedly by his son in law along with Mattis and McMaster, Trump was pushed into a corner. But, if his intel doesn’t pan out, the media will have a field day with Trump. Damn Jews at it again. America may be beyond saving.

  • Here is a new youtube video I found that I think John Friend needs to watch:

    Donald Trump, Larry Silverstein, and WTC7 (9/11 Documentary)

  • Once again, as in days of old, the Eternal Jew whispering into the kings ears. Trump needs to get rid of this kike and his race-traitor shiska daughter.

  • Why is a 35yr old dip shit Jew with NO experience in ANYTHING in the White House? Because he is an UGLY satanic Cabalist JEW. DISGUSTING!!! When will we remove these Jews from our country???

  • Nikki Haley is in the UN role because her Assistant Governor, Henry McMaster, in SC was a solid Trump supporter and helped pull the blacks and fence sitters in SC in for Trump. Haley is an enemy so he put he took her out and the Lieutenant Gov got the SC job and at the same time he keeps her on check in his government in a relatively powerless role.

  • I voted for Trump, however I tried not to become too excited during the election like everyone else who favored him. I had a deep seated fear he was only going to be another joooo pawn. It seems likely it is so. Great show however exposing the demons! I revere Dr. Kevin MacDonald! Very engaging, pertinent dialogue Mr. Friend! You are excellent!!

  • And how about that #HappyGoy billboard on display in a busy part of California, which
    I read is set to be up for a little while in California. I hope it is not too far from where you live, John. If I was not too far away, I would hang out there, lol. So pleased with the effort.

  • Trump is a sexual degenerate Jew always has been and has been in the pocket of the Jews just like Churchill, Hitler, Obama, Clinton, Putin and more. Please stop believing in these political idols the Jewish press creates for us Goyim to get suckered into!

  • what about WHITE anglosaxon,nonjewish REFUGEE Relief Agency to bring more whites into USA to keep the racial balance!!! Eliminate ALL visa restrictions for WHITES to resettled in America!!! from Western/Eastern Europe, Australia,NZealand, Africa, ….I bet teh jews would go crazy!!!