The Realist Report – Dr. Kevin Barrett

Dr. Kevin Barrett

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Dr. Kevin Barrett. Dr. Barrett is a former professor who was shunned from academia as a result of his unwavering dedication to 9/11 Truth. He now hosts a regular radio program and writes for a number of alternative media outlets, including American Free Press – America’s last real newspaper (subscribe today!).

In this podcast, Dr. Barrett and I focus on the entirely bogus official conspiracy theory explaining the events of 9/11, the goals of the true perpetrators of 9/11 – the state of Israel and a wider international network of Jewish criminals – and the entirely manufactured “clash of civilizations” narrative that pits the West against the Islamic world. We move on to discuss false flag terrorism, media fakery, and the hysterical demonization of Islam and Muslims around the world.

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  • Excellent show guys , I have followed both of you for years now. I totally agree about your 911 ideas . What worries me is that it was now 16 years ago and our children and grand children will be taught about how this happened in their history lessons. We seem to be no further forward despite everyone`s efforts. The holocaust myth is the same , my grand daughter will be taught this in school whereas , I born in 1952 , had not been and really only heard about it in the late 60`s. There is so much evidence that goes against the holocaust , so called , but we are still stuck with it pushed down our throats all the time.

  • Good interview. I like Dr. Kevin Barrett, and think he makes some very reasonable points.

    BUT what a disappointment to hear him so tepid on the OBVIOUS fake ‘terrorist attacks’ like the Nice attacks (no blood at all on the ‘attack truck’, after mowing down dozens of people!) and Pulse Nightclub ‘shooting’ in Orlando Florida. There is damning evidence against Orlando’s being real: for example, one of the famed ‘victims’ of the ‘attack’, Norman Cassiano, claims to have been shot in the back FOUR TIMES by the terrorist and yet was released from hospital the very next day without any surgery needing to be done (and there is film footage of him leaving the hospital in a car, smiling and perfectly at ease)!!! Another guy claims he was shot in the hand, but slips up when he is filmed in an interview shortly afterwards and has NO bullet wounds whatsoever in his hands! And then there is the appallingly ridiculous ‘Keep dancing, Orlando!’ disco video put out by the Orland Police Department a few weeks later – a TOTAL dissing of any ‘victims’, if there were indeed any (which clearly there were not). There are many other pieces of evidence that, collected together, scream out that the Pulse Nightclub attack was as phoney as phoney can be.

    And so for Kevin to say that even (the blatantly obviously fake) Pulse attack ‘kind of hangs in the air’ and is not sure as to its genuineness – well, I am lost for words. What would it take for him to strongly think it was a complete set-up and fraud? A government official to come out and admit it?!!!! A presidential statement? Really – some people, even very intelligent persons, can be extraordinarily naive, it is sad to say.

    • What a duplicitous snake! My ancestor came here as an indentured servant, but he never ran off into the woods to breed with blacks and indians. Barrett is a liar. He insists on the right to flood our country with muslims, but what would happen if Christians poured into arab countries? You know what would happen.

      This is a white European country. Go back to the hellhole you crawled out of, Barrett. We don’t want you here.

      If whites don’t develop a racial awareness and quick, we are done for.

      I know he blindsided you at the end, John, but please don’t ever have that clown on your show again. He should not be given a platform to spout his subversive, anti-white propaganda. He is not one of us. He is the enemy.

      • You’re right, Orr. Barrett is completely, shockingly anti-White. My own personal experience with him back a few years was that he was a duplicitous snake and liar. I’ve told that story and I see he has not changed a bit, except he’s become a little more anti-Jew. Back then he still could not bring himself to say anything bad about Jews, or anything good about “Nazis.”

        • Barrett is married to a Negro woman, and a few years ago, he did a radio podcast interview and had Jared Taylor on as his guest. Taylor, as we all know, is not prone to cowardice when the subject of race comes up – and so the interview was surprisingly interesting to listen to. Barrett, despite whatever he might have said on this interview with John Friend (which I have not yet listened to) – did manage to treat Taylor courteously and they both had a polite and cordial discussion that delved into the racial question and Taylor’s advocacy for White Nationalism.

          Barrett brought up the fact that he had a black wife during the interview, and I remember thinking at the time that it seemed as if he was trying to use that to intimidate Taylor into backing off from his pro-White attitude – a trick that liberals use all the time on White race realists. But, Taylor didn’t take the bait and continued to advocate in favor of his pro-White positions.

          Oh, and before anyone brings it up – yes, Jared Taylor does carry water for the jews and tries to push what Tanstaafl calls ‘The Suicide Meme’ by covering up or downplaying the role jews have played in creating the existential threat that Whites face today and instead assigning 100 percent of the blame upon Whites. This is not a totally false assertion, because White racial cowardice and what appears to be a very irresponsible tendency by Whites to be less ethnocentric than their racial competitors has played a role in placing us in the perilous position we are in today – but, this racial emasculation mindset did not exist prior to the late 1950s and early 1960s. It was imposed upon Whites via jewish controlled Hollywood through multiple decades of electronic brainwashing by movies and television and all other forms of mass media – which are also under the control of jews.

          I will have to bump this podcast up on my listen list. It should be noted that Kevin Barrett is affiliated with Gordon Duff on the Veteran’s Today website and Duff seldom misses an opportunity to weave anti-White vitriol into as many articles as possible on his website. So, if Kevin Barrett has become more hard core anti-White, perhaps Duff is the jew who radicalized him.

  • Islam is a death cult and is basically Talmudism for the masses. Mohammed was a jew (mother a jew), married a jew, lived in a jewish community and surrounded himself with jewish scribes (having had access to the Talmud). He was also succeeded by his father in law, Abu Bakr.

    The alliances between Islam and Judaism, Muslims and Jews, is as ancient as it is well-documented. The evidence of Islam’s true nature is all around us. People of the calibre of Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson and Gertjan Zwiggelaar have written extensively on the subject.

    Barrett will preach otherwise, given his conversion. But that can never change cold hard facts.

  • I don’t understand how people that are very knowledgeable about some things, still don’t understand or refuse to look into white genocide. Ken O’keefe sounds similar. Anti-white sentiments are sickening at this point. Also, exaggerating the greatness of muslims is ridiculous. Other than that, it was a good interview. Of course, we are against the wars and the false flags.

  • Kevin seemed scared by the idea of media fakery. Keeping people away from it may be his role. He’s as reliable as VT.

  • Best to interview a Christian like Eric Karlstrom

  • In the spirit of being thoughtful, I’ll be as thoughtful as I can. I was in ten minutes yesterday only and had to stop. I finished listening today. I am shocked and absolutely disgusted at this Barret Farret idiot! He’s an anti-white snake for sure and my sentiment aligns with the inflammatory comments above. He must be absolutely insane. Flood white countries with Muslims and we’ll be better off?!! My blood is boiling. Are the exponential rapes of white women by Muslims in Sweden fake also? It’s no longer safe to walk at night in Stockholm and other European cities, that’s why good Scandinavian men have organized to protect the streets. They are called Soldiers of Odin. They never had to worry about their people walking at night in their own country prior to this filthy Muslim immigration!! Are they fake too Farret? Muslims and Joos are the enemy of whites and always have been. They are the Orcs of Lord of the Rings. Barret Farret’s mind is twisted into a tight knot incapable of reading history correctly. What about the crusades where Europeans had to fight off Muslim invaders once again?! Muslim pirates were constantly attacking English/American ships and beheading our guys, our ancestors! What about the Barbary Coast slave trade?! I suppose he’s in favor of revocation of women’s rights and thinks its high time women cover up with a hijab! We are infidels and cattle to the Muslim and joos. What he said about the Nazis was disturbing as well. Unbelievable, utter BS.

  • I think he should be back on the show with Mr.Friend.
    He didnt have the time to debate Dr. Barrett. I am sure this would be a good show. Lets get the facts.

    • I finally did listen to the podcast and, like Carolyn and Monica pointed out – the whole interview began to explode around the 40 minute mark, when Barrett launched into his mentally insane, totally unhinged, and unbelievably arrogant, pro-Muzzie – White Genocide craving rant.

      As for Daniel’s idea of inviting this guy back for a ‘debate’ with John Friend – that is an idea that is not worth pursuing. I do not know how old Daniel is, or how long he has been red pilled on the race issue or on the JQ – but, if he thinks that trying to debate any of these anti-White liberals has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting them to change their opinions or that, if presented with a sufficient number of concrete and bullet proof ‘facts’ is going to convince them that they are wrong and we are right – then, Daniel has a lot to learn about the liberal mindset.

      Facts do not matter to liberals. Truth does not matter to liberals. Reality does not matter to liberals. Neither does logic matter to them. Liberalism is an ideology that is based upon, and driven by, emotion. Meaning – it is feminine in its very nature – since females are driven primarily by their emotions, as are feminized men – of which, Kevin Barrett is clearly one.

      I would recommend that John Friend place Kevin Barrett on his never to be invited back list of individuals. Barrett is clearly in the enemy camp.

      One final comment – it concerns Barrett’s advocacy for the insane idea that Muslims should be imported into the USA because they would be great allies of the Whites who are fighting to take their nation back from the jews who’ve hijacked it. This reminded me of an earlier and equally devious attempt by Mark Glenn, who used to have a podcast called “The Ugly Truth”, to lure White Nationalists into forming some kind of officially declared ‘alliance’ with Muslims.

      I pointed out at the time that this idea was extremely dangerous for the White Nationalist community and I suspected that there was an ulterior motive behind Mark Glenn and those in his orbit for pushing this idea.

      That motive was likely this: If White Nationalists were to form an officially declared alliance with Muslims, then the jewish controlled US government could then have an far easier ability to classify ‘White Nationalists’ and ‘White Nationalism’ as an official domestic terrorist threat and the same laws that were passed after 9-11 under the ill-named ‘Patriot Act’ and by subsequent anti-terrorism laws (NDAA, etc.) could then be used to attack the leaders of pro-White organizations, to silence the voices of pro-White web radio hosts and to declare pro-White web sites to be guilty of promoting domestic terrorism – and shut down.

      Thankfully, the pro-White community and it’s leading spokesmen and women were intelligent enough to not bite on Mark Glenn’s devious attempt to lure them into a trap. Glenn persisted in trying to entice the pro-White community into this trap for a year or so, but when he saw that we weren’t taking the bait – he eventually gave up and then began to spew all sorts of hate, venom and bile at the White Nationalist community for rejecting his proposal.

      I suspect that Kevin Barrett is dusting off this old Mark Glenn proposal and trying once again to lure the pro-White community to put its foot into a ZOG bear trap. Remember – Muslims and jews have worked together for thousands of years – whenever both groups share a common objective. Their common objective today – is the overthrow and destruction of White Western European nations and the conquest of the White West. That was what Kevin Barrett was promoting for the last half of this radio interview.

  • Yes we should all believe what Gordon Duff believes what happened on 9/11 (and the Jews of course). Total cop out! The Fetzer, Barrett, Duff, AJ side of 9/11 has always been a pile of dung if you ask me. They were there to divert it away from the Jews from day one.

    No kidding there are so called US politicians involved, every GD one of them is sold out to guess who? Dont blame us for Jew crime or you are a Jew sympathizer- period!

  • How is this guy a PHD in Islamic studies but says flooding western nations with Muslims will strengthen Christianity? When has this ever happened in human history? Muslims have invaded christian nations many times… they did not become more Christian. When he was talking I was just thinking that he probably has an arab/muslim wife (she’s black so close enough). I have more contempt for this type of sleazy nefarious anti-white white man than I do for Zionist Jews.

  • This is a late, additional comment, but it is extremely relevant to this Kevin Barrett interview. I
    just ran across this video today.

    Jew openly admits working with Muslims to destroy Europe

    This is almost as incriminating and capable of red pilling any White people you might know who are still on the fence about the ‘JQ” as is that Barbara Lerner Specter video.