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On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Dr. Jim Fetzer, a leading voice in the alternative media. Dr. Fetzer recently published a trilogy dealing with a variety of controversial topics including the alleged moon landings, the “Holocaust”, Sandy Hook, and the Boston bombing, which led to one of the books – Nobody Died at Sandy Hook – to be banned from American Free Press – America’s last real newspaper – is currently offering the books through its bookstore.

In this podcast, Dr. Fetzer and I begin by discussing the Trump phenomenon and the suspicious results of the recent Wisconsin primary, where Lyin’ Ted Cruz prevailed over Donald Trump, the GOP front-runner. We then delve into Dr. Fetzer’s research into the alleged bombing at the Boston Marathon, the three year anniversary of which is on April 15. We also discussed media deception and shills working to discredit and hinder serious researchers tackling these controversial topics.

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  • Sorry John, I could only stomach 15 minutes of this.

    For all of Fetzer’s stellar qualifications, he still cannot grasp what Fascism means.

    And you seemed to accept his version of Fascism as if it were actually true.

    Fascism, first and foremost, was a response to the jewish question. It does away with the practice of usury, vulture banking and foreclosure. It is a middle class ideology which supports and encourages strong family ties, espouses closed borders and racial homogeneity, and low taxes.

    It is the opposite of JEWISH CORPORATISM, in which public companies (overwhelmingly jew-owned) dictate policy to the state through corruption, blackmail, bribes and all sorts of illegal practices. Fascism, on the other hand, is Christian in its nature (Christian Corporatism). It isn’t public companies and wealthy individuals (plutocracy) that dictate policy, that is the role of the government! And it is done to protect the middle class, the environment, in order to achieve a more equitable outcome.

    Fetzer rants on as if he actually knows what Fascism is – if anything, it is TRUMP THAT IS THE FASCIST HERE, because he wants all those things that would put a stop to the destruction of the middle class.

    I should have known better than to have listened to Fetzer, as apart from the aforementioned, he is also pro-sodomite (for whatever reason!). This just reminded me never to take that chance again.

    Highly disappointed. And not what I’d expect from a pro. You shouldn’t let your guests get away with such dribble, John. There was a previous interview in which one of your female guests also characterized America as a ‘Fascist nation’ when nothing could be further from the truth.

    The free and white America your descendants experienced has long been subsumed by Communism – yet naive and ignorant guests, no matter their qualifications, speak as if jew-pilled.

    I only wish you had fired back, because I know you know the difference.

    • Thanks for your review of this podcast. Saved me the effort to download and listen to it.

      John Friend is a good talk show host, but he reminds me a little of the Oxycotin Addicted
      one down in Florida in how he tends to not want to aggressively challenge his guests
      when they utter something that is clearly either a baldfaced lie, or which is disinformation
      that can be easily dis-proven, or, even when his guest will try to regurgitate one of the standard smear memes that are straight out of the play book of our jewish enemies.

      He tries too hard to always be ‘polite’ and ‘cordial’. Maybe because he doesn’t want to anger his guests, or something. But, Whites are decades deep into a full blown, openly declared war against our race and our enemies see our ultimate defeat just a few short years down the road – so, we do not have time for politeness. We have to replace our politeness with ruthlessness or else we are going to lose this battle.

      • If you have to turn into an animal to “win” anything, what have you won?

        If you have to lose your humanity to gain “hue-manity,” and can now enjoy a thousand-year-reign as an animal, what have you gained? Nothing. In fact, you have regressed, since you have already decided that every step towards humanity is “weakness” and every step towards the complete ruthlessness and savagery of the jungle is “strength.”

        One 12 year old sharp-shooter with an AK-47 and hundred-round drum vs. 5 starving lions or 10 spear-chuckers coming at him at one hundred yards. Is there any question as to who is likely to win most of the time? No there isn’t. And this is not because of “the human brain” but because of “the human brain” of a tiny minority of creative individuals who actually make technological innovations that can give a 12 year old more strength than 5 lions or 10 spear-chuckers.

        “Ruthlessness” is strategy for those who don’t understand strategy and probably are still stuck in the fallacy of “strength in numbers.” Strength is in creative minorities, not in “numbers.” England, a tiny island of 300 miles by 500 miles controlled close to a billion people in China for almost a century. This was not because of “ruthlessness,” although they were certainly more than ruthless enough to turn an entire nation into opium addicts for the profiteering of the Sassoon dynasty (the Rothschilds of the East), this was because of their superior technology as displayed in their unmatched navy. These technologies do not spring through “osmosis” from the masses but from a few creative individuals left alone enough and rewarded enough to create. All wars are won or lost before any fighting even begins. What the creative people have to learn is not to give their innovations, all of which result in more leverage, more intelligence, more time saved and therefore more strength for themselves, to their parasitical and non-creative con-artist enemies.

        A martial arts expert doesn’t have to beat a dead horse to put it out of all contention. Most times, a martial arts expert doesn’t even have to fight, because the body-language he puts out already communicates that he is not one to be trifled with.

        And neither should anyone whose brain and instincts are trained to handle aggressive energies and neutralize them.

        If 2 people out of a hundred could become black-belts in spiritual strategizing. The rest will follow because they are fallow and need to learn how to sow before they can reap. Being more “ruthless” than you have to be in order to become a human being and nothing but a hue-man being practicing the win-win dialectic of all see-will-I-zation (only a society that allows seeing your freewill in action and therefore the conceptualizing of your “I” as both separate and ever-united-in-synergy with the tribe simultaneoustly can ever be see-will-I-zed) is wasted inner-G (inner-god).


        Half of Anders Breivik’s head missing from an image during the so-called Norway mass shootings trial. This kind of mistake or error can only happen with software used to fake imagery. No real video shot will have half a head missing in some frames, a leg missing in others, etc.

        As you can see from the other video I posted.

        The days of trusting any images from enemy propaganda ever again until full verification and authentication by image analysts and experts are now fully and officially OVER.

        Any “researcher” who does not verify images before analyzing a news story and especially one about any “terror attack” or false-flag is now at best an amateur dabbler to be pitied and ignored and at worst a deliberately dis-info-spreading and agenda-pushing shill and scoundrel, direct agent or useful idiot the result being the same.

  • Must Watch Video:

    Face2Face: Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos (CVPR 2016 Oral) using the Faces of Putin and Bush:

    So, are there still people out there that think that realistic “real life” characters based on any living or dead figure cannot be created from scratch in a computer?

    Well, think again and don’t forget to carry that logic to the Breivik fiasco and every other PsyOp you might have concluded was done with “real blood and guts” before image verification, since this technology is certain to have been available to trillionaire bankers and other assorted parasitical low-lives in the bees-nest of running PsyOps and False-Flags maybe even a decade before the general public could remotely access it.

  • Fascism is best described by Ezra Pound as “the surgical knife of Fascism.”

    It’s surgery to save a dying civilization, it’s not necessarily constant surgery as a way of life.

    Just like you have surgeons in the hospital for emergencies, so you have Fascism in your political arsenal for cultural emergencies. You also have 19th-century (not yet co-opted by the usual suspects) Libertarianism and Anarchism, when the patient has recovered sufficiently. However, you still keep your surgical knife in your drawer ready for immediate use should it be needed.

    Capiche? Not that complicated is it?

  • I’m a little late to this party but re the brief discussion of the Spingola/WADE/K.Johnstein/L.Pozner Sandy Hoax re-bunkers’ shill-a-thon; check out:

    …for full deconstruction & discussion. :)