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On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Daniel Kleve, an undergraduate student at the University of Nebraska who is active in the Alt Right. Daniel has been targeted by antifa and other dishonest leftists and students at the University for his political views and activism in an organized campaign to have him expelled from the University. Daniel and I discuss his background and journey to the Alt Right, his experience in Charlottesville, the campaign to have him removed from campus, and many other issues!

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  • Excellent interview, John. Your guest, Daniel Kleve, is extremely intelligent and articulate, with an inspiring story. Listening to the interview, I kept thinking what a terrific role model he is for young people and children. I hope he graduates and runs for political office. Our country needs men like him.

  • Mr. Kleve and others like him on US campuses make me proud of them and their integrity. College campuses are stacked with Leftist homo commie professors and their indoctrinated sheep, most of them stupid women.
    The sheep go along to get along, and get pats of the back by their teachers, the jew controlled media, and their fellow commie wannabes.
    We must use the Constitution to our full benefit, because it is the Constitution that the jewish atheist commie left wants to destroy. ‘Progressive’ means the destruction of our American way of life. This fight of ours is the same fight that Adolf Hitler and his party fought….and won, for Germany. We, the US, were on the wrong side in WWII. Let’s not be on the ‘wrong’ side now. Stand firm under the Constitution, Mr. Kleve, as our awareness of this insidious, creeping ultimately satanic jewish led evil increases.

  • I recall my first thought when I saw that story about the basketball team deciding not to boycott their own games, which was how stupid would that be. Then I remembered who they are and how they’ve been indoctrinated for their entire lives. What’s more alarming is they have no critical thinking skills. I admire Daniel for his courage and wish him all the best while I remain positive whites will prevail. Blacks have always been susceptible to the communist ideology, which the FBI had pointed out decades ago and other Government officials believed as well. Don’t recall the year but recall reading some memos. Not like the FBI memos or actions today though.

    I make sure I share the horrible actions by these communist youths with their fellow liberal adults even though many of them are just as bad if not worse. The 2016 victory by Trump sure did upset the communist left as one who can see by their reactions and actions since. I believe we were in the final stage(s) of the country’s conversion to communism. It’s okay to be white, in fact it’s more than okay.

    “Communism born 1917, died 1991, here lies the fraud as you will see, my name is now Democracy.” By Bruce G. McCarthy, mid 1990’s

    Bruce was a talk show host on Republic Broadcasting System. He left the network in 2015 for health reasons. He passed away May 2, 2016. I listened to his show every sunday morning.

    He was born Aug. 8, 1947, in Brunswick, Maine, and is the son of the late Harold and Ruth Turner McCarthy.

    As a young man Bruce served in the National Guard (1966 – 1971), he was a charter pilot,as well as; a proprietor of a small town sandwich shop “The Cracker Barrell” in Calais, Maine. Bruce found Christ and coupling its effect with love for his nation, he devoted his life’s work for the past 35 years to the Gospel of the Kingdom and its restoration. Empowered by his faith, Bruce became an expert in money, banking and credit and was a lecturer, author and radio talk show host with an unequaled quality and drive to help God’s people understand the necessity of “Lawful Money Vs. Legal Plunder,” which is the title of the last book he authored.

    He is survived by his wife, Kathleen Malek McCarthy, one son, Isaac Turner McCarthy of Camden, Maine, and one sister, Mildred (Wes) Libby of Corinna, Maine.

    In addition to his parents, he is preceded in death by one brother, Harry McCarthy.

  • Excellent program John and Dan! Thank you both.

  • Not nec. for publication, but you might consider promoting this video, JF:

    Other Losses – a film by James Bacque.

    Cheers! Hope all is well!

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