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Trump American First

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Clement Pulaski who maintains True Sons of Abraham. Clement returns to the program to discuss some of his latest writings and activities, including his collaboration with Good Morning White America, a pro-White, Christian podcast of the Alt Right. Clement and I focus much of our conversation on the election of Donald Trump and the long history of American populism.

We also address the increasingly violent nature of the radical left, which has historically been inspired and financed by anti-White Jewish propagandists, agitators, and, most importantly, financial sponsors. Of course, the Jews are ultimately behind the radical left today as well, with plutocrats like George Soros funding the Black Lives Matter movement and a number of other organizations that were instrumental in staging the massive anti-Trump protest on his inauguration and in the days that followed. Clement and I discuss what we like and respect about Trump, as well as some of our concerns.

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One comment

  • Good talk, Clement shows he knows whats up.
    Trump’s victory opened a door, we might now go from a civic to a white nationalism on a large scale soon.
    The Christian church currently is cucked but potential for a revival is present. Christianity has been subverted by Jewry, time to shake this off and we do this by exposing the Jews and their schemes… The era of the white mans greatest attainment occurred when Christianity was strong- this is often forgotten by our pagan brothers. We should never forget that Jews hate Jesus and the church.
    The recent populist wave should take on a more classically fascistic nature- I pray.

    I would like to learn about views of Jesus where he is not exactly classed as Hebraic , he might be more Aryan than most imagine. This has always been a stumbling block for some of us…