The Realist Report – Christina Hildebrand

A Voice for Choice

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Christina Hildebrand, founder of the non-profit organization A Voice for Choice (@AVoiceForChoice on Twitter). In this podcast, Christina and I discuss the primary purpose and mission of A Voice for Choice, some of the issues her organization is following closely, mandatory vaccines, and related matters.

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  • The view of “vaccinations” which I’ve heard Dr. Rima & Christina England express; namely that they’re deliberate/premeditated chemical lobotomies aimed at damaging natural minds & creating an army of functioning-autistics ala Brave New World, rings true. Deliberate “neurocide” cloaked behind the “vaccines” deception; & component of the satanic Dinjoo World Order. :(

  • Suffer from vaccine phobia? Herd Immunity Calculations are the remedy. Have you local board of health and the vaccine manufacturers estimate the number of people who have to be vaccinated to provide safe coverage for the entire population. This usually amounts to about 85% of the people at risk. Then offer waivers to the 15% distributed in a uniform manner over the entire population.

    Marijuana is guaranteed to lower your IQ Score by 10 -15 points. Yet vaccine phobics always speak out for the legalization of marijuana. Why is this?

    • Can you point us to your database, SimpyFred? I want to confirm your numbers and check for other variables. I have heard that elsewhere that the 15% of people who are both pro-vaccine and c.85 IQ think like the fourth quartile of potheads.

  • Shooting kids with syringe s full of whatever is going by the wayside the same way teachers beating kids in school did. It’s because humans in general have increasingly higher opinions of themselves. As psyop religion loses its grip the pyramid power structure way of doing things, which places children below the level of rights, will not be able to exploit wherever. Because the separate almighty god in heaven is being replaced by the big hoopster, humanity is taking responsibility for itself, and the biosphere. When people stop going along with the vax abuse program the rest of it will stop too. Like war, vaccines are a perpe tra ti on against youth. Kids make the easiest victim s. But the corporate predators will push it past the limit. Their plan is to make vax mandatory for everyone eventually, but in a gradual program, to weed out the resistors.