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On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by the one and only Carolyn Yeager. I have followed Carolyn’s work for several years, which has profoundly influenced my own personal views about Adolf Hitler, National Socialism, the fake “Holocaust” narrative and WWII more generally. Of course, Carolyn and I discuss all of these topics at length throughout this broadcast. We also focus on the recent fake “anti-Semitic bomb threat” hoaxes perpetrated by an Israeli Jew with dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship, the concept of “anti-Semitism” as articulated and explained by Jews, Donald Trump, and much more.

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  • Great show. Thanks for bringing Carolyn on, John. She’s right in her criticism of Germar’s approach. Ridicule, as Alinsky pointed out, is our best weapon against the “anit-semitism” and “holocaust” lies. It is the best way to open discussion and plant seeds. Kudos to Anglin for his work on this. With the clear evidence of their panic, the time to double our efforts is now. Thanks.

  • Was great to hear this timely interview with Carolyn, John. So glad to find out she is doing well. Thanks.

    • Doing well? If Carolyn Yeager were asked to define that, she would describe it as how successful she was in her efforts to destroy the old Voice of Reason Broadcast Network – which I happened to have been a huge fan of & I liked a lot of the shows that were once featured on that network. In fact, I even liked Yeager’s Heretics Hour program and was a fairly regular listener to it.

      It was when Yeager decided to stick her uninvited nose into matters dealing with White Nationalism and made it her personal mission to dig into the lives of every leading voice in the pro-White movement and spread rumors, innuendos, and wild-eyed accusations that were never able to be substantiated – but which she used in an effort to cast suspicion upon, and discredit upon, and tarnish the reputations of her targets – that was when it became clear to me that she either had some sort of personal grudge against the White Nationalist community or else she was a likely a mole working for the #1 enemy. At the very least, she exhibited very clear signs that she harbored German racial supremacist attitudes and considered Whites who were of non-Germanic descent to be inferior and not worth saving.

      Yeager is not a ‘team player’ and cannot be counted as a loyal member of Team White.

      Tanstaafl, who was once a partner with Carolyn Yeager and who did a radio show together, eventually learned his lesson and shared his experiences and reasons for terminating their relationship and his comments can be found here:

      I have a ton a respect for Tanstaafl and consider him to be one of best and most honest voices in the entire pro-White movement. I encourage all fans of The Realist Report to read Tan’s comments and make up their own minds.

      • Whenever my name comes up on sites that “Tucker” keeps tabs on, he writes this same long-winded assault on me which is totally devoid of facts or reality.

        ‘Tucker’ was not privy to what went on between me and any of these other people at the time it counted; he just jumped on the gossip after the fact. He mentions my not being on “Team White” – fact is my complaint against Voice of Reason Network was that it was bringing on too many non-Whites, so I wanted to start THE WHITE NETWORK and Tanstaafl agreed and joined me in it! What does that do to ‘Tucker’s’ narrative?

        There was no “Team White” until Alex Linder coined the term long after I left Reason Radio, but ‘Tucker’ is not on that team. ‘Tucker’ is a lone voice in the wilderness, crying over a faggy place he felt accepted, but what did he do to make or keep it successful? Not a thing that I know of. He was, and still is, a hanger-on.

        Tanstaafl’s abrupt “termination of our relationship” was bogus too. He had his own reasons for it, which include his overly suspicious nature and his inability to be a “team player” himself, as everyone can now see for themselves. He wanted to, but it turned out it had to be all his way or no way at all. Read more at

        Perhaps Tanstaafl would be better off without ‘Tucker’s’ endorsement and support, just as Voice of Reason Radio would have been.

      • @ Tucker
        Thanks for the link. Very interesting and convinces me that I was right to dismiss her. Her divisiveness is perfect for East Europeans.
        It’s because of The Blut Und Boden Perfectionism of German Beauty and Greatness, [whatever], that Poland is a NATION in the true meaning of the word And occupying land that was theirs in 1,000 AD. [maps on line].
        A little RESEARCH is needed to see that Poznan, Silesia, etc., was Slavic. Just because Germans encroached on it and stole it 1780, does not make the land German. Also, I think, that it is spiritually Polish, and so no matter how many times the Germans steal it , the Poles will Always win it back.
        Deprecating the Slavs, because of all the Jews, is another of her distractions. The German wunderkind were 90% controlled by Jews who were Prosperous and Frei. Unlike those in the East who were always restricted in all they did.
        I mention Poland, because of her Polonophobic, Anti-Polonism; a need to have an enemy. No doubt, all Slavs are enemies in need of German guidance. Although, for some reason? they’d rather live in filthy, disgusting, UnTeutonic ways and be free to have it their way. Sad for them, really. They don’t know what their missing! Or, maybe they do, and just don’t want to live like zombie Germans.
        According to Yeager, Hitler said, “The Slavs are a mass of born slaves, who feel in need of a master.” No doubt her god knows everything, so why not? Maybe, they did, but not a German one, that’s for sure, if one just does some simple RESEARCH.
        A little RESEARCH will explain that life in Germanic Paradise was HELL for the ordinary poor worker. This is also conveniently hidden, as the ordinary Western Joe is too lazy to do a little RESEARCH.
        I expected better, but got the Yeager forgetfulness and confusion. She has a god and worships it fanatically; as she should.
        Determining to prove her superiority being German, [assuming she is], and there’s a Jew in the family? How many Jews? Why this fanaticism? Jews in the pantry?
        Yeager is needed. She is a marker; a reference point when doing research and seeking true history.
        WWII – 1st German act of aggression against Poland – @ 4am, bomber attack on an unguarded village full of women and children.
        All these crocodile tears about Dresden! Pooh! 1,200 German aircraft dropped incendiary bombs on Warsaw.
        IF ONLY people would Cut all the BS and do some RESEARCH for themselves.
        Recent book = ‘The German War’ by Nicholas Stargardt… Check it online.

        • Dear Nameless One,

          I would not respond to your trash-talk and misplaced Polish Supremacism, EXCEPT that currently the government of Poland is engaging in the insanely (yet sadly typical) destructive path of trying to blame Russian air controllers (!!!) of DELIBERATELY causing the 2010 plane crash near Smolensk that killed 96 high-ranking Poles, including their president.

          Only Poles could be so unwilling to accept responsibility for their own stupid blunders that they would blame them on completely disinterested parties. Since when have air controllers been found to deliberately crash planes? This is a conspiracy theory to beat all.

          The truth (unacceptable to the dwarf presidential twin) came out a long time ago. A big-shot Polish general was in the cockpit telling the pilot what to do, against the advice of the Russian air controllers who advised him not to try to land. The big-shot general wasn’t having any of it because the elite party in the passenger section all agreed they HAD to be on time for the ceremony. And so the result was as it was.

          You are like the big-shot general and the party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski, and are clearly inventing your own Polish history. But Poles have been rewriting their history for the past 200 years.

  • I’d like to see EVERYONE in this movement to cease using the term “Jewish Supremacism” altogether! It’s too damn flattering to this subversive vermin.

    Instead of “supremacist” or supremacism” start using the words:


    Please, toss out the word “supremacist!” I mean it!

    There’s an art to the English language. Please use it!

  • Russian Limbaugh

    Just call (((them))) decievers.

    Dishonest liars that use deception to further ingroup goals, pretending it is for the betterment of “humanity”, while denying they are doing just that.

  • Carolyn Yeager left the following comment on her site where she posted this interview. I want to post it here for readers of The Realist Report as well.

    Further thoughts on John’s questions

    I gave John’s questions some thought, such as the one asking if there was something that really influenced me the most, like a person, book or website. I then recalled the book that really did affect my thinking: The Creature from Jeckyl Island, about the Federal Reserve which I read in 1998 or 99. I heard about it on a radio program and went to the library looking for it. I had to order it from Library Loan. I couldn’t stop talking about what I learned in that book and how the Fed system was foisted on us. Which created the income tax and so many other bad things. And the big role of the Jews.

    In retrospect, I think that opened me up for all that followed. Because my other reading about WWII, Third Reich, holo revisionism didn’t have the same impact. It was like I already knew by the time I read the books but wanted to verify it. And learn the details.

    Also, when I saw that Look magazine article as a teenager, I already knew about Nazi Germany, etc. but what it stirred in me was “why” did this happen. Why did Germans go down such a destructive path, as it seemed then. I had always felt good about being German because I knew there was a rich cultural history of great achievements. So this didn’t fit. (The article said Germans were constitutionally prone to fall prey to charlatans and collective mass hysteria, so must always be watched!)

    It turns out it doesn’t fit because it didn’t happen. Yes, the racial cleansing happened in the case of the Jews, the “antisemitism” was real, the camps and the attempts at deportation of Jews and then using arrested Jews as a labor force during the war happened. The typhus outbreaks that killed so many happened. But the intentional murder/genocide did not happen.

    How good it would be if we could debate the right or wrong of what did happen, what the German responsibility is, rather than the war propaganda lies.

    From this, I have to say that Jewish financial manipulation that impoverishes Christian nations and individuals is the key issue behind it all. Too bad I wasn’t able to clearly state this on John’s podcast. Perhaps another time.

  • Good show. Carolyn Yeager is the main go-to site to learn about what I call ‘orthodox’ National Socialism. Whether you agree with her or not, the wealth of information she has collected is amazing. I hope everything is archived OFFLINE for safekeeping for the eventuality of a Jew led internet purge that seems to be beginning right now. Buy your holohoax revisionist books now while you can.

    I agree- the Holocaust mythology is the cornerstone – Jew power stems from this, white decline stems from this. We must dismantle this myth all the time, over and over, keep on kicking the slumbering giant until he wakes from this dream, which is our nightmare.
    Un-demonizing Hitler is the key.
    I feel that branching out is a non-starter, meaning going into flat earth or such theories is a red herring. One should not be a kook on too many subjects at once (lol).

    It is unfortunate that ‘white nationalism’ sometimes is construed to mean a future global white political union or such. It should mean white nations for white people, each nation struggling on their own- white solidarity worldwide, yes, but political union, no.
    Whites are in such dire straights today that we don’t have time for any sniping between our various white ethnic groups.

    ‘Antisemitism’ is our right; we should critique Jewry rationally, without hysteria…Antisemitism is our justified reaction to the malignant Jewish influence on the world. If Jews want to find the source of their alleged persecutions, they should look in the mirror.

    • There’s a bunch of apps that help you download whole sites if the webmaster wasn’t savvy enough to do so himself. Run ’em on all the sites you think are essential and throw the data onto a portable drive.

  • Now that Trump has attacked Assad and Syria, I hope that John and Carolyn no longer support him.