The Realist Report – Carolyn Yeager

Carolyn Yeager

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Carolyn Yeager. Carolyn is back to discuss a variety of topics, including the recent Lakewood, New Jersey welfare scandal involving hundreds of Orthodox Jewish families, gains by right-wing political parties in Europe, the fake “Holocaust” narrative and the manner in which it is used to exploit and demonize Whites, Richard Spencer’s recent event at the University of Florida, and Mark Weber’s refusal to appear on my podcast, among other topics. Please check out Carolyn’s website, as we mention and cite a number of her recent blog posts and articles.

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  • Carolyn Yeager is a brave and intelligent advocate for the Truth about these fake Ashkenazi ‘jews.’ I bookmarked her site, thanks.

  • I remember when I got hip to the JQ. I’m an older White Aryan Resistance and former National Alliance/Nat Van alumni. Dr. Pierces work and Tom Metzger woke me.
    Come to find out, Jews monopolize pOrnography. They monopolize the pharmaceutical and illicit drug trade. They’re running the Opioid trade. They are really the only ones responsible for the Homo/Pedo agenda other than the homos and pedos themselves. They run the arms trade. They have the medical/allopathy industry on lock. Jews are literal blood and energy Vampires. They highjacked our whole legal system. They are the banksters. They cause 99% of terrorism, not Muslims and certainly not pro whites.
    I’m sure I’m leaving out a lot we need to show credit to the Jews for, but dinner is ready.

  • You damn Spencer with faint praise. Our movement cries out for a charasmatic, transformative figure, someone who will lead by force of will, someone like Hit … er, well, I did not have anyone specifically in mind, but Richard Spencer is not that man.

  • Carolyn Yeager is a fine woman who does fine work. I’ve learnt a lot from her. This was a good discussion to which I’ll add a comment I’ve been working on. It encapsulates the jew well since we are on the topic of jews:
    *The Talmud is full of absolutely horrifying verses. They are the spawn of Satan for sure. Now they’re the most hybrid race who have mixed (stolen genes) with the goyim whom they hate void of any consciousness. It’s absolutely sickening. Imagine a world without this filthy (((parasite))) No pornography industry, no degeneracy, no raging disgusting feminists, no bondage from goddamn central banks and on and on. Research the Israeli sex slave trade/human trafficking. Jews also run the pharmaceutical, illicit drug, and opioid trades. Too bad six million didn’t actually die. They should have been left in the ghettos where they belong and even better ETERNALLY FORBIDDEN TO ENTER ANY COUNTRY. Jews have been kicked out of over 120 countries throughout history. Hhhmmm I wonder why? They’re the only race who can’t look themselves in the eye and see their faults; exactly how a psychopath/sociopath fails to do so also. They will sponge and destroy off us forever. No end in site if you leave them to it. It makes my blood boil how much money Israel has extorted from the US & Germany:TRILLIONS! Jews never expose how they stole Palestine which was Palestine for 2000 years until the Balfour Declaration! Why didn’t they move the jews to Madagascar instead like Hitler wanted so Palestine wouldn’t be slaughtered?! They slaughtered Palestinians in this day and age to have a “homeland” they are not entitled to since they are hybrids and void of the original Hebrew bloodline anyway! Our countries are following into ruin while Israel keeps soaring and these Jews could care less!! Do you see them acknowledging this?! Hell no! They are a-ok with bringing an invasion of third worlders to our countries but oh no not to theirs! They are a-ok with whites and everyone else watching fake news by Jews and learning fake history in schools and they started this filth called Marxism which has poisoned the masses! Israel also attacked the USS LIBERTY for two hours with heavy machine gun attack! Watch the men who were there speak out about it and not be heard by the government!! These bastards don’t care for you because they have the twisted notion they will become the light of the world! Acknowledge how Jew run Hollywood has NEVER once produced a film about the demon, Stalin, and his communists Jews in Russia and Ukraine; how they slaughtered 20+ million Russians/Ukrainians! That was a real holocaust unlike their lame one they claim to be victims of without end!!! Do you see Russians and Ukrainians carrying on?!! No! But you see the Jew playing a poor little victim bastard over and OVER again! Google the staggering number of Jew holocaust films that have been released to uncover their incessant role of playing victim. Most Americans don’t even know about the Russian/Ukrainian holocaust!! WHY?! Because it’s not taught in schools!! The real holocaust of WWII was the GERMANS not the jews. PLEASE WATCH “THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD” & “HELLSTORM” BY KYLE HUNT ALSO SUBSCRIBE TO RED ICE CREATIONS! PLEASE DON’T FEAR SPREADING TRUTH! TRUTH WILL ALWAYS CONQUER LIES. GENTILES ARE IN A DEEP SLEEP AND AMNESIA DUE TO THIS EVIL INFLUENCE; SOME CANNOT AWAKEN BUT HAVE COURAGE TO WAKE UP THOSE WHO CAN. THIS IS A WAR AND WE MUST WIN AGAINST THIS EVIL ONCE AND FOR ALL TO EXTINGUISH THEM FOREVER OUT OF OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD* I have shared many facts here. Please pass it on. Every good Jew with a conscience who is not poisoned by leftist Marxism should speak out! Jews: Gilad Atzmon, Shlomo Sand and Brother Nathanael Kapner are doing their part. Oh and lest I forget to expose how Hasidic Jews live on welfare! Yes, they live on gentile welfare given to them so the husband can study the detestable Talmud his entire life and impregnate his wife with a bunch of children and you are paying for it! These bastards are capable of working and are not impoverished! Support of them should be stripped immediately and they should be accused of fraud and forced to pay it back.

    • Thank you, Monica. I’m glad you listened and liked it.

      Re your comment, I would warn everyone about making too sweeping statements about how Hasidic Jews live. There are orthodox and ultra-orthodox, and different sects.

      With the ‘ultras’ the man is the head and is not questioned by the woman. She exists in a service capacity only. This is what the White Nationalists are moving toward, led by the very vocal Andrew Anglin. Young men are joining that chorus, lest they fall into disfavor with the male community. This is not only divisive but also encourages homosexuality and allows it to rise in the WN movement. Is this what we want — to follow the ultra-orthodox Jewish and Muslim Semitic model?

      • CY, the troll and chan portion of active WN that mimics Anglin when he gives voice to the Jew-authored nrx and mgtow nonsense is only a small part of active WN. And active WN is really only a small part of WN, where the typical White person is much closer to us than to the ideal citizen imagined by social engineers – thus the endless social-engineering.

        So almost all Whites are to some degree WN, but almost all of us see sex dynamics in a healthy and balanced way and would just reject the way of Anglin. So Whites and White Nationalists generally are not much going to be harmed by this trend.

        I agree though that a subset of young men is being led deliberately into making themselves unfit for relationships with women by dint of aggressively held idiotic ideas. And I agree with a point often raised by Kyle Hunt and Sinead O’Connor, that this idea of White women being a problem, even THE problem, is an obviously Jewish sourced tactic for dividing Whites yet again against themselves. I have tried to complain about the trend in forums where engagement is possible:

        • Nick : It’s fine to make comments and general statements about healthy, balanced sex dynamics, but when have you taken the side of a woman over a man? Ever? A woman has to be right sometimes.

          When Tanstaafl, whose blog you frequent and comment on, closed me out of my own White Network server and website in April 2014 and announced self-serving justifications for doing so on his live-streaming podcast, you took his side from the beginning, accepted whatever he said and never gave any credence to what I said. What he did was shockingly wrong, and he also lied, but all you guys did not care to find that out, or just ignored it. See

          Any complaining you think you’ve done is lukewarm at best. You are not particularly a brave man, while I am a brave woman. So which counts more in the hierarchy of men – bravery or upholding male dominance?The National Socialists of the Third Reich had a good approach. If any woman had special talent or showed great bravery and competence in what were considered men’s pursuits, she was not only allowed but was praised and honored. This worked because all were German and working for Germany. “Whites,” or Europeans, are too diverse to ever put that into practice. (I like and agree with what you said at your given link @ comment 9-29@1:01 pm: “The more specific is naturally the more valuable, ie. ethnonationalism over racial nationalism.” But you didn’t seem to hold that view back then.)

          Recently WN Daniel Friberg had a condescending piece published at titled “Three Ways to Become a Better Woman.” He is an unmarried, childless man in his 40’s-50’s (suspected of being homosexual) giving advice to young white women on putting the procreation of children first in their lives! Give me a break.

          • I do not think any of your personalized comments about positions I have held have any legitimacy, CY. If you’re sure they do, please de-personalize them and just provide quotes and refutations – I’m happy to be corrected.


            I don’t know that I ever commented on the site-control issue. I was sympathetic to Tan’s claim that your own orientation had changed unhelpfully, becoming progressively less pro-White, after all I had made several comments to that effect over the previous coupla months or so.

            But indeed I feel I was proved right, and I think Tan had all the justification possible for excluding you from the project, when you eventually admitted to being opposed to White Nationalism, and therefore opposed to the goals of the network.

            I couldn’t have cared less about you being a woman or any other personal matter. It is you who constantly harps on about sex and personality. I was interested in the politics.

    • Great comment Monica – thank you! I admire your passion and energy!

  • My comments are no more “personalized” than yours. It is always the way certain men use to try to denigrate a woman. Here is your exact comment at T’s blog the day following his destructive podcast:

    Nick Dean
    17 April 2014 at 2:00 pm I didn’t listen to the program on Slavs, or any of the other controversial shows except the portion devoted to White Nationalism of the Saturday Afternoon show on WN/Eurasianism/Future of W.Europe.
    Whatever Carolyn Yeager had to say about these issues elsewhere, in this show her opinions match the criticisms Tanstaafl has made.
    Specifically, she shifted from criticizing and smearing an almost endless array of individual pro-White activists to attacking White Nationalism as such: it’s indefinable, it doesn’t exist, it cannot exist, it’s way way down a slippery slope to globalism, a cop out, and the Jews promote and use it as a way of destroying us.
    She said this is where her beliefs stand right now and that she’s heading even further away from loyalty to White Nationalism.
    It should not be controversial that Carolyn is not supportive of the ideas outlined on the tWn ‘About’ page, but rather is hostile to that agenda. It’s very clear.

    How about some quotes from you? Where did I “smear an almost endless array of individual pro-White activists”? I supported many WN men as guests on my shows, something T-man never, never, ever did himself. How did I “attack White Nationalism as such.” In what way did I say “it’s indefinable, it doesn’t exist, it cannot exist, it’s way way down a slippery slope to globalism, a cop out, and the Jews promote and use it as a way of destroying us.” (??) These are your words, not mine. I was unimpressed by our leadership (still am) and looking at the EFFECTIVENESS of White Nationalism vs Ethnonationalism, doing it on my own program. But T. and you think you can forbid me to do this as though you were the overseers of TWN. I think you need to listen to this program again; it’s at

    When did I say I was “heading even further away from loyalty to White Nationalism”? And when did I take a vow of loyalty to White Nationalism? Did you? The Fourteen Words does not contain the phrase White Nationalism.

    How could I not be supportive of the ideas outlined in TWN “About” page, but hostile to it … when I wrote it! Every word of it. Maybe you need to read it again.

    What is clear is that you knew nothing of the internals at TWN. You were not involved even a little bit, not even one iota. You had absolutely nothing to do with it. You gave T. the benefit of having more authority than he did have. You ignorantly say above, “I think Tan had all the justification possible for excluding you from the project, when you eventually admitted to being opposed to White Nationalism, and therefore opposed to the goals of the network.” First, I never ‘admitted to being opposed to White Nationalism’, and certainly not to the ‘goals of the network’. There were no goals of the network other than to produce content for “Whites Talking to Whites about White Interests.” T. may have had his personal goals and I had my goals. T’s goals changed over the two years, and he actually didn’t want to do it anymore. That is the only reason he would have shut it down the way he did … hoping to pass the blame for it onto me. Second, neither one of us could justifiably “exclude” the other from the project.

    • CY, my comments are not personal and they never have been in the past, they were solely about your positions expressed.

      Maybe I will listen again to the relevant portions of that show. But I’m confident I paraphrased you reasonably, because that is just how I am.

      Perhaps others have a fresh view from which me both might learn?


      Regardless, my previous view of you still stands as stated when Tan gave his version of events over tWn:

      Carolyn Yeager has always written well about history, and her radio interviews of “holo” revisionists (I prefer her brilliant coinage over all other alternatives) are a great resource; so too her interviews of major pro-White activists.

      I can’t immediately think of any other living woman who’s done more for us. And there are precious few men. Fifty maybe?

      She isn’t at her best doing White stuff or solo radio shows and over ‘movement personality’ issues lets her private impulses over-ride and over-talk the simple facts of the matter. When she was at her worst in those regards I was critical without ever acknowledging her qualities and I regret that.

      – – – only, I’d add that I have an ever deeper appreciation of the work Tan must have put into working with you over those years, the poor bastard!

      • This is no response, Nick. Every word you wrote is purely opinion. Anyone can see that you are avoiding the central question because you cannot defend yourself with honest answers. You would have to acknowledge I am right.

        You say: “MAYBE I will listen again to the relevant portions of that show. But I’m CONFIDENT I paraphrased you reasonably, because that is just how I am.” Very funny. You refuse to compare your ‘paraphrasing’ to what I actually said. Then you ask for others to come in and save you. It is not a matter of your or anyone else’s OPINION. It is a matter of fact which can be easily proven by checking the record.

        You do spend time checking back on T’s blog to find something you wrote about me over a year later that you consider “balanced.” But it is pure OPINION again and has nothing to do with any actual evidence in the “case” under discussion. It’s also clear you are giving with one hand while taking away with the other. But what’s important here is that you are dancing around in avoidance because you realize your position is weak as hell and you’re not man enough to admit it.

        In your 11-12 @1:34pm comment you felt in control, telling me: “Please de-personalize [your comments] and just provide quotes and refutations – I’m happy to be corrected.” So I ask the same of you and you refuse to provide quotes and refutations to the ones I’ve presented.

        You are reduced to ending with another snarky put-down based solely on your male sense of entitlement. The only “difficulty” Tanstaafl had over those two years came from other men who complained to him about me (faggots and misogynists) and from his own fears and paranoia that his identity might be discovered. He had early on told me his name, phone # and where he lived. Then he changed his phone # and would not give it to me based on fear the Feds were tapping my phone!! I went along with that even though it was a warning of what was in store. [I had only used the number once because he was not responding on skype to a live program crash of his software.]

        The male sympathy for the lazy snake Tanstaafl is very much misplaced. Just as you are proving that respect for you is also misplaced.

      • I would like to add a reply to this statement from Nick:

        “She isn’t at her best doing White stuff or solo radio shows and over ‘movement personality’ issues lets her private impulses over-ride and over-talk the simple facts of the matter.”

        Contrarily, I think my solo radio shows are some of my best and most informative programs, which will outlast the fashionable issues of the day. I should probably select what I think those are and put them together on a CD. As to “White stuff”, that is too sensitive and fraught with political correctness among movement males, not allowing the type of creative thinking and expression that (I have come to realize) I am best at.

  • Thanks. :) Persistence pays off.

  • @Nick, Since it’s been 53 hours now since you posted you would “re-listen” to the 15 min. section of the podcast under discussion but haven’t come through, it’s obvious you are challenged. I will help you out. I made a transcript of it and I offer here the relevant parts. Just how offensive, shocking these statements from April 2014 are, in a two-hour program, is for you to answer but I think it’s clear the whole thing was totally overblown to support a personal agenda.

    * * *
    “Yesterday I had the following thoughts: White Nationalism COULD be seen, and COULD be a cop-out, MAYBE it has become a cop-out because you don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to be anything, you don’t even have to stand for anything, you just have to be White and say you’re a WN. I was thinking of it being a kind of amorphous mass of something that nobody is sure of what it should be anymore. And that might be too critical but I believe in looking at things critically to see where it takes me. I don’t have any final views, but I’m going in a certain direction here.
    “Where I’m going with this is: Not all White people are the same. …. Does WN feed into our thinking that all Whites are the same? That’s what I think it does and that’s what I think can be a problem by trying to unite too many people together and have this political correct attitude to say that we’re not all equal is not allowed. Because the people who are seen as not as equal as others don’t like it and we need all these people together.
    “To me it’s the essence of political correctness that you can’t offend anyone – it very much follows the idea that there’s no ‘race’ and all human beings are the same and One, and that has to be adhered to in the public dialog.
    “In the WN dialog, saying that all Whites are equal and interchangeable has to be adhered to also, it seems, or you get into trouble … with a whole lot of WNs, or White People.
    “MAYBE it could be said that WN is used as a tool by the Globalist, Internationaist Jews to keep us functioning in a way that’s ineffective because we’re trying to hold together an ideal that’s impossible and which also they can infiltrate and control much more easily because of the size of it.
    “I’ve been toying with the idea that the only true nationalism can be a national ‘blood and soil’ type nationalism, as we find in Europe. We have this problem in America b/c we can’t fit into that mold. American nationalism is a tough one. So is Russian nationalism.
    “The answer to American nationalism has been White Nationalism.”
    * * *
    Tanstaafl kept repeating that with these words I was “trashing White people.” He insisted I answer WHY I was trashing white people. It did no good to say I wasn’t. Do you think I was trashing White people?

    • I have to conclude that “Nick Dean” has run off, a defeated ‘warrior’. So much for his claim that his comments about me were “not personal and they never have been in the past, they were solely about your positions expressed.” Confronted with my actual positions on that program, he goes AWOL.

      Most of what is written on the Internet is opinion based on ignorance and prejudice. When you try to pin someone down, watch them run.