The Realist Report – Carolyn Yeager: Charlottesville


On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Carolyn Yeager to discuss the recent Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Carolyn and I offer our analysis on the event, the organizers, and the aftermath. We focus particular attention on the narrative of the event promoted by the Jewish controlled mass media and political establishment, which is almost entirely the opposite of a sober, honest analysis of the situation. We also address Trump’s reaction and recent press conference, the organized Jewish community’s response, and many other related matters.

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  • I think the most balanced and revealing report in highly detailed form on what actually happened at Charlottseville is actually revealed in great depth in the Jeff Rense -David Duke interview, which is very well worth listening to, you really will learn a lot from listening to it in full, even if you think ‘I know it all already’.

  • any issue can probably be resolved if that’s the intention.
    but the facts have to be known and a reasonable discussion is required.
    i guess we’ll never get that from the commercial media.
    people flying the nazi flag should be questioned about their beliefs on that subject.
    they obviously do not believe hitler was a villain.
    is that because they think it’s proper to hate non-whites and that was hitler’s thing, as the commercial media would have you believe?
    or do they think the nazis were fighting the good fight, apparently against the bolshevik/zionist evil?
    after all, general patton did make the statement at the end of ww2 ” we fought the wrong enemy”…
    if there were any journalism afoot in the mainstream media this would be the time for some insightful inquiry.
    maybe the so-called alt-right has a spokesman who could convey their impression of that period of history and give the good reasons why they believe in the german national socialist movement, and then elaborate on the current circumstances.
    i’m certain none of us have the completely correct understanding of the history of ww2 and the motives of the principals who contrived and conducted it and that if everybody could suddenly know the whole story we would all be way too dumbfounded in shock to raise any hell with each other for a while.
    my opinion – the media is the hate generator, because of the disrespectful way they constantly insult the public with their lies.

    • I read in one place that there was only one Swastika flag that was photographed over and over. It would be good to check it out to see just how many “nazi” symbols were actually there. It’s certain that the “nazi” presence in Charlottesville is way overhyped and needs to be debunked.


    There seems to be a lot of confusion among White Nationalists as to what White supremacy is. This confusion has been brought on by jewsmedia interpretations of what White supremacy is. In terms of the regularly accepted definition promoted today in the jewish mainstream, there is no White Supremacy, there is only Jewish Supremacy. Whites who are tainted by Supremacist stigma are almost always Separatists. The majority of racially conscious White people do not have the least inclination to actively subjugate other races.

    Today’s negative meaning attached to the term, “White supremacy”, is a creation of the real supremacists, the jews, as it is taught in their Talmud with the purpose of generating hatred for Whites from the other races and enlist these nonwhites as allies in their age old war against the White race. While Whites have no desire to rule over other races, it is the jews who seek to subjugate all non-jews and rule over them like an effendi. To wit:

    “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the people of Israel. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap; and we will sit like an effendi [Turkish bossman] and eat.” That is why gentiles were created.”– “With gentiles, it will be like any person: They need to die, but God will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant. That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.” — Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, a former Chief Rabbi of Israel

    The term, “White Supremacy” wasn’t always a negative term. The definition has been altered to acomodate the antiwhite climate jews have created and to promote hatred for Whites. Over recent decades, the term, ‘White Supremacy’ has been twisted to mean that Whites seek to rule over other races. Of course, that’s obviously a lie, as anyone can see, Whites seek only freedom and a safe homeland for their families.

    When the term, White Supremacy, was originally created, it merely referred to the supremacy of White values, which were based on both moral, and Christian values — the rule of law, loyalty to Race and Nation, respect for authority and elders, keeping to your word, honor, monogamy, marriage between men and woman, such things as supporting the US Constitution, free speech for all, ensuring the constitutionally protected right to bear arms and that a high moral standard is kept in order to inspire the other races to follow.

    In addition, as racially aware White supremacists, we understand there is no equality; we are anti-feminist, anti-immigration and we hold traditional views on sex. We believe homosexuals and trans-sexuals should be treated as mentally ill or criminal. We believe in racial separation. We believe that both Christian and traditional European values should be taught in school. We believe that an economy should serve the people’s interests before the interests of multinational corporations and third-world countries.

    Those who attempt to smear White supremacy obviously do not hold these values. These values are what the true definition of White Supremacy is, and plainly, nonwhite races find these high moral values which are common among White men, repugnant to them. But, of course, White supremacy is not about the subjugation of other races as the prime instigators of racial animosity would have you believe. If we want to identify a race that is interested in, and in fact is and has been openly manipulating and subjugating all other races, we LOOK TO THE JEWS!

    • Russian Limbaugh

      Nobody loves the jews.


      Not even the one’s that serve them.

      They fear the jews.

      This scene in a bronx tale explains the jews behavior perfectly.

      Sonny the gangster is the jews as a collective.

  • it is so unfair that white people can not have a rally without being attacked by thugs and demonized by the media. The existence of the white race is in danger and yet they can’t even have a rally. This is the worst thing. I feel so angry and so discriminated.

  • I think we need less Hitler and more Gandhi.

    Look, I like Hitler as much as the next guy, but our message is the Jew and our target audience is the public. Nazi memes don’t sell. Our people should dress like monks and walk barefoot at rallies. If antifa attacks us and the police don’t protect us, so much the better. Just get it all on film.

    And when we speak, every word out of our mouths should be about Jewish power.

    Monk robes on Amazon, $31.99:

    • LOL Gandhi? LMAO monk robes?! You’re joking, right?!


      • Well, maybe it was a goofy idea. I just get so frustrated when they call us Nazis and then use that as an excuse not to listen to anything we say.

        Maybe the Boston Free Speech Rally is the way to go. It is not about Confederate statues or the KKK or Hitler — just free speech. Who could be against free speech?

        Remember, it is not each other we have to convince. It is the vast sea of brainwashed normies out there.

    • Uh sir, with all due respect, please research Ghandi exposed. He’s a fraud and perverse human being. Molyneux exposed him well. Others have too. Whites SHOULD NEVER CONSIDER your misguided idea.

  • White Nationalists all know the jews have vast power in the West. But it’s actually much worse than we want to accept. America is an occupied country. Our country has been robbed from us. It is in the hands of the jewish state. America is run and controlled by jew psychopaths. Certainly, our congress, every congressman and senator receives direct instructions on every vote they cast from their jew handler. It’s not like these politicians don’t know about the jews. How could they not. Cognitive dissonance only goes so far. They all know, in detail, exactly what’s going on, and they all know what will happen to them or their family members if they resist or attempt to reveal what’s going on to the people of the US. Besides, they understand, who would believe them? And in the media, they have the same knowledge. That’s why we call them the “controlled media”. Those in the forefront, the Limbaughs, the Hannitys, the FOXjews’ fakes, and the countless others who support and propagandize for the jewish system — they know.

  • The Jewish mayor and black deputy mayor were the aggressors in Charlottesville. Deciding to remove General Lee was an act of cultural aggression; the aborted rally was an act of defense against that cultural aggression.

    Having the police stand down was another act of aggression against the rally attendees, and certainly it was Zio-Red antifa and Black Lives Matter who were the physical aggressors who brutally attacked the rally attendees, trying to prevent the attendees from entering the park and attacking them again when the police forcibly evacuated the park.

    Yet the MSM and most all the politicians blame the victims, the people who had the legal right to assemble and express their grievances. What is lost in all the phony moral outrage is the freedom to speak.

  • likely as not the guy carrying the nzi flag was a jew/antifa soros troll.
    but then, it looks like most of the main players were jews too, including kessler…

  • Overall, it’s hard to be optimistic right now. Sites are being shut down, statues are coming down….The main thing we can point to that went well was the turnout, and Friday night- some estimates put the overall rally goer attendance total around 1,500. The rest seems to be a public relations disaster.
    Antifa started the violence, our side just defended themselves.

    Jason Kessler was the primary organizer of the event- a Jew who apparently lives in subsidized housing, is on disability for mental illness, uses food stamps, and is a pothead who led Occupy Wall street protests and was an Obama supporter until Trump won the election in November 2016. Kessler also tried invite some Proud Boys in such a way as to make sure Antifa would jump them and beat them up….
    Richard Spencer needs to admit his errors ( 1st, drop the name ‘alt right,’ 2nd, drop the subtle Zionism…..)

    If the police wont do their job of maintaining order at these events, then the rally goers need to become the police, almost Freikorps style. Our men need to learn how to fight better, they need to equipped nearly like riot police. We have to continue to hold public rallies.

    • I’ve been wanting the right platform to say something about Richard Spencer, so I’ll use your comment, Dave.

      Spencer is only 39 years old, but he’s never held down a job and now he never will. With his inherited wealth he’s gotten a lot of education in the Humanities, not finishing up with that until 2007 (at age 29). Since then he’s jumped around starting this and that White Identitarian-type group. As far as I know, he’s never yet made a success of anything.

      I have never followed him or been interested in or attracted to him. He strikes me as definitely a homosexual, and I think we’ve found it disastrous to give homosexuals any leadership position. I wrote this back in 2015 about Spencer’s choice of NPI Conference speakers:

      I think the biggest problem in the pro-White (or White survival) movement is the ‘leadership’ that is allowed to rise. Is that simply a reflection of the rank and file? If so, in what way? And what can be done about it? I think there is extreme moral confusion among White folks. We could start there.

      • I basically agree with you Carolyn. Spencer always seemed very effete to me, the gay rumors about him have swirled around a long time. Additionally, it always seems as if every time he speaks, does an interview, or fronts a rally, etc., there always has to be some kind of damage control afterwards, which is a little suspicious. His wife ? (whose voice is deeper than his) is super into Alexander Dugin, translating his works into English. Dugin’s thought does not seem to align well with what we are trying to accomplish here in North America and Britain etc. I wish our side would drop him altogether- this includes Matthew Heimbach and Father Raphael Jonhnson, both of whom have done excellent work for our side yet there is this Dugin stuff in the background which should be jettisoned. . (Despite what the pseudo- shills at Renegade Broadcasting say, Heimbach is not an agent, he is, though, or has been, a severe flip flopper).

        “I think there is extreme moral confusion among white folks” Exactly right- in many if not most ways, white people today are a ruined race. Just compare the waistlines of whites circa 1950 to today. I’m supposing many if not most white men are chronic users or abusers of pornography (a lot of white women are getting into watching porn now too , and are doing so at a young age. I’ve heard stories about how 6th and 7th grade school kids watch porn on their phones during classes at school… it is a spreading disease). Drug and alcohol addictions have crippled about a quarter of all whites. Corruption from television and cinema, drugs, gluttony, broken homes, a loss of spiritual direction after Christian churches receded in influence, replaced with basically nothing except consumerism and hedonism, plus bad information most get from media and schools, etc. The quality of whites overall has gone downhill, so it seems like the quality of our leaders will be low too, until our people reform and revive themselves or a hero shows up to inspire/ lead us out of this wilderness of decay. I think everybody as an individual has a responsibility and duty to tend to their own self evolvement. Organized Jewry had their hand on the power levers to be able to lower society to where it is today, but white people should have always remembered to be vigilant. I guess when the pot is so slowly boiling over many decades, even the most diligent frog will get cooked.

      • I’ve got my own disagreements with, and criticisms of, Richard Spencer, but the fact remains that he did manage to do something that no other pro-White ‘leader’ or ‘spokesman’ has been able to do for the last 4 or 5 decades – he got the biggest turnout of White men and women for a pro-White rally that most of us have ever seen. And, he deserves credit for that.

        But, here we have Carolyn Yeager – once again, doing what she does best and what she has been doing for as far back as the days of the old Voice of Reason Broadcast Network – stirring manure. Spewing venom, innuendo and rumors about every single pro-White individual who gains even a microscopic degree of notoriety within the pro-White movement.

        And, here again, is Yeager hauling out the same old accusation that she levels at ANYONE who disagrees with her on any issue – accusing yet another guy of being a ‘homosexual’. Carolyn even accuses anyone who posts a comment that disagrees with her of being a ‘homosexual’. This woman has homosexuals on her brain. She is obviously obsessed with homosexuals. They are lurking behind every tree, behind every bush, hiding under every rock or pebble. At one point or another, I think I have heard Carolyn Yeager accuse almost every single pro-White, White male spokesman, radio host, website owner or youtube personality of being a fudge packer.

        This is not to say that there aren’t a few legitimate twinkle toes in the pro-White community, because we all know there are a few and most of us know who they are.
        Jack Donovan. Greg Johnson. Those two come to mind, primarily. But, in Carolyn’s view – every prominent White male figure in the movement who she considers imperfect in any way, automatically gets smeared with her accusation of being a homo.

        I cannot understand why it is that Carolyn Yeager is so driven to spread division and unproven rumors and accusations at the leading voices in our battle for the survival of White European people – but she has been doing it non-stop for over 15 years, and I for one, am sick of it and sick of her.

        What this movement desperately needs, especially after the Charlottesville trap that our leaders let themselves be lured into – is a strengthening of our resolve and our commitment. We need to fine tune our senses and do a far better job of investigating the backgrounds and history of these peculiar ‘new faces’ like Jason Kessler who suddenly pop up out of nowhere and then play us like rubes.

        And, we do need to keep a sharp eye on our present leaders as well and make sure they are legitimate and not enemy agent provocateurs who have been inserted into our movement for the purposes of stirring manure and sowing seeds of division and peddling innuendo that seeks to discredit and delegitimize our primary leadership.

        Gee whiz. Who might that description fit?

        • Tucker — Richard Spencer did not organize that rally, he just agreed to speak at it. It turned out to be a disaster for us, so what are you giving him credit for? I think groups from the South made up a large part of the attendees. (Well, Spencer owns a cotton plantation in Mississippi, I think it is.) Were you there?

          Of all that exaggerated venom YOU are spewing about me, you cannot back up any part of it with specifics and that’s why you don’t. You come across as unhinged.

          “Oh, there’s only two: Donovan and Johnson.” Lol, you know who they all are, Tucker.
          But that’s okay because you’re not a leader.

          “… spread division and unproven rumors and accusations at the leading voices in our battle …” followed with ” after the Charlottesville trap that our leaders let themselves be lured into …” Hmm, so our “leading voices let themselves be lured into a trap,” according to you. But we should just rally around them even more?

          Then you bash Jason Kessler who was the actual one who did manage to get the “biggest turnout of White men and women we’ve ever seen.” You have no idea what you’re talking about – you just read and mimic what others are saying.

          So, if we need to “make sure our leaders are legitimate”, how about making sure they’re not homosexual, too. Why are you against that? I have written and podcasted on why homosexuals are not reliable. Anybody can do searches at and find out whether what you’re saying about me is true. Everything is there. But you are only a name on comment boards.

          • I share your disdain for homosexuals. The pro-White movement should NOT endorse or embrace this unnatural and abnormal lifestyle because it does not promote the birth of White children. Our existing birth rates are already in decline and the last thing Whites need to do is to place a stamp of approval on a racially suicidal sexual behaviors that can only further lower our birth rates.

            However, would it not be reasonable to suggest that jewish feminism that has poisoned what appears to be a significant percentage – perhaps even a majority – of
            White females and brainwashed them into decommissioning their wombs for reproductive purposes, has had a far greater influence on the decline in White babies being born?

            Also, it would be interesting to see the actual statistics on abortion since Roe v, Wade legalized abortion and look at the number of White women who have aborted their fetuses. Granted, some small percentage of those abortions might have occurred as a result of a White female being raped by a black predator – and in such cases as those, I applaud the woman’s decision. But, what I would like to see is an accurate number of the White females who are aborting the pregnancies created by White men.

          • So now you have calmed down from your rage and are trying to turn the tables, trying to equate abortion with homosexuality.

            Your problem here is that I don’t promote abortion or feminism, nor do I think or say that women should be in leadership positions in political movements. So what is the connection?

            If you want to know what I stand for, read my website(s), not just one comment here. The problem with homosexuals is not only that they don’t produce children, but their whole degenerate lifestyle. Even those who try to look squeaky clean.

          • You are trying to get the entire pro-White community, which includes people who have been in this movement for multiple decades, to believe that Jason Kessler – all by himself, and after only mysteriously and suspiciously surfacing as a supposed ‘pro-White’ / ‘Alt-Right’ advocate less than a year ago – single handedly was able to lure the biggest assembly of racially and culturally proud White men and women to a rally in Charlottesville?

            And, to believe that the advertised participation of vastly more well known and far more recognizable & trustworthy pro-White and pro-Southern Heritage men like Richard Spencer and Dr. J. Michael Hill – not to mention the advanced cheerleading for the event by the Political Cesspool rubes who Kessler hustled into helping to promote the rally – played no significant role in boosting the turnout?

            A relative nobody in the pro-White community can appear out of nowhere and with a few dozen toots on his Pied Piper Horn – bring together the biggest turnout for a pro-White rally in decades?

            Tell me Carolyn. Who has had the largest number of appearances on the enemy controlled mainstream TV? Spencer? Dr. Hill? Or, Jason Kessler? Which of these figures have the enemy controlled media spent more time interviewing and trying their level best to smear and demonize? Certainly not Kessler. A year ago, nobody had ever heard of him.

            Would you agree with me, if I were to say that I believe that the pro-White community who watches these interviews are able to see how unfairly our spokesmen are treated and that most of the pro-White community are getting angrier and angrier with how the jewish media has refused to show our leading spokesman the kind of respect that we feel they deserve? The same kind of “respect” that these same media twits always shower upon black activists like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton? Anger and the sense that pro-White activists and their message are not being treated fairly helped boost the turnout.

            So, I still contend that Spencer and Dr. Hill and the advanced publicity coming from the pro-White online media community deserve far more credit for the size of the turnout than does Jason Kessler.

            Who I still believe is an enemy mole.

      • A note to Carolyn regarding Richard Spencer and the subject of homosexuals.

        I am listening to a podcast that I downloaded from the Daily Stormer website earlier this August – the title of the mp3 file is AndrewAnglinRichardSpencer.mp3, and the date on this mp3 file is 8/7/17. This was the date I downloaded it. The length of this podcast is 1:47:42 and the size is 151,469 kbs. During this podcast, beginning at the 21:00 minute mark and concluding at the 27:07 minute mark – the show host (it was someone with a British sounding accent) is reading questions sent in by listeners and one listener specifically asks a question that he directs at Richard Spencer – which asks him to state his views on homosexuals in the pro-White movement. Spencer then proceeds to clarify – and states that he does not endorse or condone this lifestyle and does not think that homosexuals should be allowed to be leaders in our movement and feels that they would place a negative image upon our movement, if the White public sees them in such a role. Anglin is then asked to respond to the same question, and he responds by clearly stating that these individuals suffer from mental illness and he doesn’t believe they should be tolerated as public figures. Both Spencer and Anglin agree that there is no point in trying to change homosexuals or spend time sending the police out to hunt them down, although Spencer expresses the view that they are biologically defective, while Anglin adopts the traditional view that they are mentally ill.

        So, there you go. I cut that segment out of the podcast and it is 6:16 minutes long. Now we have Spencer on the record expressing his views on homosexuality and they are not unnecessarily radical, but clearly state his views on not desiring to see or allow homosexuals to take over any leadership positions or to become the public image of the Alt-Right, pro-White movement.

        If anyone would like a copy of that 6:16 minute soundbite, suggest a method where I could send it to you electronically. The full podcast might still be available on the Daily Stormer, but you must use the Tor Browser to reach Anglin’s website on the dark web.

        • I listened to that podcast back when it was new. Richard Spencer has never admitted he is homosexual. He may be trying very hard to control it. If so, good for him. But his voice gives him away. Same with Greg Johnson.

          Andrew Anglin used to say that he hated homosexuals the most; they disgusted him. He has moderated that quite a bit now because he wants to get along with every MAN in the pro-White family. That’s how it looks to me. He just did a podcast with Johnson which I have written about.

          • So, if you had already listened to that Spencer – Anglin podcast, which would suggest that you had already heard both Spencer and Anglin state their positions on homosexuals within the pro-White community – then why are you, several weeks later, still beating Spencer over the head with your famous homo club?

            You made a remark about Spencer’s voice – indicating that he had a voice that proved his sexual leanings fit your accusations towards him. Well, I am as familiar as most people with the tendency of male homosexuals to – for whatever reason – have this really effeminate ‘lisp’ sound to their speech. Greg Johnson certainly has that tell tale lisp to his voice and its easy to detect. I wouldn’t say the same thing about Spencer’s voice, though.

            But, maybe you have somehow received special training that I lack and which gives you a superior ability to analyze human speech patterns and which bestows upon you a special power to sniff out the homos.

            Hey, maybe there is something to all that “reincarnation” stuff, after all. And, in her first life, Carolyn was one of those drug or bomb sniffing canines.

            And, since dogs and homos both like to sniff each others…….well, you know.

          • Watch this and tell me that Spencer is not a homosexual — and that he’s sincere when he ‘agrees’ with Anglin that homos shouldn’t be leaders in the WN community.

            It’s under 3 minutes.

  • Dave – What you say about White morality is not exactly what I had in mind, although it is certainly true and evident, and plays a big part.
    But the moral confusion I had in mind, though admittedly I did not specify, is about what exactly is the right moral position to take regarding ourselves vis a vis non-Whites.

    The “equality” myth has taken hold and we’re afraid to disagree with it. For Americans, our Declaration of Independence, a document we rightly revere, makes the misleading statement “All men are created equal,” which is patently untrue. That statement was meant as metaphysically true rather than physically true. Plus, at the time it literally meant “men”, dis-including women and slaves and any foreign non-citizens who may have lived in the colonies at the time. (Even so, some signers objected to including that line.) It referred to our God-given right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as bestowed by our Creator-God, not legal rights conferred by man-made law. No one was confused about that at the time.

    The French revolutionary cry of “Equality, Liberty, Brotherhood” set the tone for this “progressive” movement that has brought us into such a moral dilemna that we cannot even defend our homelands based on the protection of our own progeny. Liberal-minded, tolerant Whites have been converted into rabid defenders of foreign people against their own people. The overwhelming social rebuke of we who are expressing preference for our own is the moral confusion I’m talking about.

    If we could now declare Independence from our Jewish “abusers and usurpers” and abolish their rule, we could readily deal with the “ruined” people you point to, and shape them up. Changing the moral values that are taught in our schools alone would bring huge benefits.


    “The promoters of the event are also under scrutiny for being involved with this attempt to discredit and associate the white nationalist movement with so called hate groups and white supremacists. Media promoter and organizer Jason Kessler, presents as a well meaning, white concerned, American patriot, but his background connects him with paid positions at CNN, involvement in the Occupy Wall street movement, and an Obama supporter. Kessler’s blog site where he actively, and rightfully, campaigned against racist school member and current assistant mayor of Charlottesville, Wes Bellamy, began only in late 2016. It’s possible Kessler, working for the same goals mentioned above, was also honey-pot deception, bringing the players together for this staged engagement.”

    I guess I would be called a ‘Scrooge’ because I don’t believe in Santa Claus. But, I also do not believe that a guy who has the verifiable, leftist leaning ideological background of Jason Kessler can suddenly, almost overnight, do an 180 degree flip and morph into an amazingly motivated and superficially passionate, Southern heritage loving, pro-White advocate.

    I suspect that Kessler was in collusion with Signer, Bellamy, McAuliffe and the antifa and his assignment was to lure our people into the trap that was set for them in Charlottesville. Team White got played, is how I read the fiasco of Charlottesville. And, I contend that, had our movement leaders been considerably more diligent – and taken the time to look into Kessler’s background – they would have uncovered these details and been on guard for the possibility of treachery.

    I hope this is lesson that we can learn from, and take steps to not allow our enemies to insert one of their moles into our movement so easily in the future.

  • I enjoy every discussion with Carolyn! I love her take on everything. I wish I had a grandmother like her! Great discourse. It was great to hear Trump said something right in our favor as I have lost a lot of hope in home have appointed so many anti-American kikes in high positions. He needs to speak out much more. Screw this brainwashed Marxist scum. They are mortal enemies, everything they know is wrong; unknowingly taught to them by Jewish influence. They are an absurdly disgusting insult to their ancestors. Lastly, perhaps Anglin’s headline of antifa whore was distasteful, however only to the public who we need to garner, the folks still on the fence. This woman was what the headline stated, an enemy who would take joy in seeing people like us, the truthers, the folk that expose international Jewry, these people, us, she wanted to see tortured in the gulag. The war has begun.

  • I watched the youtube video that Carolyn provided a link to where Spencer was being interviewed by some mixed race female – and I fail to see how Carolyn can cite that video as evidence that Spencer is a homo. What that video tells me is that Richard Spencer is seriously screwed up in the head about what it means to be White European and seems to be a pretty sorry cuck who lacks the testicular fortitude to form an opinion that comes down firmly on the side of White racial survival. Miscegenation has no place in the sort of White ethnostate that I’ve heard Spencer claim he wants to see established.

    He does seem to recognize the reality that Whites who engage in race mixing and produce mixed raced offspring will wind up producing mongrelized kids who will always side with the non-white race that they are part of – but, instead of acknowledging that these kinds of unnatural mixtures will almost always create some of the most virulently anti-White, hate filled enemies of White Europeans – this idiot says he admires and respects these mongrels for identifying with their non-white side? Obama is a perfect example of this – he was abandoned by his black father and raised by his ‘white’ (jewish) mother and then by his White grandparents – yet, he still grew up hating Whites and identifying as black.

    What this video did for me was confirm my view that Richard Spencer should never be allowed to have any influence over the racial policies of any future White Ethnostate.

    BTW: I believe that I’ve read that Spencer had been involved for a time with an Asian female, back a number of years ago. This might explain his wimpy views on the race and miscegenation issue. Obviously, anyone who has had relationships with non-whites in the past would probably feel a little awkward when discussing this subject. If I were to advise someone who is now red pilled and pro-White, but who had this in their history, I would advise them to be honest and up front about it – but, vow to not repeat it and then recuse themselves from any discussion about what the policy should be for the White ethnostate.

    • Too bad you knew so little about Richard Spencer when you were vigorously extolling him as ” well known and far more recognizable & trustworthy pro-White and pro-Southern Heritage men like Richard Spencer and Dr. J. Michael Hill”, and recommending we look to him as a White leader.

      Now you say that this video CONFIRMED your view that Spencer “should never be allowed to have any influence over the racial policies of any future White Ethnostate.” When did you ever hold this view?

      Your problem is that you are desperately trying to be relevant. Give it up – it can’t happen.