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White World Awake

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Carolyn Yeager. Carolyn and I begin by discussing Jürgen Graf’s latest book White World Awake! Stopping the Planned Extermination of Our Volk, recently published by The Barnes Review history magazine (subscribe today if you do not already!). We address the historical and political origins of the New World Order, and explain what it is really all about: the destruction of the nation state and unique racial/ethnic identities, leading to White genocide. Carolyn highlights some of her key findings about the book, including revealing exposés of both Jacques Attali and Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi. We wrap up by discussing Carolyn’s article “Stop Special Treatment for Jews” – a suggested way forward, and the brazen, shameless nature of Jews and their truly evil agenda.

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  • People, understand this;

    The WHITE race is the FIRST race the Jew wants taken out. For, as the obscene “holy” man ISHmael Levitts says;

    “… the apparent chip on the shoulder minorities have”

  • Hey John,
    About the office that monitors antisemitism. The office will close this month, unless they are successful in pressuring Trump.

    Anti-Semitism monitoring office will reportedly be abandoned in July

    As of July 1, the U.S. State Department’s office to monitor and combat anti-Semitism around the world will be unstaffed, according to reports.

    • According to this report from the Jewish Telegraph Agency, which is all about how the ADL and other religious leaders – along with virtually the entire Congress – are demanding Trump immediately appoint an envoy to combat “anti-Semitism,” the office is currently being ran by a “lone staffer” who is on a “fellowship.” The article notes that the “fellowship” officially ends at the end of July, so it sounds like there is at least someone maintaining the office. However, it is not an official envoy appointed by the president.

      It will be interesting to see if Trump eventually caves and appoints some well connected Jew to the position.

  • Thank you both. Fine program. Sounds like a book well worth having. We must imitate the Jew in being relentless. Keep on getting the truth out.

    • Hi Hank, thanks for the compliment.

      And I completely agree – we have to be relentless. We have to be fanatics. We have to keep getting the truth out and exposing the Jews as the lying scoundrels they truly are. We have to make clear we have a righteous cause based on facts and reality. It’s a relatively easy case to make, if you are educated, and frankly there is no excuse for any White person anywhere on earth to not be educated about the Jews and their White genocide agenda.

    • Hank: You are correct, it is a book worth having and I received my copy from The Barnes Review on March 18, 2017, but haven’t yet read it. I just finished reading David Irving’s book “Uprising”, which is about the 1956 uprising of the Hungarian people against the communist government controlled by the Soviet Union. My step-grandfather left Hungary in 1917 to escape the coming communist (Jewish) rule that Admiral Horthy tossed out shortly after.

  • I think that Graf is a holohoaxer. He says that the reign of Hitler was one of the saddest period in the history of Europe. He says that the Einsatzgruppen murdered a huge number of jews without any reason. He says that Sanning is wrong and there were much more jewish ophers of the Holohoax. He says that You cannot count the losses and many died already on the way to East. He believes in fake documents. I have never believed that the document from the Russian War archive is genuine in their book about Belzec. I think that the conditions in the transports were good and this all is jewish propaganda. The deportations of Stalin were much more harsh.

    Graf is lying also about the Ukraine. He is whitewashing Putin and Stalin too.

    • Repe –
      If you’re going to claim that Graf said these things (put into your words), you need to give an exact quote and tell us where each can be found. Otherwise, it is defamation.

      • I have read the book (Geplante Volkstod). You have said that You have not read the whole book yet. Check the chapter about holohoax. And You said clearly that You had not read the chapter about the Ukraine.

        But the main revisionists are all holohoaxers. The germans are “the bad guys” for them. They are not objective. They accept every new bullshit-document from hoaxers-how stupid they may be. Usually they afterwards have debunked them all.
        S.316: “Eine grosse Zahl von Juden wurde an der Ostfront erschossen..
        S. 317: “Ohne Furcht vor Widerlegung lässt sich aber folgendes festhalten: Der Grund für die Judenerschiessungen lag darin, dass die Nationalsozialistendie sowjetischenJuden als “Träger des Bolschewismus” betrachteten. In der Tat waren die Oktoberrevolution und der Terror der ersten Revolutionsjahre in grossem Umfang das Werk von Juden gewesen, doch nach Stalins Machtübernahme wurde das Sowjetsystem immer stärker russifiziert. Die Juden spielten in de USSR weiterhin eine äusserst wichtige Rolle, doch von einer Dominanz konnte ab der dreissiger Jahren nicht mehr die Rede sein. Die Tötungsaktionen brachten den deutschen Truppen denn auch keinerlei militärischen Vorteile. 2: Die in der Holocaust-Literatur behaupteten Opferzahlen…entsprechen nicht die Realität. Die Zahl der von den Deutschen un ihren Helfern erschossenen sowjetischen Juden dürfte sich vermutlich in der Grössenordnung von 300 000 bewegt haben (Endnote: Im Kampf gefallene jüdische Rotarmisten und Partisanen sowie bei Bombardierungen, Evakuierungen etc. umgekommene sowjetische Juden sind in dieser Zahl nicht berücksichtigt, da ihr Tod nichts mit ihrer Abstammung oder Religion zu tun hatte.).

        Was den europäischen Juden unter der nationalsozialistischen Herrschaft tatsächlich widerfuhr, ist ein trauriges Kapitel der deutschen und europäischen Geschichte, jedoch gwiss nichts weltgesichtlich Einzigartiges”

        315: Ab Ende 1941 wurde ein grosser Teil der europäischen Juden ihres Besitzes beraubt und in Konzentrationslager und Ghettos deportiert. Manche von ihnen starb noch vor Erreichen ihrer Bestimmungsorte; so erstickten im September 1942 rund 2000 Juden in einem überfüllten Deportationszug nach Belzec(Endnote: Militärarchiv der Russischen Föderatiomn, Moskau 1323-2-292b, S. 61 ff, Dokument zitiert in: Mattogno Carlo:Belzec (Repe: That unbelieveable story). “

        • These half-revisionists like these holocaust-revisionists or german revisionists (Scheil, Post etc) believe in the Einsatz-reports (Judenerschiessungen). It is not surprising, that the guest of Putin, J. Graf, also presents putinist propaganda. He sounds just like Simon Wiesenthal, when he declares the lithuanians, the estonians or the ukrainians to have murdered a large number of jews without any reason and military benefit. “The documents” prove f.e. that some important lithuanian refugees and politicians are “nazi-criminals” (serving the SS-police that killed partisans). But this is not true. How nice for the bolsheviks and Putin’s Russia that there is that terrible holocaust in the East. But in reality, only the jewish bolsheviks murdered people and very much. For Example, on tne firts days of the war, hundreds of thousands of political prisoners and their children.

          And of course, Stalin has starved only a couple of millions of ukrainians to death in the 30’s. Graf’s mouth is Putin’s mouth.

        • Thanks for this, Repe. Although I cannot actually find any of the quotes you’ve given in my book so it’s not much help. My page numbers are not the same as yours since English takes up less space than German, so I’ve had to use Googletranslate and the translations are not right.

          I said on the program I DID read the whole chapter on holohoax – “The Foundation of the New World Order” – and there were a few things I disagreed with (and one error related to Elie Wiesel) but they didn’t seem important enough, in the whole scheme of things, to waste program time on. It’s true, the main revisionists are very careful to appear non-political and “objective” in their approach, so we often think they are too soft on the Jews. I have complained about this myself. But to call them “holohoaxers” is extreme and wrong since we wouldn’t have all the knowledge we have without them … and they have worked very hard and risked their freedom to discover and publish it.

          They are right to “accept every new bullshit-document” at first and study it before they debunk it in the proper way. You admit they do usually debunk them. I didn’t find that Graf says “Sanning is wrong” and you don’t point it out. In fact none of your accusations are actually in the book in the way you state them.
          But this is what you object to:

          S.316: “A large number of Jews were shot on the eastern front.”

          — They have read all the microfilm in the Russian archives and they don’t think they can say otherwise and remain credible. It doesn’t bother me; why does it bother you? I don’t blame the Germans for shooting lots of Jews and in fact I would blame them if they didn’t. It is up to some of the rest of us to put it all into perspective.

          P. 317: “… the October Revolution and the terror of the first years of revolution had been largely the work of Jews, but after Stalin’s takeover, the Soviet system became more and more Russified. The Jews continued to play an extremely important role in the USSR, but there was no longer any dominance from the 1930s onwards. The killings did not bring any military advantages to the German troops.”

          — Not what I would write. Graf is pro-Russia, but no more than he is pro-Germany. He wants cooperation between the two. I only learned this during the Ukraine “revolution.” He also dedicates the book to his mother Valentina Ivanovna (?!) so I guess she is Russian. His father was born in the German Ruhr district. I’m not sure what that last sentence refers to, are you?

          2: The victims’ numbers claimed in the Holocaust literature … do not correspond to reality. The number of Soviet Jews who were shot by the Germans and their helpers was probably on the order of 300,000.

          — That’s a far cry from a million, right? But he doesn’t say they were shot “without any reason” as you claimed.

          “What [happened to] European Jewry [in] the nationalsocialist domination is a sad chapter in German and European history, but nothing uniquely unique in the world .”

          — You accused him of: “He says that the reign of Hitler was one of the saddest period[s] in the history of Europe.” But that’s not what he said. Graf is a moralist, I discovered in reading this book, and he really does disapprove of Hitler’s methods but not of his aims. I do not, but I respect Graf’s right to feel that way because of all the good he has done. I would not know anything if it wasn’t for people like him.

          315: “From the end of 1941 a large part of the European Jews were robbed of their possessions and deported to concentration camps and ghettoes. Some of them died before reaching their destination; In September 1942 some 2,000 Jews were suffocated in a crowded deportation train to Belzec (Endnote: Military Archives of the Russian Federation, Moscow, 1323-2-292b, p. 61 ff.). ”

          — Okay, this is taken from a Soviet document; at least he tells us that. I can’t tell if he is agreeing with this or not. If so, well, things CAN go wrong sometimes and it’s possible that could have happened.

          I have since read the chapter on Ukraine. I thought it was balanced. I know you’re anti-Russia, as I HAD been (not so much now) and don’t feel he was whitewashing anything. You don’t give any examples.
          So really, you haven’t backed up your insults against Graf.

          • I am not completely anti-Russia. There was much good in the old days. In fact, the Finnish national movement was born when Finland was a part of the imperium. We could built our country and we had autonomy and our own parlament (By 1809 in paper, from 1864 in reality). Putin and Jeltsin have created another Soviet Union.

            I think Graf’s opinion about the millions of the Ukrainians Stalin killed is wrong.

            The claims about the murdered jews bother me because I don’t believe them. I want the truth. I think killing jews was a part of the partisan-war. They were killed when the crimes of the partisans had to be punished. They were partisans and captives or they were killed in the punishments. The killings were done according the international laws and pacts. And the germans shot the criminal officials of the criminal state. The germans did not commit war crimes. They punished severly criminals who had stolen or murdered people without orders from a commander of a bataillon or higher officer. The killings were beneficial military.

            The matter is very important, because the accusations are very serious and Graf, Putin and the russians (and Wiesenthal etc.) have made them against estonians, latvians and lithuanians and ukrainians too. Of course it is as serious as if the accusations had been made only against the Germans. The Waffen SS has been accused too (Funny thing: Why don’t they have done it towards us and the norwegians, The SS-Wiking? I think there was some political calculations…)

            I cannot believe in the partisan-reports. The russians have had plenty of time for the forgeries. I think many facts are contradicting the “documents”. The jews were deported to the camps because otherwise they were spying and they usually joined the partisans. We finns did the same to the russian civilians in the East-Karelia.

            I cannot find the mention of Sanning. Maybe I have to read again the whole book. But if I can remember Graf said that it is impossible to count the the losses of the jews. I think also that his opinion is different from that of Sanning’s.

          • Repe – I think you may be reading things into the book from prior disagreements you may have had with Graf. He wrote very little about Stalin in the Ukraine chapter, and did not ever defend him.

            Graf wrote at the beginning of the Ukraine chapter: “Among the most blatant lies of the globalists is that ‘diversity’ strengthens a country. ‘Diversity is strength’ is perhaps the stupidest slogan of brainwashed zombies who support the flooding of Europe through alien cultures and foreign race immigrants.” This is the central message of the book and I think we all agree with that. Other differences are minor, and sometimes personal.

            This is not a holocaust revisionist book although it is included in a big way. But it’s a book about European survival in a time when things look pretty hopeless. Yes, I think Graf would say that the actual number of Jewish deaths cannot be known. I think he just got to a point when he didn’t want to study it any further. It happens. He’s turned to this other theme as of the greater importance.

            I recall in one place he used the words “Nazi war crimes” without putting “alleged” in front of it. I disliked that because in truth the “Nazis” did not commit any war and/or retaliatory actions that the American, British and Russians did not also commit. But he never used the term ‘American war crimes’, that I recall. However, I don’t think he actually believes that way — it was just a failure to be precise. I think basically Graf agrees with you on most of these issues you bring up — he may just be more careful in the way he expresses himself. After all, when you’re going to be attacked by the holocaust “historians” you have to be on solid ground.

          • By the way, I did find the passage you marked as P. 317 that you quoted as:

            —- P. 317: “… the October Revolution and the terror of the first years of revolution had been largely the work of Jews, but after Stalin’s takeover, the Soviet system became more and more Russified. The Jews continued to play an extremely important role in the USSR, but there was no longer any dominance from the 1930s onwards. The killings did not bring any military advantages to the German troops.”

            In my English translation, on page 402, “The Ukrainian Scenario”:

            — “After Stalin broke the Jewish domination during the 1930’s the dominant culture undisputedly was Russian-dominated Soviet culture. The Soviet Jews continued to play a role in the state and society that was not in proportion to their population [should be ‘out of proportion’]. The same was also true of the Armenians and the Georgians ….”

            Your last sentence about military advantage to German troops is nowhere is sight, and it doesn’t seem to fit there.

          • But the sentence is in my book By Graf in German language.

            The fact is that Graf says the Germans and the baltic (and ukrainian) policemen and SS-men shot 300 000 jews only because they were jews and not as a part of the partisan-war. That is murdering people and so Graf has found a holocaust. I don’t believe these fantasies. It seems that Graf and Mattogno trust too much in tha material in the Soviet and Russian Archives. Of course we have to be thankful for their achievements in the past, but now Graf believes in “Einsatz-holocaust”. I think he is fooled or there is something worse going on. Has he changed to the hoaxers’ camp? In the putinist way? He believes in some kind of “Train-holocaust” and believed soon when he was writing the book about the Belzec-camp.

            I think that the SS would not have deported jews to the East from the West while shooting a big part of the ordinary jews who were left there. And the Train-holocaust is not believeable theory, because the jews would had been easier to kill without the deportations.

            I think the Germans did not murder jews in the East either.

      • Thanks to Carolyn Yeager for doing the fact-checking here.

        Repe, have you considered that execution of hostile or criminal and subversive people including Jews might just as well have been carried out by civilian Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians and Ukrainians as by the Third Reich, or indeed the Allies? And for the same perfectly justifiable reasons?

        It would in fact be strange if a small number of such actions had not taken place in countries become war-zones.

        • That’s a lie. Of course the Jews and the commies have accused these people. However, murders were not allowed By te Germans. The SS-police and the local police were after the terrorists and the communists. They were after the criminals. They were not criminals.

  • the white birth rate has descended below the sustainable level.
    and the stats do not include mixed race births by white mothers.
    if it continues at this rate the white race will be as good as extinct by the end of this century.
    that declining white birth rate occurs because of the conspiracy but also because it is a natural phenomenon in a progressive society with a high standard of living, which is what develops in white countries. norway, sweden.
    the higher standard of living is not, as is the pc position, because white people are ruthless and exploitative, but because they are generally more intelligent and industrious. some say this is because they grew in harsher climates, where survival required those qualities.
    and a reduction in human population levels in general is one huge factor in rescuing the biosphere.
    the war on white people is just one angle on the increasing dystopia.
    the evolution of human society depends upon a massive reform of the religious, corporate and political methodology, which may have a chance to happen if the more progressive elements are able to continue the evolutionary process.
    no establishment religion, corporate idea or current political doctrine advocates population reduction.
    but you can bet that all three of those are jacking the immigrant crisis for all they’re worth.
    this advanced society does not necessarily require a master race, as the jews and perhaps others have in mind for themselves, but wherever nations are evolving, as the usa once was, they have to be preserved.
    environmental rescue is the correct political path.
    it starts with the preservation of all national borders and the elevation of the living standard inside those borders.

  • Matthew/Boston

    Has anyone noticed how Israel IS OUT OF THE MSM NEWS ALTOGETHER now? Somewhere, I heard or read the MSM jew brass has made the decision to keep Israel out of the news.

    And what about that teen Yid over in Israel accused of phoning in hundreds or thousands of threats to jewish establishments in the U.S. and other nations. I noticed the MSM news dropped that story right quick!

  • Great, engaging discussion with Carolyn :) so happy there are others out there who truly *SEE*. I have heard about the age of destruction in the Kali Yuga as well. I found it interesting that she mentioned this. I also think Satan/Loki is running the planet and that the ugly joos are his minions as well as the mooslims. The joos just don’t get it. I heard Arthur Kemp mention that joos only have power when white gentiles are the majority. Once whites are gone, joos will be done for. Joos always over play their hand; the filthy scum that they are. Satan doesn’t give a damn about the joos. Once he is done with them they won’t have anything anymore.

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