The Realist Report – Carolyn Yeager

Stating basic, easily proven facts about Jews is "anti-Semitic," according to Jews.

Stating basic, easily proven facts about Jews is “anti-Semitic,” according to Jews.

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Carolyn Yeager. Carolyn and I begin by discussing her recent article Jews, Israel push to ban alternative views of Holocaust on Internet. We address the manner in which Jews constantly organize and agitate to shut down and even criminalize dissenting points of view. We also address the concept of “anti-Semitism,” which Jews frame as any perspective contrary to Jewish interests as well as making basic, factual statements about Jews, their destructive, anti-White agenda, and their power and influence in our world. We move on to discuss a Trump rally I attended yesterday in Orange County, the issues important to the pro-White movement, the concept of “White sharia”, and related matters.

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  • Good conversation. CY is right on the targeting of Jewish privilege. Simple memes showing their over-representation in Congress, Supreme Court, media, Ivy League schools, college presidents, etc, etc. should be pushed.

  • Think of the Jew as the oldest, largest and most successful crime syndicate, demonic cult and ethnic mafia of all time and it all falls into place.

    Then, realize that this crime racket has literally unlimited funds, through the creation of money by the central banks, like the FED, which is totally untouchable. Then to make matters worse, a fractional reserve banking system which acts as a distribution funnel to all the “lesser” Jews for all the counterfeit money they just created.

    Jews get special terms on loans, largely unwritten that guys like me can only dream about, for no other reason than who their mamma was. I doubt they even have to repay the loans, most for the time. (I was told this by a Jew, many years ago, BTW. He was BRAGGING about it, too.)

    But even if we could audit the FED and the banks, it’s impossible to prove anything, once two or three layers of “laundering” happen. Why do you think the Jews have all these “foundations” and “charities” for some usually bogus cause? They’re nothing but money-laundering accounts.

    Trying to trace where it all originated is like trying to determine which asteroid a meteor came from when it falls to Earth.

    There will be no peace or justice in the world until this mafia and demonic cult is shut down, for good. How can that happen? You tell me……..

  • To quote the late, great, Joseph Sobran, “The definition of an Anti-Semite, is not one who doesn’t like the Jews, but rather, someone that the Jews don’t like”.

  • I enjoyed your recent podcast, Carolyn’s input is always appriciated, and think you have answered your own million dollar question. I believe the plan must be focusing on the Jews and all that entails. It seems the Alt-Right is much more comfortable talking about Muslims and Antifa . I have heard whole shows on outlets like Red Ice dealing with these issues, over and over again, without ever mentioning the Jewish role. I think going after the controlled oppositions in a unified manner is of the upmost importance, and no I am not part of the Renegade cult, as a Christian I think Kyle and many of the others there are way off the mark, but believe they are right about the Alt-Right figure heads.
    Weev is a Jew and I am guessing you do not know this because you did not bring it up in your conversation with Carolyn. I suggest talking to Dennis Fetcho about this because that is where I got all the details.
    One last note. Have you heard the VeGAINator? He has a great youtube channel and did a great wildcard on Renegade last week. He is very articulate and outspoken about Jewish subversion. He is really fired up and on point. I think he would make a good guest on your podcast.

    Sieg Heil!

    Never give up or loose hope

    Strength and Honor

    • If White survival is the over-riding concern, then when we notice that both Christians and non-Christians, as well as both vegetarians and meat-eaters are among the more sincere and effective pro-Whites thru’ all history and today, we know that these religious and dietary matters are non-essential issues.

      Pro-Whites with strong feelings about these issues would better use their time pushing a pro-White messages in their preferred religious or dietary circles if they are sure a link entails. Their beliefs will certainly play better with that audience in general if they are correct, than with a pro-White audience who is divided on the question from the start.

  • It seems John Smith of renegade listened to this show, but it is hard to believe because when he brought it up on his recent show he reported the opposite of what you and Carlyn where saying. It was far more than taking something out of context or misinterpreting . He called you, John a yo-yo, and said you suggested you where controlled opposition. Your show came up when they started to talk about mgtow and the Stormer. Clearly your conversion was critical of Andrew, and with good reason, but instead you, and Carolyn, where thrown under the bus with him. It seems you just can’t win. I know it is not just Renegade, many outlets spend as much time lecturing about the purity spiral of others in the movement and seem to be doing more to divide than bring together. Why is it so hard , for so many to stay on point and stick with what is known. The truth is our sword and we should be declaring war in the same way our founders(Here in America) declared independence, as a unified group with clear redress of the undeniable threats and attacks put upon us by ((((others)))).
    I for one am glad we have you John and I know you are the real deal, or rather a man of true courage and strength who is not afraid of following the truth regardless of where it leads, even if that means you where mistaken on a certain issue, strategy , or personality . Your ego is not so big that it gets in the way of your reporting and opinion. For that I am grateful and wish I could afford to donate more but I will send a ten spot now.

    • Thanks a lot Clemson, I really appreciate the comment, feedback, and donation. Kyle and Sinead are very talented – I just wish their talent wasn’t constantly squandered by their gossiping and shit talking. :(

    • I listened to it. It was just a very short bit coming from John early in his show. Sinead laughed that I called Anglin, Andy. But I’ve decided to do that because I know he hates that name, I’m doing it as a kind of jab, not because I’m trying to be’ familiar’.

  • I don’t think we can support Trump. He has betrayed his campaign rhetoric or promises to such an extent that he does not deserve our ‘support.’ Politicians have to build coalitions to get elected, so we thought he would not jettison his base as fast as he seems to have done, but he has. We hoped he would at least give us half of his platform but he signals that that is out, now we must face the fact that we elected a Jeb Bush. He backtracked on trade and immigration too much. He will let Obama’s unlawful executive orders on DACA remain, etc…. But Hillary Clinton would have been worse-
    the US and Russia would have most likely been at war with each other by now, ‘we’ would all now be under indictment or investigation for treason w/ the Russians … She was going to decapitate the opposition and smear them as Russian collaborators, then open the borders wide, confiscate most handguns, and amnesty 30 million illegals and turn them into voters, to deliver for the dems their ‘one party state’…..we would not have been able to use her extremism as a rallying cry….So far we are not at this drastic point, maybe Trump has given us a very brief window if we are wise enough to see through him. He is a pragmatic ‘centrist’ who does not see race or color so much as he just sees results or success, he is allied to the Likud right wing Jews. The limited border security he might put in place is just to prevent the goose that lays the golden eggs from being killed off by excess.

  • The GOP might think they can rely upon the Alt-Right in elections but the Alt Right should evolve away from supporting anyone unless they are 1. explicitly pro white 2. Jew wise… The Alt Right should evolve away from this support for Trump, we all need to move beyond Trumpism, which is what the establishment really fears. Alt Right is too broad or too big a tent, too welcoming of open gays and some Jews and race mixers. This must end. We must have white run governments for white nations, i.e., white nationalism.
    The ‘White Sharia’ mess is putting the cart before the horse. The Jews have created a negative matrix and have thus corrupted our women- so don’t blame women, blame the Jews and their matrix instead.
    DS and Anglin are simply advocating for white men to be wife/gf beaters and worse. This is stupid. If white men were healthy and virile, if white men showed their dominance over the non-whites, more white women would remain faithful to their race. The Jew system is programming our women to be a certain way, yet Daily Stormer and Anglin say our women are the main problem. Ridiculous.

    Carolyn is right- we all need to focus on a few key issues, present a united front, and stop the drama. Stay away from gossipy alleged pro white sites.

    • Well said, completely agree and have to believe this is the conclusion anyone who is seriously involved in our struggle will also come to.
      You know when Trump was running I was skeptical but enjoyed John’s enthusiasm, and though I thought there was a strong possibility we might get burned , I jumping on the Trump train for a little while as well. It brought some intense grief to my family but I have no regrets because it was part of an honest well intention process. But like John I have the strength to admit I was mistaken, regroup, and move forward(all the stronger and wiser for it), because too much is at stake and we have no time for half measures.
      I believe in the American white man even though so many of us our dreadfully sick in the body and mind. All I can do as a Christian and a brother , even to the non-believer, is engage with strength and honor out of intense love. I do not have a hateful bone in my body. What so many call hate is truly love because it is fueled by the preservation of God’s most precious gift.

    • Thanks Dave.

      Just one example of our judaized society programming men too: the millions of white men hooked on watching black basketball and football players on TV, assuring that they make huge salaries and raising their status in the eyes of white women. As white men say, “hey, he’s a great running back” or “What fantastic moves on the court” — white women will say, “hey I want to date that man” and imagine what moves he would make on her! Why doesn’t Andy Anglin talk about that?

      We’ve had the problem with black sports figures for a long time but nothing changes about it. It’s not White Nationalist men who are doing it, but it’s also not White Nationalist women who are dating them.

      • I can finally agree with Carolyn on an issue.

        I think the first time I ever heard this particular point being made on a pro-White web radio show was on the old Hal Turner show. Turner, as we all know, turned out to be a Judas Goat rat who was working for the FBI – but, Hal did have a very entertaining show and had a number of very likeable regular callers. One of whom was a guy named Yankee Jim, who eventually (and tragically) committed suicide after murdering his wife who I seem to recall he had discovered was committing adultery. A very sad story, and a tragedy for everyone involved. Yankee Jim should have just given her the boot and went on with his life.

        At any rate, getting back to Carolyn’s excellent comment – Yankee Jim was the first guy I had ever heard bring up this pathologically unhinged hypocrisy whereby White fathers and brothers who, on one hand, claimed to be pro-White and who would express their strong disapproval of race mixing – but, would be glued to their arm chairs and sofas every weekend, literally salivating over their favorite football or basketball team’s crop of IQ of 75-80 black sports ‘heroes’. Jim then pointed out that these impressionable daughters and sisters of these White men would walk through the room and see the men in their lives worshiping these blacks – and that was where the seed would get planted into those White female heads that it was okay for them to worship blacks too, and invite them to share their beds. Such White men as these need to be very conscious of what sort of signals they are sending to the White females in their lives.

        Carolyn and Yankee Jim are (and were) 100 percent correct in their criticisms. One other thing that I’ve noticed about far too many allegedly pro-White web radio shows. A disturbing number of the hosts on these shows will use black rap music or, worse yet, find some White guy singer who spews the same kind of black rap garbage and then use bits and pieces of their disgusting music as an intro or as ‘filler’ during their radio podcasts.

        I have rule about this practice. The first time I hear a supposedly pro-White radio show use black rap music – I stop listening to that show and cross it off my list of shows to download. The sad fact that the White race has such a horrific and disgusting percentage of ‘Wiggers’ within it today – is a serious problem that needs to be corrected, not encouraged or pandered to. If you are a White man (or Woman) and you are listening to black rap music – then you are not racially healthy.

        The fact that John Friend likes to play a lot of White Country and Western songs on his radio show is one of the reasons I enjoy listening to his material. I feel like I am at home, as opposed to feeling like I’ve been booted out of a airplane and dropped in the middle of Harlem.