The Realist Report – Carolyn Yeager

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Carolyn Yeager. Carolyn was my special guest on March 30, a discussion well worth listening to if you haven’t already. We begin by focusing on President Trump and his recent decision to bomb Syria, which entirely contradicts the America First foreign policy he championed as a presidential candidate. Carolyn and I go on to address all of the controversy surrounding President Trump and discuss whether he was genuine to begin with.

We move on to discuss Carolyn’s views of Adolf Hitler, National Socialism, and the fake “Holocaust” narrative, focusing particular attention on how the officially sanctioned and promoted Jewish narrative of WWII is a false and truly weaponized narrative of history designed to advance Jewish interests and promote White genocide. Carolyn explains National Socialism and the Jewish Problem from her perspective, and articulates what must be done in order to secure the existence and future of the White race. Openly confronting and exposing Jewish power and influence in the West, their false, weaponized narratives of history and current events, and fighting back against Jewish treachery and criminality are central to this struggle and cannot be avoided.

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  • It’s great and heartening to hear John’s supreme sense of fairness and justice in this broadcast: he is so intellectually honest and willing to criticise Trump (whom John has previously admired so much) when Trump deserves criticism (and deserve it hugely he does, in light of the Syria strike). It’s a joy and so refreshing to hear John’s candour and honesty. It takes courage to go back (to some extent) on one’s previous starry-eyed support for a political figure and admit that that person is revealing himself in different colours from those he wore during his bid for the Presidency. I admire John’s decent humanity in all of this – he is clearly a highly fair-minded guy and not a lying war-monger, like Trump (no one can seriously believe that Trump actually buys the story of Assad gassing his own people – the usual old Jewish story of ‘gas murders’ once again).

    Some of us never trusted Trump from the start. A man who from his earliest manhood years has been engaging with the worst types of Jewish businessmen, who has been bailed out to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars by those same Jews, who is in bed with the Jewish mafia and surrounded by Zionist Jews (especially the sinister Jared Kushner and his totally pro-Israel sympathies) – is likely to be a man who can be willingly or unwillingly controlled and manipulated, in the final analysis, to carry out the agenda of the Zionist Jews. Trump is owned by the Jews and by Israel. And we will see a lot more ‘surprising’ (but totally foreseeable) actions by Trump as he carries out the will of his controllers. Whether he was sincere in the beginning or not (which I doubt) is irrelevant: what matters is whether he has the guts to stand up now that he is in office for what is right and just – even at the risk of his own life. If he does not have that courage, all his big, blustering talk during his election campaign is not worth a row of beans. And if people cannot see by now that they have been fooled by Trump, the con artist and salesman – that he is just another mask on the same System’s face (albeit a mask tailored to appeal to the semi-‘awake’ Internet ‘alternative’ generation) – then I despair of ‘alternative’ commentators and their powers of discrimination and discernment.

    It’s good that John, at least, is allowing himself to be dis-illusioned (freed from the blinkers of hero worship) and to be man enough to admit that things are not going the way we had been told they should and would go under Trump. Mark my words: Trump will continue to work the will of his Jewish masters, more and more shamefully. Wait and see!

  • I share Carolyn’s admiration for John. He reminds me of Jerry Lander’s character in the 1977 movie “Oh, God!”. Part messenger, part boy scout, I sense John’s anguish as he wrestles with the terrible truth of our enslavement.

    For myself, I try to inject the jews into every conversation I have, but it is hard to overcome the weight of jewish indoctrination. People stare back at me uncomprehendingly, like blinking robots (does not compute! does not compute!). I feel like I am living in a dystopian sci-fi novel.

    I just started receiving my pension last month. As soon as I get some bills paid off, I promise to donate. That is the least I can do.

  • Donald Trump is a good enough Jewish actor, that he still has Carolyn fooled. Shame on her excuses for this evil man.

    • I agree with you, Brigid. Carolyn does excellent work on Hitler and related topics – really valuable contributions to spreading the truth – , so I am surprised and disappointed that she is so naive regarding Trump. We cannot allow ourselves to be this naive at this 11th hour – the world situation is too dangerous for that! We must see through the deceivers – and Trump is certainly one of them!

  • Re Carolyn’s retorts about the leadership of North Korea, I agree with NorthernTruthSeeker’s rant posted Sunday, not her, and hope all will read him.

  • The political DEM/GOP system is all control by jews, at all levels!!!. BUT why do the goyim vote for so many JEWS for congress??? Things will never change unless WHITE nationalist (and others nationalists) start organizing a NATIONAL political alternative to challenge jewish zionists control. The goyim must vote for goyims NON jews for political offices starting at the local,state,federal level. The goyim votes for jews that do not care about goys, teh jews only care about themselves and Israel.

  • How’s the Kool-Aid up there at the White House, Mr President?

    Trump has already reversed himself on several campaign promises. The Export-Import Bank, Fed Chair Janet Yellen, China, NATO and finally, his most prominent reversal, the launch of air strikes on Syria after repeatedly bashing Obama for even considering that.

    Trump the candidate bears little resemblance to Trump the president. The president’s new positions move him much closer to the views of the Cohn-Kushner duo and Wall Street, not to mention mainstream Republicans and Democrats.

    And now we have North Korea. The US government is, just like in Iraq, Iran, and Syria, simply following the orders given to it by the Jewish lobby to destroy all enemies of Israel. That is Israel first, not America.

    Just today, Trump reversed one of his biggest campaign promises. Trump Okays DACA Amnesty, the headline reads. Now the illegals who crossed the border as children can stay. He says they can “rest easy”, because “this is a case of the heart.” During his campaign, Trump promised us that he would end DACA on day one, because it was an “unconstitutional action by the president”, referring to Obama.…

    AND now, Trump looks set on breaking yet another campaign promise. Our president swore that the U.S. would exit the “Paris Agreement.” Last week it was reported that he was wavering on it, and now Al Gore announces that he thinks there’s an excellent chance that the U.S. will decide to stay in the agreement; a far better than 50-50 chance, he says. This is an agreement that the globalists have all signed onto as a means of controlling the plebs. Think Agenda 21 on steroids.…