The Realist Report – Capt. Bernard F. Davids

George Lincoln Rockwell

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Capt. Bernard “Bernie” Davids, who I met at the Trad Worker Party conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania last month. Bernie was one of the original members of the American Nazi Party under George Lincoln Rockwell. In this introductory segment, Bernie and I discussed his background and experience with the American Nazi Party and the “far right” in general, George Lincoln Rockwell, the goals and tactics of Rockwell and the party, and related matters.

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During the second Subscribers Only segment, Bernie and I continue our discussion of the American Nazi Party and George Lincoln Rockwell. We also address the current state of affairs in the United States, the rise of Donald Trump and his America-first populism, the importance of historical revisionism, and much more.

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  • Great interview, John. Thank you.

    Here’s an article by the Commander that is painfully in abundance today:

    White Self-Hate: Master-Stroke Of The Enemy
    by Commander George Lincoln Rockwell

    “At the banquet, the speaker was none other than Dick Gregory. I had to sit up at the head table only two seats away from this coon comedian-turned-revolutionist. I wouldn’t have put up with it, except I really wanted to hear this “cat” (as he calls everybody) and see how he would affect these kids in North Carolina! He did a pretty smooth job on these kids, and I learned a lot.

    First, he told a series of “supper-club” jokes to “warm up” the kids – which he did.

    Then he launched into his “You-gotta-give-us-the-country, Baby” approach of the black scum now risen to glory among us as a result of Yiddish money, Yiddish leadership and Yiddish press-agentry for these miserable Africans.

    I could hardly believe what I saw there. I watched the racially fine faces of the young White boys and girls who were intently watching the ape-like face of Gregory. They were hypnotized!

    He actually went so far as to BOAST to them that the only way they could PROVE they were not full of “racism” and “hate” was to give our White women to the Negroes, thus showing that we recognize that there’s no difference except color.

    He went so far as to use the fact of motherhood, and went into a physical description of the process of birth, and how you couldn’t stop delivery of a baby by crossing a woman’s legs, etc.,etc., ad nauseam – all to “prove” that delivery of our women to the blacks was “inevitable” – and standing in the way was like crossing the woman’s legs, and trying to stop the birth of what he said was “Nature’s insistence on equality”!!!

    He got a STANDING OVATION – just as the earlier black ball player had in the audience!

    Once more, I watched the fanatic few rise up applauding wildly the moment he was done speaking, then the guilty looks on the faces of more and more kids who rose up, until all (except me) were standing to give honor to a man who had just announced he was going to utterly DESTROY them – women and children and our whole RACE!

    I had HEARD about this sort of thing happening – just last month as I was speaking at one college in Wisconsin, Stokely Carmichael was speaking only a few miles away at another. He got up and hollered, “BLACK POWER!”, and openly announced his intention of leading a “burn-baby-burn” ATTACK on White people, hollering “Get Whitey!” – and got the same “standing ovation”, as I had just seen twice in one day, and in the “deep South”!! WHY?

    In all of history, no people have ever sunk so low they have given cheers and ovations to their own executioners. Some people have become too rotten to resist, but no people ever before has sunk so low as have those of our people who stand and cheer when told by arrogant Negroes that the blacks fully intent to WIPE US OUT AS A RACE!

    The blacks holler, “GET WHITEY!” – and WHITEY CHEERS AND APPLAUDS! Surely you, too, must have tried to figure it all out!

    Lying there in bed in the Sheraton Motel in Winston-Salem, in the fancy room they always get for you on these visits, I think I found the answer: GUILT! – Self HATE!

    The South has been BEATEN half to death, over a hundred years ago, now, and it has its psychological toll.

    The approach of the second reconstruction, now under way, has acted precisely like the approach of the torturer, after a solid year of uninterrupted torture, in a Chinese brainwashing camp.

    Sargant, in his magnificent, ‘BATTLE FOR THE MIND’, describes how the mind reverses itself when driven past the point of any further “bending” under the stress of physical privation, unbearable mental tensions and outright torture. He describes how the victim of endless torture, becomes a FANATICAL WORSHIPPER of his torturers! Like a whipped dog, he crawls up to lick the hand of the brutal master wielding the stick on him.”

    more here:

  • Thank you Capt. Bernard F. Davids and John for this great interview.
    George Lincoln Rockwell’s books in PDF and mp3 are in the largest audiobook library of White nationalist literature on the web, located at The first three books in this library are Rockwell’s books “White Power”, “This Time The World”, and “Collected Works”.
    Rockwell has been called The Greatest American. He lived a heroic life and was extraordinarily brilliant and creative. His writing and life remind me of For My Legionaries, by Corneliu Codreanu.

  • As a White female I like strong White males. George Lincoln Rockwell surely was one of the best. Also read article and heard show on Bernie Davids. I’d like to get in touch with him if possible. It’s regarding the Arlington, VA “barracks” or “mansion” he speaks of. I find it interesting. My website link to the postcard from 2007 on the White People’s Party Protest is below.

    In 2006, I went back to college to put my US Marine Purple Heart husband in the Purple Heart Hall of Honor. His last words, “There’s no help for the WHITE man in this country.” After his passing, I was reaching out for understanding on the word “White.” Like the rest of the world, I believed we were privileged and felt sorry for the non-Whites, even Jews.

    But my college essays, first written in my life, began digging deep into my reality, life, his life, ancestry. I wasn’t sure where to start since the words “White Race” were never spoken. As I start remembering back in my life, I knew my husband after Vietnam war, US Marine, was going to vote for George Wallace. So to bolster his vote, I voted for George Wallace too. I knew he was about segregation. Although, like George Lincoln Rockwell was tragically assassinated, so was George Wallace. Now, it’s written if we are to save our White boys they not only will need 21 mentors, but will have to be segregated from the other races. Even girls. Hopefully, they will teach the White boys and girls to get along for there’s a World War III going on just between our male and female. And it’s said the “White women” must change. I’ve led an exemplary life as White wife and mother, even changing history for White Veterans and raising healthy children and German Shepherd dogs. But I have no map. If one tries to begin a map it’s torn up by media and the White Race’s enemy.

    When I decided to study “White Race” there was nothing I could think of but KKK and Nazis. I was really terrified of myself and my own thoughts. Especially for a woman. But the college professor in Vegas said she wouldn’t give anyone an “A” unless they wrote something interesting. She was bored reading the same thousands of essays.

    I held my breath and began to drive to college knowing I had to face this. I wept the entire time, wept bitterly as Mama of 12 White babies would say. After getting under emotional control I went to the library and asked for a book on Hitler. I felt as if the very earth stopped turning on its axis. I thought maybe I was possessed for no woman would do that. Or anti-American, which I’m not, but very aware of our White problems here.

    The college librarian took me to a section and I found “HitlerJugend,” “Hitler Youth” by Michael Kater. It’s an easy read and I couldn’t believe this horrible bogeyman the Jews set up for Whites as a monster Idol to be terrorized of, wasn’t really how they made him out to be. Hitler wanted babies, White healthy babies and children. Lots of them. He wanted to unite the White male and female intentionally divided and conquered. It’s the worse form of war tactic imaginable. The book described how I raised my two White sons to my “highest” or the most “excellent.” I also read White teen girls would go to live with German women to work in the vegetable gardens to have strong embryos for their babies or for delivering babies later. Also, how the White German woman of the house took terrific care of the man.

    It wasn’t long after, I got involved in confronting illegals. There was a show, “Wake Up America” on KDWN, Vegas, (Now Jew owned) which blasted the illegals every night. They had a monthly meeting and I went. Although I had been ranting about illegals in my long emails, then blogs, about an illegal Mexican before the Immigration Law conned my sister into marriage. While she adored him being Christian, becoming “Mexican” and giving up her White identity, he had nefarious plans. He immediately got his Social Security card, apartment lease with her name and his job, a driver’s license. And less I forget, a great union job at US Steel, where even Whites couldn’t get one. We know who founded and headed unions.

    Once his 6 month trial period was up and his union job secure, he went home and found my sister very lovingly speaking Spanish, cooking tacos and chili, singing and dancing Mexican music and praying to a Mexican saint, Our Lady of Guadalupe. Instead of a lovingly greeting back he aggressively confronted her. “I have a wife and 5 kids back in Mexico and I have to get rid of you to bring them here!” She probably argued back and he grabbed her frail body (we were slaves for Jews in South Chicago) and tried to kill her. She ran away back home. But he went on to have a very happy life. He probably has hundreds of offspring, since Mexican girls get pregnant at age 14 sometimes, we pay for them, and their kids do the same. Plus they Mexicans used drug called “Spanish Fly” and seduced many White girls who thought they were just in “love” with them. Left pregnant, race-breaking, unsupported.

    At the meeting, there was a table outside. “White People’s Party.” National Socialism. I signed up and went on two protests. I was really happy because they had the top speaker at that meeting on illegals and every word could have come off my emails. I knew I was on the right trail.

    The first protest was against illegals. The Mexicans who are very aggressive and domineering and territory driven (as the human male and even dogs and cats are) held their protest before us. 85,000 illegals; no permits, and the city of Vegas just knelt before them. White people, although Jew mayor, Jew run, and now the Jews there don’t care about more casinos and business in USA but work with China. Sheldon Adelson, Jew, richest man of all Jews. He moved there in 2004 when I did. But besides his own casinos interests (once all in White hands but Jew lawyers stabbed White Italians in the back, sent them to prison, and conquered Vegas as “their” territory. He built the first Super-Casino in China and is raking money so fast he and his Jewess wife bring in $11,000,000.00 an hour! I look for pennies on the ground and am frugal, they have so much money to burn it’s mind-boggling. Probably the largest number in the world: the highest number in the world: Google-Plex, (but always can be higher with adding number “1.”

    There were 8 of us at the protest. I have the postcard on my blog. See below.

    It then began my deep study of Hitler, Nazis, Jews, and surprisingly, my Poland, secret home for Jews for 1,000.