The Realist Report – Brian Ruhe

Brian Ruhe

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Brian Ruhe, a Canadian patriot and truth-teller. During this podcast, Brian and I discussed his background and professional experience, his introduction to historical revisionism and the Jewish Problem, the persecution and harassment he’s received at the hands of the organized Jewish community, his recent trip to China, and related matters.

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  • Thank you for presenting my interview with you so professionally John! I’m passing this along to my email lists as a way to present to my meditation followers my deeper truth interests. This is just the interview to do it and they can connect with you and The Realist Report as well.

    • Thank you for being a guest Brian! I really enjoyed our conversation – I’m looking forward to appearing on your program in the near future. The second segment is really good, by the way! :)