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Alt Left

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Brad Trun who maintains the excellent website and YouTube channel Libertarian Realist (@GetRealist). Brad offers his analysis of the Unite the Right event in Charlottesville and its aftermath. We discuss in detail his recent essay “Naming the Alt-Left,” the post-WWII political paradigm that prevails in American politics and education, the political and media establishment’s reaction to Charlottesville, Alt-Left violence and mayhem, and much more!

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  • The Boston so called “Free Speech Rally ” was just as bad if not worse because the Alt-Right was never given a voice and those representing it were escorted off Boston Common.
    So the rally was just a huge Alt-Left looking for Alt-Right people so they could beat on them.
    The only fighting was the Alt-Left anarchist fighting the police at the end of the event.
    Yet nothing was said in the media about them acting like a bunch of animals.
    The witch hunt is just beginning in so many ways.

  • I disagree with the guest’s take on increasing funding for the SPLC. They’ve been on a decline.

    Also, on the monuments, a recent poll after the Charlottesville event, showed people opposed the removal especially after the recent calls for the removal of Washington and Jefferson as well as the vandalism of a Lincoln monument in Chicago (?)

  • Speaking of the Revelation 2:9 & 3L9, Matthew 23:33-36 says it all. Simply put, they are guilty of all crimes, in all eternity.

  • here’s a video showing one of the antifa thugs hitting the charger with a club before it accelerated into the cars in front of it.
    was that person arrested?
    i doubt it.
    no way murder 1 is an appropriate charge against fields.
    it’s not terrorism either.
    the mayor of charlottsville should be run out of office at the least.
    he’s probably guilty of conspiracy to riot and murder of the woman by extension.
    let the police testify against him.
    djt needs to say so.
    he need to get the ag to press charges against these mayors.
    they’re using the same lawlessness tactics the black politicians in charge are using against the whites in south africa now.
    no word of that slaughter on the commercial media.

  • Also…“…the minimum estimate of 9.3 million Germans who died needlessly after the war. This is far more Germans than died during the Second World War. Millions of these Germans slowly starved to death while the Allies withheld available food. The majority of these postwar dead Germans were women, children and very old men. Their deaths have never been honestly reported…”

    It was an extremely successful experiment – the learned that white male Christians will conquer a white Christian nation and unleash hell on the men, women and children. The Allies were tested, they passed and so the destruction of one white nation after another was made possible including for example Angola, Southern Rhodesia, South Africa, Europe and now USA.
    The benefits of white colonialism in Africa are ignored, lies are portrayed as historically accurate – the consequences have been horrendous and Southern Rhodesians have lost all their heritage and live in the diaspora. We fled decades ago into the diaspora (white flight), now there is no where to go.

  • Excellent program, John. Thanks!