The Realist Report – Bella Dashwood

Bella Dashwood

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Bella Dashwood, a pro-White activist and fellow Christian who I originally connected with on Twitter. Bella and I discussed a number of subjects in this podcast, including her background and upbringing, her views of Christianity, White genocide, Donald Trump, and related matters.

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  • Very good show.
    Sounds like she knows her stuff.

  • I understand Trump’s game….

    – Two of his kids are married to Jews. Why do people say only 1 of his kids is married to a Jew? Cant people actually look things up?

    – He just happens to raise $6 million shekels the day he skipped the FOX debate. That is NOT a coincidence.

    – He told a room full of Jews that they and Israel will like him a lot. Dont you worry he says…

    – He gets constant free Jew Media coverage, yet the establishment hates him? lol

    – He talks about Arabs celebrating 9/11 but not the 5 Dancing Jews celebrating 9/11

    – He still brings up the Bin Laden Lie and says he was right about Bin Laden being a bad guy and doing 9/11

    Trump is a pressure release valve, expressing outrage at what is going on but protecting the Jew criminals while blaming Arabs again.

    I cannot believe how easily people are fooled. Truly amazing what words can do to peoples minds. Of course I like some things he says but my logical mind can override my emotional mind, unlike so many others it appears.