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Trump Pepe

On this edition of The Realist Report, John returns to the airwaves after a lengthy break to discuss what he’s been up to with his good friend Sean Daly. John also gives readers and listeners some updates on what to expect from The Realist Report going forward. John and Sean then delve into some current events, including the latest in the 2016 presidential election and the rise of the Alt Right. The concepts of media fakery and psychological warfare are addressed as well as the need for honest, independent media outlets. It should be clear to all at this point that the media is the number one weapon in the arsenal of the Jews and globalist elites pushing for the destruction of national sovereignty, White genocide, and a New World Order. Finally, John argues that the Jewish question remains the number one issue facing humanity. It is an issue that must be addressed uncompromisingly and honestly if we are ever going to solve any of the problems afflicting the White Western world and indeed all of humanity.

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  • Welcome back John. Have you heard of Azzmador? Recently his co-host became ill and now he may be looking for someone to a couple shows a week. He was recently on Dion’s program at
    Radio Wehrwolf and talked about his plans. His website is

    • Yup I’ve been following Azz for a long time – he’s great. I hear him on Radio Aryan all the time, and I’ve interviewed him in the past. Check my archives – it was a good show.

  • biggest problem Alt-Right™ has, is that label. It’s long since been co-opted & kosherized. “Bring in the Kosher Clowns” time, doomed to pigeonholing by the dinjoo-nuffins’ media & endless infighting over who/what is/isn’t Alt-Right™.

    Separately, since Mami’s Shit ( re-emerged and has been posting Rense’s daily shows; anyone else dismayed at what a dinjoo-spew-regurgitating parrot Rense has become, WRT the (((scary savage moozlem problem))) and how they all want to behead us and eat our babies? Like, every hour of every show, he works in some really over the top, broad brush joospew about the scary moozlems. In the first 1 or 2 shows after the Orlando Homocaust hoax, Rense claimed to believe it was probably authentic. And his having guests like JFriend or Bro Krusty Kapner on the show to talk about the dinjoo-nuffin problem, has pretty much dried up… in favor of these ‘scary moozlems booga booga!’ dinjoo-agitprop spewing guests. Rense doesn’t even temper this moozlem resentment/fear agitproping with reminders of (((WHO))) is orchestrating the whole “invasion” (deliberately undermining west’s culture while making way for greater israHell). It’s as though Rense’s 2 engineered car crashes last year brought home (((their))) point– he’s been like an AJ-esque neocon nowdaze. :(

    • When are you going to be a guest on my podcast? We’d have lots to talk about. :)

    • Brilliantly put. I hope Jeff Rense is enjoying his money, because it’s become painfully obvious who’s paying him.

      Welcome back, John! You’ve been missed and just a “couple” things have happened we need to catch up on……….

    • On one twenty minute segment, Rense used the word “Muslim(s)” 31 times, always in a derogatory way. He used the word “Jew” TWICE, and once he spent the next minute apologizing for it.

      GTH Jeff Rense.

  • You’re the best, John. An honest, decent & dedicated guy. Not just a basement troll.

    I think you’re the best of the Americans.

    Greetings from Norway,

  • Good to see you back.

    Altright vs White Nationalism:

    Altright: West is best coz it’s most the liberal and gay/Israel friendly; kiss the gay Jews but say ‘Fuck off’ to Muslims.

    White Nationalism: Our countries for us, their own countries for Jews, Muslims and others.

    Not the same thing, John.

    • Hey Nick, thanks! Great to be back!

      I think you’re impression of the Alt Right is exactly what the Jewish media wants to present.

      The genuine Alt Right is led by The Daily Stormer, The Right Stuff, Matt Heimbach, Radio Aryan, and their Twitter trolls – they represent the vanguard element of the movement. Richard Spencer, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Dr. Greg Johnson, and Co. are important factors as well, but I think Anglin, TRS, Heimbach, etc. are the ones driving this forward and obviously making the most noise and generating the most media attention. We all have roles to play though, in my opinion. It’s very important at this point, in my view, for all of us to recognize we all have important roles to play, and for us all to play them well. We are on the same team, after all.

      Your definition of WN is entirely congruent with the Alt Right, at least as I’ve described above. Is it not? Jews gotta go to Israel, homos are not welcome or accepted, Muslims and other non-Whites have to be deported. Whites need their own countries – that is the essence of the genuine Alt Right. At least that’s my impression – what do you think? Milo and all the other kosher clowns – Jared Taylor, Cernovich, etc. – do not represent the genuine Alt Right, despite what the Jewish media says.


      • JF, you describe White Nationalism, not the alt-right. Which is where all the newest needless conflict came into our movement, the conflation of the two …

        • which is precisely where I came in …

          • I understand the basic ideas of the Alt Right as essentially White Nationalist ideas. I guess it’s a matter of how you define the Alt Right versus how you define White Nationalism. Please elaborate, if you’re interested and think it’s important. I know a lot of people are skeptical and critical of the Alt Right, which is understandable considering there are countless individuals claiming to represent the Alt Right and many of them have conflicting ideas and perspectives.

            The Alt Right, in my view, is best represented by the Daily Stormer, The Right Stuff, Dr. MacDonald, and Richard Spencer, and all of these websites/individuals’ basic ideas and objectives are entirely congruent with White Nationalist ideas and objectives.

  • Glad you made your way back, hope you stay, at least do a weekly podcast, leave up all your archives etc. so we we can thumb thru it all from time to time.

    ‘Alt Right’ should mean being pro white, anti Jew. ‘Alt Right’ is white nationalism 2.0….We should slam the impostors- Cernovich, Milo, etc. A few others are not fully Alt Right but are good ‘gateway drugs’ -Jared Taylor, Ramzpaul. David Duke’s videos are hi quality…
    John de Nugent’s site has good content even if it is a bit eccentric. To go the extra mile towards NS transformation, Carolyn Yeager’s interviews and podcasts cannot be beat.

    White nationalism means nations for whites, it does not mean international white political union, it is more about raising white consciousnesses everywhere until we can get the strength to expel the non whites from our formerly white nations.

  • Good to see you back, sir! Oh, I did this youtube video a few months ago and did give you credit it in, John :)

    • Thank you sir. Good video – very informative. Just subscribed to your YouTube channel now.

      • Thanks, John! I’m going to start making more videos again as well. My friends recently told me they liked my videos, even though they’re a few months old. That was the motivation I needed, lol

        Oh, do you have a youtube account? I’ll subscribe as well.

  • I read on Renegade Tribune you stole over $8000 with your lifetime membership scam. You should be ashamed. When will you return the money you defrauded and stole? I hope the feds get you for your evil deeds. Someone wrote you sold over 100 memberships at $75 a pop + you stole other donations.

    You are a real fraud.

    • Hi Larry, you’re obviously confused about how the membership feature works.

      I offer a number of different membership and subscription features for this website, including a Lifetime Membership option. When I originally announced the feature, which was designed to allow listeners and supporters access to Exclusive Members Only Content here on the website as well as helping financially support the work I do here, the Lifetime Membership option was $75. Now, it’s $100 for a Lifetime Membership.

      How exactly can one “steal” money generated by offering a legitimate product?

      I’ve had to take a break and slow down from doing work here on the website for reasons I cannot publicly elaborate on. I briefly address it during this broadcast, which I encourage you to listen to if you haven’t already.

    • Funny how some people have no faith in humanity.
      Yes, I donated for a LT subscription and very soon after, John took a Leave of absence. Needless to say I became a bit leery but yet I had never donated to him and his work was (is) outstanding! In my heart I knew he deserved the small pittance of “fiat money” I gave for his family and their survival, especially living in San Diego which I have frequently visited.
      More importantly though, having been under duress in the past due to political machinations I quickly came to the conclusion that John would eventually be back after the dust had settled in what I believe to be the most difficult period in his life to date. (I do not know John personally).
      Having been a regular visitor to this site for many months and listening to his Podcasts he struck me as an upright individual who was doing his best to deliver an honest assessment of the world we have inherited – a selfless task and with high risk consequences under great political adversity.
      Warriors for truth are often martyred, and are forced to sacrifice the “material” in a quest for the “spiritual” for that is the battle thrust upon our great country and our Caucasian Race as I write. These Psychopaths who lust for unlimited power ans control want us dead or have you not noticed!
      What we face today has been planned many, many years ago by an alien culture that, in my opinion, has roamed the Earth for thousands of years; since the first group of “miscreants” were exiled from their original tribes for their crimes, and yet banded together – probably about 7000+ years ago. Birds of a feather flock together and must develop a survival mechanism to sustain their lives as they have proved to be a threat to their own.
      Well, my instinct proved to be correct.
      So I am wondering why you decided to make a published judgement on John based on spurious, unsubstantiated claims. Divide and Conquer is what I read in your post and that is “the age old tactic” practiced by those who today claim/are referred to as Jews even though the letter “J” did not exist in our English alphabet until the 17th century.
      We must work together to stop this contrived insanity perpetrated by a small group of soul-less misanthropes or else perish alone. John is back and that negates what you have read.

      • Thank you very much for your comment – I really appreciate it. It honestly has been a difficult year, but I’ll survive and continue to maintain the website, conduct interviews, etc. but obviously on a much more limited basis. Perhaps in the future I can get back to this type of work full time? I’m keeping my fingers crossed! :)

  • Just caught up with the news. Yes, I echo all those sentiments – good to have you back.

    If the alt-right/white nationalism wish to succeed, then the best way this will happen is when they begin embracing true Christianity. More accurately, Christian Identity.

    Christian Identity is the Jews’ only kryptonite. Everything else is doomed to fail. Jews have tried to infiltrate CI but they have always failed miserably. And it has failed because you can’t have homos, you can’t have degenerates, you can’t have antichrists, and you most certainly cannot have Jews.

    Even a less stricter interpretation of CI would act as a buffer against the Jewish plague. Call it a stepping stone. If Adolf Hitler were alive today he most DEFINITELY would have embraced and promoted CI doctrine.

    As for that poster who outed Rense – well done. Those are precisely my sentiments. He is just another termite in the Jewish woodpile. People should have the good sense of giving him and those like him, a very wide berth. Those who attack Islam without attacking the Jewish Question (Islam’s enablers) are either shills pretending to be White Nationalists or Jews pretending to be White Nationalists. People, in the age of the internet, could not be this stupid.

    Welcome back, John.

    • Hi Dante, thanks and good to hear from you!

      I think you’re right absolutely about Christian Identity, although I don’t think it’s productive to push it on other pro-Whites or even make an issue about it. It’s a controversial topic unfortunately, although I think all of the evidence demonstrates that the basic CI message and interpretation of the Bible is 100% accurate. It’s a divisive issue, and for strategic and practical purposes I simply state that I endorse the CI message and worldview but would not expect others to without doing their own research and coming to their own conclusions.

      In Rense’s defense, he does have on a wide variety of guests who offer a wide variety of perspectives. He has had on “anti-Semites” in the past and, as I’m sure you’re aware, features both Stormfront Radio and David Duke on his network.


  • John: I am so glad to have you back ! I have been so busy with political stuff, I haven’t tuned in to Rense lately. Based on the comments above, did the “accident” last year take its toll on him ? I will try to find time to check him out over the weekend and decide what to do after that. I have been a subscriber to Rense Radio for a few years now.

    Based on your appearance on Rense Radio at the end of 2015, I wanted to ask you a question about a comment that Jeff made to you. He stated that a Spanish Language newspaper in Los Angeles named the leaders of the Mexican Government as Joos. Is there a way I can get a list of those names ? My wife was born in Mexico and she has told me a lot of very interesting stories about the political situation in her native country. My wife reads a lot of the same books I read, except she buys the Spanish Language versions.

    Andrew Carrington Hitchcock put me in touch with a translator in Santiago, Chile, who is translating “The Synagogue of Satan” into Spanish. Andy Hitchcock is one great man ! I loved it when you interviewed him on Realist Report and I have tuned in to a lot of his shows on his website ! Get him back on Realist Report sometime if you can !

    • Thanks, and good to hear from you!

      I’m not sure how big of a toll the accident took on Rense. When it happened, I know he didn’t broadcast for 3 or 4 straight days, maybe longer. I think he was in the hospital for a while. Whatever one’s criticism of Rense, you have to admit he does provide a platform for a wide variety of views and information, which I think is a good thing.

      Regarding your question about the Spanish language paper in LA naming the leaders of the Mexican government as Jews, I’m not sure about that one. I’ve never heard that before, and don’t know the source. I just did a Google search and didn’t find much. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the top political, business, and media figures in Mexico were Jewish. I just don’t have the evidence and proof to make such a declaration and do not know if it’s true or not.


  • Finally, John argues that the Jewish question remains the number one issue facing humanity.

    Yet, the jew surrounded and controlled Trump gets the pass.

    There is a disconnect here and I ain’t missing it.

    • Dude, when have I ever denied or downplayed the Jews surrounding Trump? I don’t agree that Jews “control” Trump, but the Jews surrounding Trump are a major issue, which I have stated repeatedly, over and over and over again. Maybe we should just do a podcast together and address all these issues, because my main points clearly are not getting through to you. And I’m not trying to be rude or anything, just straight up about this topic.

      • John,

        It is evident, plainly obvious, that Trump has a family of jews, loves jews, will support jews and Israel, and keeps adding jews and shabbos goy to his trusted advisor list. Have you downplayed it? Yes. You obviously do with every post or you would be more analytical/open and share the information that I share. You really don’t do that except on the fringe.

        You write that jewish control is the most pressing issue facing America (and the world). I say it too.

        So, who is actually supporting that statement? The guy who is pushing for a jew surrounded (and, yes, controlled) POTUS candidate to win or the guy who is telling the world that ALL the candidates are jew surrounded and/or controlled?

        This is so obvious that anyone not shilling or not blinded by this crazy allegiance to this jew shill Trump, can see it.

        I have supported you and followed you since day one, John. This is not personal. I have always considered you a friend. But this stance, in the face of obvious truths showing my points as accurate, baffles me to no end.

        And don’t start the knee-jerk reaction and accuse me (as you have done before) that I support the Democratic candidate. You know that the accusation is a bald faced lie.

        I am the only one between the two of us that is consistent in pointing out that they are ALL jew controlled. I don’t waver and play the game you are playing. I won’t vote for any of them, especially the guy I see as hoodwinking you and another mass of Americans who keep falling for the lesser of two evils meme.

        It’s Sickening.

        • You’re right that Trump is surrounded by Jews and has deep connections to them. He’s also (ostensibly) pro-Israel. But I dispute the idea that Trump is “controlled” by Jews. In my opinion, Trump is the one in charge of his campaign and actions, not Jews.

          And my main point is that what is happening is bigger than Trump. We are seeing the destruction of PC culture, a major shift in the political discourse, and the delegitimization (is that a word?!) of the mainstream Jewish controlled media and political establishment. Trump is playing a huge role in all of this, even if he is surrounded and connected to Jews. That, to me, is very important and gives me tremendous hope for the future.

          • So, John, is the number one issue facing humanity jew power and control, yet simultaneously you can shrug off the fact that neocon pukes and jew bags are everywhere in Trump’s life and campaign?

            You split hairs over the word “control”? And his entire life is formed and surrounded by them?

            I thought you were wishing and hoping, just like a good Bushie or an Obama Maniac, in the face of glaring truth. Now, after all the revelations about Trump, there is no more excuses for ignorance.

            When Pence said that Cheney was his role model, did you celebrate?

            Jesus Christ.

            No sane person can embrace your disconnect.

          • Haha, we are just talking past each other when it comes to this issue man. It’s as if you cannot or will not understand my basic points about Trump.

            I am not shrugging off the fact that Trump is surrounded by and has close connections to Jews – it’s truly deplorable. I’ve never denied, ignored, or downplayed this fact. It’s a damn shame, but a reflection of just how totally controlled by organized Jewry our country is today. I do dispute the idea that Trump is “controlled” by Jews, i.e., Jews are literally telling him what to do and he has absolutely no agency or say in the matter. I do not believe that, because the evidence does not demonstrate that, even though he has connections and ties to Jews and Jews work for him.

            Virtually every single major stance Trump has taken is entirely contrary to the Jewish agenda in America. Immigration, “free trade” and globalization, political correctness, political corruption, etc. – he is promoting ideas and narratives that are diametrically opposed to what the Jews and their bought and paid for puppets have been advocating and advancing for the past 70+ years. Am I wrong? Please explain how, if you believe I am.

            What am I ignorant about or not taking into account regarding Trump? You just keep stating he’s controlled by Jews, when I do not see any evidence for that. Surrounded by, connected to, and in bed with Jews – yes he certainly is, and as I stated it’s deplorable. Controlled by Jews – I don’t think that is accurate, and I do believe his agenda is almost entirely contrary to the Jewish agenda. Also, again as I’ve stated, this is bigger than Trump – we are witnessing a discrediting of the mainstream political and media establishment on an unprecedented scale, and Trump is playing a leading role, even if you believe he’s “controlled” by Jews.

        • It’s basically pie in the skie to believe avidly in a Donald Trump and a bad influence on all these alt-kikers to make them believe he will fight the NWO. It shows you how far the truth movement has been reenlisted in the NWO matrix, tbh. There is no hitler I can see though this video did have me wondering about Putin

          This is supposed to be a negative and people viewing it are supposed to be sheep. It’s making me take a second look especially since Mr. Non-aligned” guy himself hates Putin so much! (Martinez) By the way, I have outed him all the way as a shill

          John, I’m giving you a pass for now.

  • Glad to see you back at it, John! All the best!

  • Good to have you back.

  • Welcome back John, hope all is well, we missed you.

  • Oh, I forgot, I wrote an article awhile back while you were gone John, which is somewhat dated but still worth reading:

    Donald “Free Speech” Trump vs The Rat-Faced Media Liars

  • Will watch the program on this article asap…. But this is what I have to say based on some comments here. (I read most of them with the little time I have right now.)

    I don’t want to tell you what to do John Friend, but Jeff Rense is a shill. He might provide a platform for different views, but he will confuse the hell out of people in who the real enemy is. One day it’s the Jews another day Muslims. I’ve thought about him for a long time and I understand the attraction to this site because it’s extremely diverse. But is it worth it? With someone as confusing as him, it’s not worth it. There’s even a link at the bottom of the page which equates Zionism to Nazism. He may have removed it, but I know it was there when I last looked at it.

    If he talks to Frosty Wooldridge — It’s the Muslims
    David Duke — It’s the Jews

    It would be both if both guests could broaden their topics. They both say interesting things. And of course Jeff Rense shouldn’t move away from the narrative of the Jewish Question or Zionism if he thinks they are responsible for many ills.

    Anyway, it’s up to you who you talk to. I just decided it was too much for me. I gave it a lot of thought and didn’t just think it up yesterday. I don’t like dropping people it makes me sad.

  • John, great to see your Deplorable operation back in action. I agree with you 100% on Trump. The Jew media hates him. If he gets in and gets jewed over or jews over the nation, that many more people will realize what the problem is.