The Realist Report – Andrew Anglin

Andrew Anglin

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by Andrew Anglin, the publisher of The Daily Stormer. Andrew and I begin the discussion by recapping the origins of The Daily Stormer, which has become one of the leading voices in the Alt Right. We discuss the primary goals of the website and address the basic principals of propaganda and the strategies Anglin uses to promote Alt Right ideas and perspectives.

We then move on to analyze the Alt Right, the Trump campaign, and how the Alt Right has effectively influenced the political discourse, especially since Trump announced his candidacy for president. The controversy surrounding Milo Yiannopoulis, a Jewish, flamboyant homosexual journalist and editor at, is addressed and the basic principals, ideas, and figures of the Alt Right are outlined. We conclude with some predictions for the 2016 election, the future of White America, and the prospects for alternative, independent media outlets.

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  • Good show,not much else to say for now except,wake up ,America.Did you see that the Houston gunman who had Nazi uniforms and such,once belonged to a jewish fraternity? Mana Truhill all over again.

  • On the eighth day in the month of November in the year 2016 the American people will be able to vote in a presidential election. The catch is, you have to register to vote on or before the eighth day of October in the year 2016. Please ladies and gentlemen, please register to vote.

  • Good to see you back, John. Great interview. I have the highest regard for Andrew and love his website. A daily must read.

  • Hilda had a top-of-the-line podium ‘custom made’ for the debate folks! It sure was!



  • This is the same Andrew Anglin that wanted to ‘breed out’ the White race in 2012.

    Whoever falls for this shit is not thinking clearly.

    Neo-Nazism advances the agenda of Jews and not the White race.

    His partner in crime, an ex-member of GNAA and Bantown, who goes by the name of weev, is a full-blown degenerated Jew.

    Wake up White people. Jews are notorious infiltrators from way back.

    • Yeah, and it is the same John Friend that was completely betrayed publicly by the same Anglin, Yeager, Delaney and Roberts, the John Friend that posted extensively on this website about how he would never have anything to do with these “traitors” again. LOL……….What a joke.

      And the extreme “Jewing of our side” continues…….

      But glad to see you get it at least……..

      • LOL, did I really call them traitors?

      • In all seriousness, I wanted to interview Anglin because I think he’s doing really good work at the Daily Stormer. He’s generating lots of media attention and really impacting the discourse.

        Critics of Anglin always cite that one video where he talks about the White race needing to be bred out of existence. I believe he’s publicly addressed this on more than one occasion, and has obviously reconsidered his previous positions.

        No one is perfect; we’ve all made plenty of mistakes, including myself. What can you do other than acknowledge your mistakes, errors, sins, etc. and do your best to atone for them and learn from them? That’s what I’ve tried to do, and I think that’s what Anglin has tried to do.

        Re: weev, I don’t know much about him to be honest. I’ve heard him on a few podcasts and have seen some of his videos, and everything he’s saying is very good. Where is the proof he’s a Jew? He doesn’t look Jewish to me. He certainly doesn’t act like a Jew.

        • He’s a Jew, John. You can be assured of that. There’s plenty of evidence out there, including self-incriminating. And that includes his complete and overwhelming degeneracy.

          Dennis Fetcho knows more about this loser than most people. Get him on and have a chat about it. It’ll make for a sensational interview.

          You shall know them by their fruits.

      • Someone needs to tell weev, anglin, etc that ‘Nazism’ (I hate that Jewish slur), but more accurately National Socialism, had Christianity as its bedrock. Hitler himself was Christian.

        These fools are jumping on the ‘Nazi’ bandwagon and ‘Fascist’ bandwagon (again, Fascism is CHRISTIAN!) and they think they can get away with it.

        This weev character especially is a total anti-Christ who has followed in the footsteps of Spam Nazi (Andrew Greenbaum) and Frank Collin (Frank Cohen). Jews who infiltrate so-called White movements.

        And here is the problem with the White race – they have always been too trusting and embarrassingly gullible. We can only survive by turning this situation around and using our God-given brains. Let’s hope we do.

  • Excellent, John. Andrew is a real force who understands how to handle the JQ. Best to both of you.

  • Trump recorded 9.11.01, “DONALD TRUMP ON 9/11 TRUTH”; 4 mins:

    Won’t hold my breath that any more 9/11 truth will come out under Trump except a limited hangout like maybe, the (((saudis))) planted bombs in wtc for 9/11! Gasp!!

    Trump also recently promised that as prez he’d support making Jerusalem the capital of dinjoo-nuffin occupied Palestine.

    • Russian Limbaugh

      Look up Trump on 9/11/01.

      He didn’t buy the planes thing immediately. He also found it absurd that the buildings collapsed.

      • Oh yes he did buy the planes ‘thing’ immediately. He was interviewed about, obviously had known about it, but was trying to protect his old mate, Larry Silverstein. Let’s not bury our heads in the sand.

        • His “old mate” because Trump has said “he’s a great guy”. You, and others, fail to grasp the fact that in politics and business people say this kind of shit all the time. It means nothing. It’s called being diplomatic. You don’t piss people off unless you need to. Trump’s job isn’t to be a 9/11 truther at this stage – neither is it Putin’s job, although the chances of both not knowing are nil.

          When the jew media starts praising him, you can be sure he’s a fraud.

  • It might be more effective to say one opposes Jewish domination, Jewish supremacism, and Jewish communism than to say,”Yeah, I’m an anti-Semite and a neo-Nazi.” Why legitimize the Jewish labels?

    The key is to distinguish between nationalism and Jewish globalism, just as the Nazis were nationalists and the Jewish Bolsheviks were internationalists. The same tribalists who destroyed Russia in 1917 are aiming to do the same to the U.S.A. in 2017.

    • I understand your point but they will still call you an anti-Semitic neo-Nazi conspiracy theorist anyways. I frankly don’t care anymore.

    • This is very true.

      By using these labels it gives Jews and the ADL (which needs anti-Semitism/neo-Nazim to justify their existence) all the ammunition they need. So using these labels is no (((co-incidence))). It’s premeditated.

      I don’t see John, Eli James, Bill Finck, etc advertising themselves as neo-Nazis. Neo-nazism has SFA to do with National Socialism. Neo-Nazism (Nazism) is a Jewish invention.

  • pleasure to listen to this podcast. I listened a few days ago so I forgot all my points, but I do remember the “Holocaust” being mentioned.

    I have heard two alleged survivors of that fable and I was so impressed and how they sounded like they were making it up as they went along. I am very confident in my observation.

    Did you folks know that investigative journalist Victor Thorn (the Clintons, 9-11, Zionism) died of a gunshot a few months ago? Here’s where I read it:

    (Pardon me if it was mentioned here in this site. I’ve been off the internet for months.)

  • Now you have the shill Anglin on your show; the same guy who calls the degenerate jew, weev, his best “white supremacist” ‘friend’. You really have become a joke there ‘Friend’.

    You are a laughing stock on Renegade Radio, as everyone knows you’re a thief and a scam artist. How many thousands did you cheat with your ‘lifetime’ subscription scam?

    Did you have yourself a nice holiday on honest peoples dime?

    Anglin is a fed, whose job is to de-legitimize the White movement. You are now in this disgusting, shill camp, with your constant begging for change from your gullible ‘supporters’.

    We at Renegade are onto you, ‘Friend’, you disgusting, degenerate con-artist.

    • You make a lot of accusations without any proof Barry. If you want to gossip about me, or anyone else for that matter, and make baseless, unfounded accusations, feel free to do so elsewhere.

  • Great conversation. We should stop using the jewish control words which include words like “Nazi”, “anti-Semitic”, “Neo-Nazi”, “Racist” etc etc. When accused of being “anti-semitic”, say, “do you mean I don’t like jews for what they are doing to us?” Or if someone uses the word “Nazi”, the response should be, “do you mean National Socialism”?

    Another important aspect of how they have gained such control over us is through the psychological warfare tactics of:
    1) Framing – how something is defined
    2) Inverting – turn this on its head if it fits the agenda
    3) Projecting – project the definition on to the target or victim
    The biggest genociders of history, the jews, project this crime onto their victims.
    After murdering 0ver 60 million white Russians after they took over in 1917, they complain about “anti-Semitism” in Russia.
    After fire-burning all the major German cities by their proxies, the jews complain about holocaust. The Germans were holocausted, not the jews. The jews faired very well in Germany, have no reason to complain after all they have done.

    • Hi Alfred, nice to hear from you!

      I hear what you’re saying, but I do think Anglin’s strategy of embracing these words in an effort to mock the Jews is not only funny, but useful. We’ll see how it works out in the long run I suppose.

      All I’m saying is that joking about these things may be a good way to reach people. I would never seriously call myself an “anti-Semite” or a “racist” or a “Nazi”; I’d only do it as a joke, and it’s proven to be effective the few times I’ve done it in real life with people. It’s disarming. It’s funny. These buzzwords are so ridiculous anymore, making jokes out of them may be the best way to render them totally useless as a weapon in the arsenal of the Jews and leftists.

  • there’s nothing wrong with white nationalism, or black nationalism, in a white or a black country.
    the multiculturalism the globalists are pushing now is really about the destruction of racial identities, and nation states.
    no race is superior or inferior to another, but racial integrity is to be valued.
    it’s the negativity that screws up anything.
    a homosexual jew in charge of the so-called nazi movement now?
    what’s new about that?
    that’s a repeat of the guy with the little mustache.
    it’s not so hard to believe if you can put aside your indoctrination and decades of conditioning.
    the jews have been working it like that for centuries.
    of course jews will infiltrate the bds movement too, and find a way to turn it against itself.
    trump’s thing, our thing, is bigger than trump. good observation. he is a massive step in the right direction.
    trump has redefined the arena. he’s defied the entire pc establishment, that real americans are sick to death of. his movement, even though it’s only using about 50% of the revelations available, is about shaking off the old mythology, increasing the awareness and finding the correct path. and it is all happening at the pace it must.
    trump is no jew puppet. the jews hate his plan to round up the illegals and deport them en masse, because if that gets started they’re afraid they might be next.