The Realist Report – Alfred Schaefer

Alfred Schaefer

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Alfred Schaefer, a courageous activist, thinker, and revisionist who has been persecuted in Germany as a result of his intellectual and political pursuits. In this podcast, we discuss some of Alfred’s recent activities and speaking engagements. We move on to address the persecution of political dissidents and “Holocaust” revisionists throughout Europe, including Horst Mahler, a German revisionist who has fled the country rather than accept yet another prison term, and Ursula Haverbeck, a righteous German woman whose case I detailed in an article published by American Free Press. Alfred gives us his take on fake history, the “Holocaust” industry and the anti-White agenda it advances, and President Donald Trump, who is increasingly disappointing and outright betraying his supporters. This is one podcast you do not want to miss!

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  • kosher lampshade

    Still need to listen to this pod; just dropping this by here:

    President Trump Full Speech at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Days of Remembrance 4/25/17
    (16 mins)

    • I watched this speech. Very discouraging. Trump could not possibly have been more patronizing to the jews. Sickeningly so. Foot-licking so. He pushed the envelope. It could only have been worse had Trump started crying. Watch at your own risk.

      He mentions Elie Wiesel. His name should be spelled Weasel, not Wiesel. So folks, get the spelling of his name correct!

      After watching this sad display I see all hope is lost with respect to Trump holding the cancer of zionism in check. A far cry from his bankster speech in Florida just prior to the election. And and even further cry from his reading Hitler’s famous speeches before drifting off to sleep, according to his former wife, Ivana, who mentioned this during divorce proceedings.

      If you want to continue to delude yourself about Trump savings us Americans from the cancer, do NOT watch this speech.

      Deliverance will never happen through any politicians. It will only happen through the people, and many still have to be woken-up.

  • I have followed the case of Alfred and his sister Monica since I saw the “Mom I apologise ” video on youtube when it came out . They are both very brave but if the past is anything to go by this will not end well. I really hope I am is wrong because I agree with them and also think that free speech should mean what is says but the German not interest in truth or logic . They will prosecute and convict . The thing us Germany has a really strong jewish influenced legal system and it is NOT a sovereign nation so cannot change these pernicious laws making their judges powerless. The basic law under which Germany now operates excludes any changes to the established history of WW11 since 1948 .

  • This was the first time I’ve listened to Alfred Schaefer. The man has an amazing understanding of the jews. He has them and their behavior nailed! Absolutely spot on! He’s an excellent speaker as well. No listening fatigue whatsoever. He held my attention throughout. Good point about the jews painting themselves into a corner. I’ll be spreading his name and knowledge around for sure. Great podcast. Thanks guys.

    I say if you don’t know who did 9-11 shame on you! If you don’t care who did 9-11 double shame on you!

  • This is a good website John. Does anyone know , Alfred perhaps , how many Germans have been locked up for breaking their ” hate crime ” laws ? We know it as the truth of course. I think I know most of the famous ones but wondered how big the number is if anyone does know ?

    • Several thousand at any one time. Holo denialists make up about one third of the roughly 10,000 thought crime convictions annually.

    • I think Ursula Haverbeck has said on one of her videos or wrote on her site, can’t remember, something like 60,000 by a few years ago.

    • ulysses freire da paz jr

      Truth does not avoid, but is avoided, it does not hate but is hated

  • Thank you Alfred and John for a very interesting hour.

    Here is an example of how far down the road we have gone in fulfilling the Protocol which states that the Goy will become agents of their own destruction. I have asked several people just this week if they thought it was good that people get locked up for peaceful expression of their views (if those views run counter to the orthodox story). In all cases, they replied “yes”.

    I live in the little “Gingerbread Town” of Jasper in Canada, and have been the target of Ritual Defamation for my “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the holocaust” video. This pretty little town is becoming pretty ugly. Much of the population, while self-righteously embracing “diversity” and being all “inclusive”, are metaphorically stoking the fires under my feet while screaming “burn the witch!”

  • thank you for a very important interview. the process of enlightenment continues as the false narrative is continuously exposed.
    tump spoke with merkel recently. as usual the public doesn’t get to hear what their leaders say to each other. the hope was that trump would lay the law down on merkel about the big immigration problem in germany. this is the main issue, maybe the only issue trump appears to be working well on. the understanding is that the us tells germany what to do, and that merkel has been running germany on obama’s globalist policies. be that as it may, after trump’s grossly obsequious tribute to the jews and their holocaust narrative at the jewish congress in nyc we have to think that if trump is working on any plan to stop the persecution of holohoax researchers in germany and elsewhere it would have to be being done behind the scenes in spite of his servile rhetoric.
    it does sound as if this police incident with alfred schaefer was somewhat less violent than those suffered in the past by other activists. in eustace mullins’ case the police told him to produce any weapons he had inside his house, which was their tactic to murder him. he didn’t fall for it, but he was most likely murdered by more surreptitious means later on.
    djt will have only so much time to get results on the issues his supporters elected him on. if he makes the improvements he promised they will be willing to deal with some of the less appealing things he says. what happens is what counts.
    mr. schaeffer’s ameliorative responses to personal attacks against him are wise but his derogatory slang references to homosexuals will be construed as hate speech and are probably not helping his cause.

  • Dysfunctional brain – yeah, that’s Trump. Thanks for all the words of wisdom, Alfred and John. I will continue to tell people the truth about the Holocaust, even though their eyes cross and they are cross in return, and advise those who listen with an open mind to move to the countryside and farm.

  • WontGetFooledAgain

    John, good interview.

    Regarding trump, should his “betrayals” really be surprising when he betrayed what is supposed to be the most solemn and sacred marriage vows of his multiple “wives”??? (marriage, which is actually much more than just a contract or a mere oath or vow, but rather a sacred covenant with the spouse and God. !)

    Regarding trump’s betrayal(s), it’s very interesting and shocking to me how quickly many of his previously ardent supporters seem to have jumped ship and angrily called him on his treachery.

    with Bush it took years if ever for his idiot supporters to do that, most never did .

    well, hope is eternal, and I certainly can’t fault trump supporters for electing him. although actually , most of my friends did not vote for him, (like me they don’t vote at all), they insisted he was a fraud from day one. Yet, it was hard not to get caught up in the hope.

    that’s not necessarily a bad thing. ,I think it reveals an innocence , a hopefulness, a gullibility, a naivete of good hearted sincere folks.

    sort of sad. I can’t help but recall my description of December 2015, where I characterized Trump hopefuls (clueless about 9/11, jews, etc) as “like starving stray dogs, or retarded children, you can’t help but pity them!”


  • Excellent program, John. Thank you and Alfred. Love his attitude.