The European Giant

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  • World War 3 is under way and being fought in Europe. The U.S. will have to help but first for America and all the European countries is to rid themselves of the Jewish menace which is behind the flooding of all the white countries with Third World nonwhite savages. Unfortunately, not enough whites realize this is even happening, and those dumbed down retards have no concept of the damage this is doing to themselves and the whole world.

    • Mr. John Kaminski, from one spring chicken to another, if you haven’t already, avail yourself to my article “If Trump Really Wants To Make America Great Again, Here’s What Must Be Done” and review the 30 points therein. One way or another, Trump notwithstanding, things are coming to head, and very quickly at that. I believe that all eyes are on this so-called American ‘election’, and that Trump is being looked upon as the last great hope for the white race. If it turns out to be nothing more than another jew concocted professional wrestling match, then the shit will definitely be hitting the fan in no small way. On the other hand, if billionaire Trump really has a bucket list desire to go down in history as an icon commensurate with other great historical figures, well, buckle your seat belt. We’ll be in for the ride of a lifetime.

      • if billionaire Trump really has a bucket list desire to go down in history as an icon commensurate with other great historical figures

        What on Earth would give anyone the idea this is his plan and purpose? From his history of wrestling events or his hit “reality” tv show or his outright shilling for Netanyahu or his 1000% support of criminal Israel or his many jewish grandchildren or his jewish handlers or his jewish banker friends that have bailed him out over and over again?

        Just wondering.

        • Well that’s kind of the whole point, isn’t it, that no one really knows with complete certainty what’s up with Trump. Perhaps an aging rich man who had an epiphany, or just another willing participant in this jew-run wrestling match, aka, presidential election. Possibility is one thing, but probability is quite another.

          Read the article “If Trump Really Wants To Make America Great Again, Here’s What Must Done” at and you’ll see what I mean. Regardless of who gets in, it will be a cold day in hell before anyone touches one of those 30 points.

          You may want to consider investing in torches, pitchforks, and rope. It may very well be coming down to that.




    • since only god’s will is ever done, all your judgements on those you claim have not served him/her/it faithfully are worth absolutely nothing. childish at best. now dont worry about what is next, god ndecides, not your ego.

  • When I see stuff like this nicely produced 2-minute video, I think, yeah, the white race is great and did all this great stuff, and can fight like no other. But in my opinion, it is worthless because it does absolutely NOTHING in identifying who our enemy is that we should be fighting against, i.e., the jew and the death grip the jew has on us and the remains of our civilization. In other words, it seems that it serves no other purpose than to get us riled up and frothing at the mouth in anger to go out and fight….well…fight who? Fight what? Each other again? Or maybe windmills? Sheesh!

    • I’m with yuh; however I do see occasional articles from the “enlightened” segment of the… I’ll call it the “White Preservationist” community as a catch-all name to include W. “Nationalists”, “Separatists”, and even the IMHO rhetorically-suicidal “Supremacists”… articles like:

      ‘Refugee’ Crisis and the Creation of Greater Israel – Renegade Tribune

      Is the ‘Migrant Crisis’ Part of a Zionist Plot Against White Europeans?

      3+ years ago when I used to pay attention to MGlenn’s “The Ugly Truth” blog (prior to their joowing-out wrt Sandy Hoax); their Max French podcast host in particular was advocating something like a “Gentile Defense League.” Yes, implausible though it may seem, the notion of the world’s ~99.8% Goyim population uniting against dajooz. Yes, the 99.8% do have a common enemy, one which encourages & uses our racial/cultural division as their #1 tool for maintaining & increasing their power.

      If you want to know the top JWO satanists’ agenda, just keep an eye on their joo-stream media (JSM) stories. Treyvon, Missouri complete with Soros rent-a-mobs, disruptive Soros BLM rallies & skirmishes, (Rothschild-transplanted) scary-moozlemist crime/rape/murder in EU, Paris/S.Bernardino moozlem-patsy-fied FFs, etc. Watch the JSM’s agitprop flavors-of-the-month, seeking to incite & inflame division; Divide & Rule.

      Can you imagine general strikes & public rallies… I’ll call them “anti-JWO rallies”, attended by an array of faces resembling a Coke commercial? With the demands of, above all I’d say, eliminating the Fed, nullifying odious “national debt(s)”, and shutting down the Rothschild Global Usury Empire & their JWO? Also spiced with 911/Warrenterra-Hoax signs, HoloHoax Truth signs, and anti-fake/blackbox “election” signs?*

      ^ McAllister’s dropped off the radar; maybe you could reach her & do a pod with her John? 😉

    • Agree. We should name the Jew and also fight the invaders and the traitors within our own race. Then ask ourselves, “How and why did we let these malicious parasites control our governments and medias and how do we prevent this from happening again in the future?”

  • Maybe it takes being ‘up against the wall’ to wake up many of us, who have been lulled into complacency and comfort…and yes, decadence. The strength of of European white culture, including the Armenian Christians, and Syrian Christians, Russian Orthodox,and other Christians has been ‘the Church.’ As the Church (Catholic especially) has been gutted from within and attacked from without, and as our children’s minds have been polluted with nihilism in our schools, our family structure…our real strength of culture..has eroded. Maybe this ‘wake up call’ is what we need.

  • I think the primary cause of all the friction between human kinds with the exception of the Jews of course, the reasoning behind the wars and the climate engineering, and the money supply, all the crazy stuff going on today in all the world is: depopulation. Though we haven’t really seen the programs manifest themselves fully, one of these days the effects will become glaringly obvious. One of these days there will be headline about the world’s human population growth slowing down, a lot. That will be a good day except for the fact that in order to get human populations to slow their reproduction we all had to be poisoned, to death. I think fifty years from now the world will be quite different than it is today, fewer humans means prosperity for all living things, even humans. As far as white peoples problems go, we have brought them on ourselves, because, it is human nature to want everything but not do anything, like work. White people have already sold their nations for pennies on the dollar, now, white people are giving over their very presence for pennies on the dollar, it really is all about that check in the mail. It really is: too late for us.

  • Masonry it´s the greatest tool of Jewish power. That means, those gentiles making the state machinery go around, direct state policies, are in charge of the judiciary, top pentagon brass, largest corporation executives, media script, televangelists and Congress, at Federal, State and local levels. Its the way America was founded, from day one and still remains under masonic control.
    For a token philanthropic gesture, with very much media publishing, under the veil of secrecy and obedience, for the “thirty coins” are willing to betray other gentiles and Christians to pave the way for total World Jewish Domination.
    Most of what we despise about Jewish behavior comes from their belonging to the top masonic lodges, the core of Judaism. Bnai Brith, Mizraim, Ben Sion and the Grand Lodge of Israel are the manufacturing source of all trouble and pain like wars, bank scams, inflation, deflation, recession, stagnation, unemployment, outsourcing, foreclosures, homosexuality, drug addiction to name s few.
    Great job John!

  • The time is coming again where Europeans will need to put their differences aside to defeat their common enemies. Rise up my comrades, the time is NOW!
    Watch this video to learn about 10 ancient European heroes who overcame all odds against them to help protect or free their people and lands from groups seeking to dominate Europa. –

  • Good video, but unfortunately, due to 71 years (since 1945) of Jewish anti-White media propaganda in Europe and America, this guy personifies the sissified pansy modern European man. This video is also an example of White-hating, leftist bad karma coming home to roost:

    Although I must admit, he does look rather swarthy for a Norwegian, who are predominately blond and blue/green eyed. I suspect he’s got some Arabic or Jewish DNA, which may explain why he seems to have enjoyed his anal rape by a Somalian, and wants the whole world to know about it.