Thanks, Mr. Trump

Thanks Mr Trump

  • African-American group applauds president for bringing jobs to inner cities
  • Economic policies credited with lowest black unemployment rate in 17 years

Despite the persistent efforts of the hostile fake news media to discredit and demonize every move President Donald Trump makes, evidence continues to mount demonstrating that the economic prospects for all Americans—including black Americans—are looking brighter and brighter with each passing day. Trump’s populist, America-first economic agenda has prioritized creating and maintaining jobs in the U.S., reinvigorating American manufacturing and industry, cutting taxes, and dismantling or restructuring trade deals that favor multinational corporations or other nations.

The president has repeatedly called for prioritizing American workers and American businesses, putting the interests of U.S. workers and industry first, a stark departure from virtually every American presidential administration in modern memory. Black Americans in particular have benefited economically under Trump. The unemployment rate for black Americans fell to 7% in September, a 17-year low.

One year ago, the black unemployment rate was 8.3%, and had reached a high of 16.8% in March 2010 at the peak of Obama’s reign. A variety of black conservatives and activists have praised the Trump administration for the improved economic conditions for not only black Americans but all Americans. Project 21, an initiative of the National Center for Public Policy Research, endeavors to promote the views of black conservatives “whose entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to family, and commitment to individual responsibility has not traditionally been echoed by the nation’s civil rights establishment,” according to the Project 21 official webpage. Leaders and representatives of Project 21 applauded Trump’s economic policies and the resulting consumer and worker confidence in the economy.

“Commonsense measures to reduce regulation are a major step in improving American economic conditions,” Project 21 advisory board co-chair Horace Cooper recently stated. “Once Congress steps up to reduce taxes and repeal Obamacare, the markets and the economy will skyrocket— taking such good fortunes to black America and the rest of the nation.”

Unsurprisingly, this positive news has received little coverage in the fake news media, which is largely hostile to Trump and his America-first agenda. “With the black unemployment rate falling to its lowest point since April 2000, and considering the persistently high levels of double-digit employment that existed during most of the previous administration, this news should really be garnering more attention,” noted Dr. Derryck Green, a Project 21 member who focuses on economics and black unemployment.

“This should be a source of economic optimism because the job market is expanding and improving overall—particularly among American blacks who were hit hard during the sluggish, so-called economic ‘recovery’ touted by our previous president. It bears remembering that the black unemployment rate at that point had skyrocketed. It was at or near 15% on nine occasions, and near or above 16% 24 other times. While still too high for my liking at 7%, the black unemployment rate has significantly improved since the days of double digits.”

By almost any objective measure, workers and consumers appear to be more confident in their economic prospects than at any other time since before the economic crisis in the mid-2000s. Americans of all racial and ethnic backgrounds are seeing their economic prospects rise, especially since Trump took office. Hopefully, Trump will continue to work to implement his populist, America-first foreign and domestic policies.

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  • trump claims his tax plan will stimulate the american economy.
    we’ll see how that works out, but the real cure is getting rid of the income tax completely.
    watch the trillions come back onshore as soon as that happens.
    his trade policies should help too; tariffs and real trade deals.
    i think he killed the tpp.
    is it really dead?
    i’d like to hear his views on strengthening labor unions as the manufacturing base returns.
    the immigrant invasion has been largely about sabotaging labor all along. i think trump is doing a lot of good and he can still have the benefit of whatever doubt..
    but will he ever break us free of jewish control?
    so far we see nothing big to make us think he gets that,

  • Trump is a Zionist and Jew Lover, which means Trump loves to lie and deceive. Truly amazing how people can be fooled by yet another puppet Zionist President. The Mass Media Weapon is in full control of the masses. I guess the Las Vegas Deception was real because “honest” Trump would have called out the “fake news” if it was not? LOL. Just wait until Trump starts another war (like the devil’s followers always do) and then the media will turn Trump into a Saint and people will believe the Mass Media’s bullshit once again and how war/murder is necessary.

    Hey John Friend, why no discussion about the FAKE Las Vegas shooting or how Nuclear Bombs do not exist and this whole North Korean business is based on deception? Is it because Trump is part of this deception and you do not want to talk about Puppet Trump’s lies and deceptions? Are you fooled by the false Left/Right dichotomy that is in full effect today? Funny, how Trump will protect Hillary/Obama from any crimes they committed while being Zionist Puppets. All Zionists have the same agenda, they just ACT differently to fool the masses. Their father is the devil, the father of lies and murder; just a fact of life on Earth.

  • Gee, I noticed that this didn’t make in the Jewsmedia articles.

  • Meanwhile the long term unemployed whites continue to suffer.

  • i admit i’m not exactly sure about trump either.
    but if djt is nothing but a zionist jew lover –
    why does mccain hate him so bad?
    why is he killing isis, which the mossad created?
    why is he saving the syrian regime?
    why does the beltway bolsheviki deep-state loathe him so bad too every damn day?
    would cnn etal really be slamming him with their phoney putin campaign accusations if he was really one of them?
    why is he against the immigration here, and why are his policies slowing the problem in europe?
    don’t we know this multiculturalism is a jew thing?
    why did he kill the banksters’ tpp?
    wasn’t that straight out of the jew world order takeover playbook?
    why is he a big second amendment guy, while brags about his nyc cc permit?
    could it be there are jew trolls trying to convince americans not to believe in him, because he’s really not totally under their control?
    i know it seems a small chance, what with all his in-laws, but is it possible trump is a real american at heart who is playing the jews whatever way he has to, the same way the jews play everybody else?