Why Did Trump Betray Campaign Promises on Syria, Assad, Russia?

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World leaders are questioning the veracity of claims Syria’s Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against his own citizens—and the legality of the U.S.’s retaliatory cruise missile attack on a Syrian air base. In the U.S., citizens who supported Donald Trump during his presidential campaign are now questioning the veracity of his pledge to follow a non-interventionist policy when it comes to America’s military.

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Invoking Fake “Holocaust” Narrative, Jewish & Israeli Leaders Praise Trump’s Disgraceful Airstrikes On Syria

Fight for Zionist Israel

Virtually all Jewish and Israeli leaders from across the political spectrum have expressed their support for President Trump’s shameful attacks on Syria. The only beneficiaries of American intervention in the Middle East are the organized Jewish community and the Jewish state of Israel, despite what President Trump says.

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The Realist Report – Dr. Kevin MacDonald


Dr. MacDonald joins me to discuss the truly outrageous decision by President Trump to bomb Syria – yet another poor Muslim country thousands of miles from the U.S. that poses no threat to the American people – following allegations of a “chemical gas attack” on “innocent civilians” ordered by Syrian President Bashar Assad. President Trump denounces fake news all the time, yet blindly accepts this obvious fake news narrative?

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The Realist Report – Carolyn Yeager

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined by the one and only Carolyn Yeager. I have followed Carolyn’s work for several years, which has profoundly influenced my own personal views about Adolf Hitler, National Socialism, the fake “Holocaust” narrative and WWII more generally. Of course, Carolyn and I discuss all of these topics at length throughout this broadcast.

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