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Long time readers of this site and regular listeners to The Realist Report podcast know that I write for both American Free Press and The Barnes Review, sister publications founded by the legendary American patriot and populist Willis Carto. Both publications are worth subscribing to (see here for AFP and here for TBR), as I always say. Where else will you find an independent, hard-hitting, and honest print publication dealing with the most critical and controversial issues facing our world from a populist, politically incorrect, race realist perspective?

It’s really an honor to be involved with these organizations, and to play a leading role producing content for publications founded by Carto, a personal hero and major inspiration in my life. The latest edition of The Barnes Review, which focuses on the blatant and entirely unacceptable assault on Southern culture, history, and identity – merely one aspect of a much broader assault on White people – features an article authored by me as the leading piece to open the edition.

Defending Dixie

The article, entitled “The Great History Heist: How Our History Is Being Stolen,” deals with the dismantling and removal of Confederate statues and memorials across the South, all of which has largely been instigated and justified by the alleged  shooting at a Black church in  Charleston, South Carolina, purportedly carried out by Dylann Storm Roof. The mainstream narrative explaining this alleged event is full of holes, and I have always questioned the legitimacy of the event.

In the article, I quote Dr. Ed DeVries who maintains an excellent newsletter called Dixie Heritage. Check it out and get on his mailing list. He produces great content on a weekly basis that is well worth your time and consideration.

This edition is simply outstanding. Every edition of The Barnes Review is excellent, but this one really stands out in my mind. Paul Angel did an amazing job putting it all together, and the articles, photographs, images, letters, and news items are all well worth reading and contemplating. The organization does outstanding working – truly unique and one-of-a-kind. Again, who else is tackling the issues we tackle from a pro-White, revisionist perspective? The topics critically addressed, examined, and dissected in the pages of The Barnes Review are some of the most taboo and controversial issues out there. The kind that will easily get you fired from your job and otherwise persecuted by the hostile elite ruling our society.

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