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Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce that The Realist Report is now offering subscriptions to Exclusive Members Only Content. Exclusive Members Only Content will consist of certain archived broadcasts of past editions of The Realist Report, as well as future special podcasts and blog posts. I have uploaded the entire archives of The Realist Report, beginning with my first broadcast on October 29, 2012. I have also uploaded archived radio programs in which I appear as the guest.

You may access all of this content via our Radio category which is in the Sections tab in the main menu bar directly above.

Please note the subcategories in this part of the website, which include The Realist Report Podcasts, Radio Appearances, and Exclusive Members Only Content.

First off, let me provide the basics for subscribing:

  • A lifetime subscription to Exclusive Members Only Content is $75; lifetime subscriptions will increase to $100 on March 1, 2016, so take advantage of this initial offer while you can!
  • A one year subscription subject to automatic renewal is $40;
  • A three month subscription subject to automatic renewal is $25.

Subscriptions may be purchased either electronically through our secure online payment processor or via check, cash or money order. For more details, please visit the Subscribe now! page, which is listed under the Members tab in our main menu above.

To pay and subscribe electronically, simply follow the prompts online. If you are subscribing via check, cash or money order, please be sure to include your full name and email address so a username and password can be sent to you once the payment has been received. If you ever have any questions or problems, feel free to contact me directly.

The vast majority of the content on The Realist Report, including the podcasts and radio programs, will remain free. However, certain podcasts and blog posts will be exclusively for paid subscribing members. I will be producing my own podcasts and hosting all of the content directly on this site going forward.

Some of my immediate business goals include:

  • producing high quality podcasts covering a wide array of topics;
  • publishing hard-hitting written commentaries and blog posts on a daily basis;
  • promoting other pro-White businesses, organizations, and media outlets;
  • collaborating and networking with other honorable, honest individuals, organizations, and businesses to advance our struggle for a White nation and for truth and justice to prevail in our lands;
  • the ability to pay my technical advisor a decent wage for contract work;
  • remaining as transparent as possible by publishing subscription statistics (but not the identities of subscribers) on my home page and/or announcing it during broadcasts; and
  • securing 100 Lifetime Membership subscribers by March 1, 2016;

Some of my more long term business goals consist of:

  • the ability to finance and produce high quality independent video reports and documentaries;
  • the ability to cover and report on special events and happenings in California; and
  • organizing a high profile conference or event focusing on the issues discussed and analyzed on The Realist Report in 2016.

John Friend - Santa Cruz

I strongly encourage friends, family, readers, and supporters of my work to subscribe to The Realist Report today. We must start competing with and eventually replacing the mainstream mass media and “entertainment” complex headquartered in Hollywood – and we can do it.

We have the ability, knowledge, dedication, and courage to stand up for the truth, for our race, and for our children’s future – help us do just that in a major way today.

Many thanks to everyone who has already subscribed, and many thanks to everyone who has supported my efforts in the past. I am eternally grateful.

John Friend

Update: In the first ever podcast edition of The Realist Report, Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting joined me to discuss the new subscription feature of this website, some of my goals, and the importance of supporting pro-White independent media.


  • Hi John; I’m reminded of how the late Mike Ruppert used to have his former “FromTheWilderness” site organized. It was a pay site, I think around $50/year; members got new articles immediately. Then, after 1-2 months, all the formerly exclusive content became free to all. This served the dual purposes of bringing in some revenue, while also eventually “getting the gospel out!” to everyone.

    Kevin Barrett plays it similarly at
    where he encourages becoming a paying member of his site, but the member/non-member lag time is only a few days… so it’s just a gentle reminder to his fans that he’s otherwise working for free, so think about anteing up! 😛

    Henrik at Red Ice, as you know, works it in a free first hour, members only second hour model; where the 2nd hour is exclusive indefinitely.

    I’m sure there are countless other examples, but the idea is to strike a balance between getting some revenue, and getting the word out widely.

    • Great points, I like all of these models, and I will probably end up doing something similar. I should emphasize that the vast majority of the podcasts will remain freely available. Only certain future podcasts will be for subscribers. I’m estimating there will be one or two “Members Only” podcasts per month.

      My main goal is to encourage supporters and listeners to become Lifetime Subscribers – it’s only $75 and you’re set for life! That’s a steal, eh? :)

  • Update: In the first ever podcast edition of The Realist Report, Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting joined me to discuss the new subscription feature of this website, some of my goals, and the importance of supporting pro-White independent media.