States Push Back

No More Refugees!

  • States, locals battle efforts of regime to resettle immigrants into their towns.

In a shocking but positive turn of events, state and local governments in recent weeks have taken proactive action in response to efforts by the federal government to resettle massive numbers of immigrants from the Middle East, north Africa, and Central America into cities and towns across the country. Even better, numerous states, including Tennessee, Kansas, and New Jersey, have withdrawn from the federally administered Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), sacrificing millions in federal bribes for the benefit of local residents.

In addition, many local governments have asked for clarification from the federal government and resettlement agencies regarding refugee resettlements in their jurisdictions. The answers often fail to materialize—demonstrating that simply speaking up about this issue often causes delays and setbacks for the proponents of moving huge numbers of so-called refugees into the United States.

The organized effort to resettle endless streams of Third World refugees in America shows no signs of abating. As this newspaper recently reported, the U.S. State Department, large corporations, religious charities, and other groups are systematically facilitating the resettling of thousands of Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, and other Third World peoples across the country, often in direct opposition to the wishes of the American people. While the refugee crisis in Europe has dominated headlines for months now, the refugee crisis in the U.S.—and the forces behind it—can no longer be ignored.

The federal government and its contractors that facilitate these resettlements often portray their efforts in moralistic terms. However, many see a deeper agenda at play: the systematic displacement of the traditional group that founded and built America.

Others note that encouraging even more massive Third World immigration poses serious logistical, demographic, and law enforcement problems, not to mention increases the risk of terrorism and other crime.

Given the reality that at least 10 million illegal aliens are currently residing in the U.S. and over 1 million immigrants are allowed entry to this country every year, resettling thousands of purported refugees appears to be misguided at best.

And now locals appear to be pushing back.

In late April, the Tennessee general assembly overwhelmingly passed a resolution authorizing the state to sue the federal government regarding its refugee resettlement program on Tenth Amendment grounds, paving the way for other states to follow suit.

Tennessee’s attorney general is supposed to represent the state in the lawsuit against the federal government. However, if the attorney general declines to represent the state, the Thomas More Law Center, a nonprofit public interest law firm, has pledged it will participate in the legal proceeding on behalf of the state.

Despite many states officially withdrawing from ORR, the federal government can still bypass local authorities and work with so-called “volunteer agencies” in various states to ram through the resettlement process. These agencies often include religious groups and charities that receive payouts to resettle as many refugees and other immigrants as possible. Many question the legality of allowing the federal government and private organizations to utilize state and local tax dollars in the resettlement process.

NB: This article was originally published by American Free Press on May 9, 2016. Subscribe to America’s last real newspaper today!


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    They sure aren’t making these genocidal demands on their precious Terrorist Theocracy of Eretz Israel.

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    • New 51 min video from recent RR Radio guest Alfred Schaefer; mix of 911, holohoax, other known FFs, & the (Rothschild’s) “refugee” invasion. Check Alfred’s YT channel while you’re there; the following vid also has a German version there.

      911 Brainwashing: End of the Lies–VUk
      Alfred Schaefer has a dialogue with Henry Hafenmayer, who has sent hundreds of letters with copies of the Protocols to all those institutions that are still enabling the treason we see today. More in YT description at link.

  • the federal government has no right to move anybody into any state without the state’s permission. hence the bribery, and whatever other coercion.

    lawsuits attempting to stop the abuse are a waste of time and unnecessary. state law enforcement officials and county sheriffs, if that’s who they really are, should be arresting any federal personnel attempting to move anybody into their jurisdictions.

    it should be the case that whatever amount of money the states lose by refusing to cooperate with the federal government – they should deduct from any funds the states normally forward.

  • I live here on the front line in California. My father in law retired Supervisor from I.C.E./Border Patrol (and he’s a liberal democrat) He says there are 30 to 40 million illegals living in the US. The media keeps blathering about 10-12 million undocumented aliens here. Completely false info. These people take jobs from us, from our children and send a huge amount of money back to their home countries. Were we to deprive them of the ability to send the money back to their homes it would blast the economy into outer space. If we could keep them from working (most work two jobs) we would kick start our economy and supercharge our productivity. If we could keep them out of here our people would be so much better. Most immigrants are hard working and want better lives. They take jobs away from us. We need to want better lives and be hard working too. We need to envision a better system.

  • The article said that there are 10 million illegals here- wrong. Going by the Bear Stearns (a banking finance house) estimates around 2006, and extrapolating, we have over 30 million, maybe as many as 40 million illegal border busters in the US ( entire US pop. is roughly 312 million in 2016). When the amnesty battle heated up in 2006-2007, the media constantly used the 12 million number, which most said then was a large under-count. The government uses Pew research data, which is little more than a Nielsen TV type of household survey, plus Census bureau stats, which are known to miss quite a number of people, to arrive at their magic figure. Bear Stearns used better data, like the amount of money being sent out of the country via money orders thru Western Union, the rising cost of educating non English speaking pupils in our public schools, etc…Right now the media etc. bleats out ’11 million’ as if speaking it will make it so. When you hear a source repeat ’11 million undocumented blah blah blah’ we must correct them. The low figure is meant to ease the public’s concern, make the invasion more palatable. Everyone should know the truth- at least one in ten people walking around in the US disrespected our laws and our border and broke into the country, laughing at us all the way.