Sick Herpes-Spreading Rabbis To Be Banned By NYC

The vast majority of people, especially in America, have a very distorted perception of Jews. Public opinion polls regularly demonstrate that Jews are the most-loved religious group in America (Side note: Jews are not merely a “religious group” – they are a hostile, alien ethnic community first and foremost).

The masses simply do not understand how sick, twisted, treacherous and subversive Jews are, and how they operate as an organized ethnic community residing in a host nation. Most people certainly are not aware of the truly Satanic and evil religious practices of certain Jewish sects, which include sucking the blood out of a circumcised male infant’s penis.

metzitzah b’peh

Yes, Jews really do suck the blood from baby penises after they’ve been cut in ritual circumcision ceremonies.

The sick, perverted rabbis who perform these Satanic rituals oftentimes end up spreading herpes to the infant. New York City is finally taking steps to address this madness, as The Times of Israel recently reported.

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The New York City Health Department said it will ban ritual circumcisers automatically if the infant they treated orally develops a herpes infection.

The ban would affect those who perform the ritual known as metzitzah b’peh, in which the person performing the circumcision, known as a mohel, sucks blood from the wound following circumcision. It is a common practice among many Haredi Orthodox Jews. When performed directly with the mouth as opposed to through a sterile pipette, it has been linked directly to the transmission of the herpes virus.

Under the new regulation, “every time there is a mohel who performed metzitzah b’peh on an infant who has contracted HSV-1, the Health Department will serve them with Commissioner’s orders banning them from performing the ritual,” The Jewish Week of New York reported Thursday, quoting city officials. HSV-1 is a type of herpes.

The Health Department will now ban the mohels linked to cases of herpes in newborns without testing for the virus, the newspaper reported. Prior to the regulation, the ban would be issued only pending tests both of the mohel and the baby.

The adoption of the new rule followed one day after the city’s health commissioner confirmed that two mohels have been banned from practicing metzitzah b’peh. Some 24 cases of herpes allegedly contracted through metzitzah b’peh have been reported in New York since 2000, according to the board of health.

Under both the previous policy and the new one, the city is relying on the mohels to self-enforce. A city spokeswoman told The Jewish Week that privacy rules prevent health officials from releasing the names of banned mohels. Banned mohels will be hit with a $2,000 fine if they do not come forward.

Rabbi Levi Heber, a prominent Crown Heights mohel, said the new policy “is what some would call a witch hunt or a modern-day blood libel,” The Jewish Week reported.

But critics of metzitzah b’peh said it would help protect infants from the risks it carries by discouraging mohels from performing the ritual.

Unsurprisingly, New York City’s response to this outrage will prove to be entirely feckless, as “the city is relying on the mohels to self-enforce.” Good luck with that one guys.

Please notice how the “prominent Crown Heights mohel,” rabbi Levi Heber, who is quoted in the article, implies this new policy is a “witch hunt” against Jews, equating the policy as “a modern-day blood libel,” as if Jews do not engage in these sick, perverted practices and it’s all just a made up conspiracy theory. Typical Jewish behavior!

Could you imagine if the masses actually knew about these Satanic rituals, and finally started to recognize the evil nature of Jews and how they subvert and parasitize White nations?

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  • “Jew York City banning circumcision”!

    Is this a 1st of April joke?

  • These people are disgusting. They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and serve time, as well as settling with the family on behalf of the male who may have herpes for life. Then they should be evicted from the country and blocked from re-entry if they are Jewish dual citizens, stripped of their ability to perform any religious service if they are US citizens, and they should all be added to the pedophile database so parents can be made aware of how sick and dangerous they are.

  • what they should do is ban those pedophile homosexual jews from sucking the penis of newborn boys.

  • Disgusting, sick pigs. How does one go about changing the positive public opinion of Jews and expose the truth? Not allowed.

  • it’s a step in the right direction at least.
    but really the circumcision itself should be considered a crime and all its perpetrators arrested and prosecuted.
    can you imagine the outcry if infant females were routinely tortured and mutilated like that, and robbed of their erotic tissue?
    or if it were unheard of and some pagan cult started doing it?
    it’s all done only for the sake of some archaic religious sacrificial ritual, because there is no medical reason for it.
    it just goes to show you what bullshit religion is.

  • The rabbi works in mysterious ways…


  • What I want to know is, who were the scum that thought up this practice?

    Maybe equally to the point is why are Christians extolled to circumcise their infant boys? That practice was pushed on us starting back in the 1950’s. It is child endangerment, regardless of who does it!

    Recently the fake press has run articles railing against FEMALE circumcision, another demonic practice! Nothing said about MALE genital mutilation, however!

    Apparently, equality does not apply here!

  • Sick Ritual Rabbi Pox on Innocents… methinks Pederasty & Ritual Abuse not so uncommon as once thought. Like other barbaric historic practices once thought to be fables-this too will go underground, away from the profane masses…

  • circumcision is a sacrificial religious ritual, leftover from the days of regular human sacrifice.
    the blood sucking relates to the red carpets they roll out for the dignitaries.
    circumcision is designed to traumatize the infant into a state of neurosis, badly damaging his natural psyche and making him therefore more susceptible to religious control.
    whereas gentiles under the control of the jews perform the procedure immediately after birth the jews wait until the eighth day, on purpose so that the infant will be more aware of himself and suffer greater psychological damage from the experience.
    you would be justified if you went to the hospital and performed a citizen’s arrest on whatever doctors you find doing it.

    • Actually the reason why, and this has been researched, is because that is when the baby’s immunity actually is at its peak.
      But in the meantime..I think this particular ritual can be considered part of the category of HUMAN traditions that Christ criticized the religious elders for putting stumbling blocks in the way of the people trying to finding God. This really IS a sick practice, and not one the I AM has endorsed.

  • barkingdeer, please don’t make up rubbish about the ‘eighth day’ being worse than the first day – “more aware of himself” indeed, utter bullshit. ALL babies feel pain in the same way, to the same degree, and that includes three month old unborn babies too. (Hence the Jew is behind the promotion of the atrocity that is abortion).

  • Religion strikes again.
    Seriously, circumcision should be banned. It is an unnecessary elective medical procedure that has real life consequences. Any benefit is based on anecdotal evidence at best and more babies are harmed by genital mutilation (aka circumcision) than are harmed by not having their member cut up. Also, did god make a mistake when he made the male form? If not then why cut it off? Not all loving if you ask me.