Serbian Parliament Gives Jews $1 Million Per Year for “Holocaust” Restitution

According to a recent report published by The Jewish Daily Forward, Serbia’s parliament passed a bill giving the organized Jewish community in the Balkan state just over $1 million per year for the next 25 years for property allegedly seized from Jews during and after WWII. Incredibly, the restitution payments are for properties allegedly seized who do not even have heirs, and the money will simply go to the organized Jewish community occupying Serbia.

Could it be any more obvious how big of a racket the fake “Holocaust” narrative is? The organized international Jewish community is literally raking in billions of dollars every single year by promoting the fake “Holocaust” story, and the vast majority of this money comes directly from taxpayers in the United States and Europe. What an absolute outrage.

The Jewish Daily Forward reports:

In a move that Holocaust restitution experts called precedent setting, Serbia’s parliament passed a law offering compensation for Jewish property seized during and after the Holocaust without heirs.

The law passed Friday by the Narodna skupstina, or the National Assembly, Serbia’s parliament, offers annual payments of a little over $1 million for the next 25 years to the country’s Jewish communities for property which was confiscated from its Jewish owners during and after the Holocaust, the World Jewish Restitution Organization, or WJRO, said in a statement.

While many countries in Eastern Europe allow claims by individual heirs, none so far have enacted laws that offer restitution for Jewish property without heirs, according to WJRO.

“This is a step toward justice and the recognition of history,” WJRO Chair of Operations Gideon Taylor said in a statement issued Friday. “We look to other countries to follow Serbia’s lead and return heirless Jewish property so that it can help Holocaust survivors in need, commemorate those who died and strengthen Jewish life in these communities where so much was destroyed.”

In 2009, 46 countries signed a document recognizing the principle of offering compensation for property without heirs, which in countries such as Poland is estimated in the billions. “But none have taken such action, until last week,” WJRO’s acting director, *Nachliel Dison, told JTA. He noted that Hungary did offer limited compensation for heirless property, but not through legislation.

The Serbian law, he said, “hopefully will make it incumbent on other countries to follow Serbia’s lead.” Serbia created a procedure for Holocaust restitution of heirs relatively late, in 2011.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior restitution official from Israel said that the law, passed with support from Serbia’s government, “is also connected to Serbia’s desire to enter the European Union, where it needs to tick the ‘restitution’ box.”

Unbelievable! Of course, the organized Jewish community is going to do everything in its power to ensure other countries in Europe follow Serbia’s lead in offering “restitution” payments of this nature. This is blatant extortion and racketeering on a massive scale.

More than 70 years after WWII, the Jews are still collecting literally billions of dollars each year thanks to a fake story they concocted with the help of the various Allied governments, mass media, and Hollywood. The fake “Holocaust” narrative is a weapon that has been used against the West, giving the Jews unlimited and perpetual sympathy, “restitution” payments, and a monopoly on our collective historical narrative. In order to the West to be free, this fake story must be exposed, debunked (which has already been done), and rejected.

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  • big mistake Serbian, you should spend the money on your own people instead giving to some zionist war mongering religion, the people will not be pleased

  • Imagine the astonishing reparations Israel’s war criminals & their enablers owe most of the world.

    They are in for some serious sticker shock (& more) when they are finally brought to justice.

    And they know it.

  • Why not end this report suggesting the jews behind this con should spend time in prison for the crimes of perjury and extortion?

  • Now they’re taking it from poor Eastern European countries who are just trying to get on their feet post-Soviet. Gawd, I hate the Jews!

  • “is also connected to Serbia’s desire to enter the European Union, where it needs to tick the ‘restitution’ box.”

    On top of the cash payout, the jews slap Serbia in the face with this comment. Ingrates!

    And there’s a “Restitution” box on the application to join the EU? It figures. Shysters!

  • N.A.T.O./British Crown needs the holohoax to justify the continued rape and military occupation of Europe.

  • “is also connected to Serbia’s desire to enter the European Union, where it needs to tick the ‘restitution’ box.”

    On top of and after the cash pay-out, the jews insult the Serbians with this remark? Ingrates!

    And there’s a “Restitution” box to be checked on the application to join the EU? It figures. Shysters!

  • The Jews should have to pay back the world for their lies and the current law and banking system they control which has ripped of the world. I wouldn’t give spit to a Jew no matter how thirsty it was or how it threatened me. They claim to be God’s people and I say we should send them back to God.

  • How much do we owe the Indians ? That is Native Americans to be PC. (vomit)

  • Perfectly Talmudic Law compliant for fleecing Goyim; perhaps the implied precedent will apply throughout the E.U. for ANY assets still up for grabs (after 80 years) including that Nazi Gold Train.

  • Clearly, Serbians figure a million a year in Jew Extortion Swag is dirt cheap not to have to listen to interminable Jew bitching and sniveling about their persecutions. If only the US could get off so easy.

  • We fought on the Allies side, more than a million Serbians were killed by the Axis powers. We died in camps with these people. This is absurd, it doesn’t have any moral or legal basis. It is more than 26 million dollars in total, that money could build hospitals, schools, cure sick kids…

  • Serbia is supporting all minorites including Palestinians so this is OK.

    • Srbin nikad ne zaboravlja komu je prijatelj a ko neprijatelj do sudnjeg dana !”

      • Srbi nemaju prijatelja. Mozda su vam englezi i francuzi malo skloni ali ih zaboli nesto za vas. A sto reci za ruse? Pa rusi su vas druknuli kad ste pokusali izvrsiti atentat na dr tudmana u zagrebu. Tko vam ostaje?? Tzv republika srpska koja je prevelika cijena za mir tj dan danasnji nemir i milorad pupovac iz zagreba. Ali i pupovca zaboli za vas, njemu je bitna kinta.

    • This is one of bigger jokes I’ve heard recently :-) :-)

    • A great joke! :-) :-) :-)

  • This is stupid Serbians are not even responsible for this,Gestapo come with ready lists of Serbian Jews (more then 20 000 names) Serbia was under German administration(only country on balkan which was under German rule during WW 2 besides Greece ) ,we lost 1 million people in concentration kamps whe share our destiny with our Jewish citizens…idk why this stupid government of ours did that,Croatians had their own regime who directed all genocide,we Serbians had our legit government in London…during WW 2…

    • Lie, lie, lie. In time of NDH in Serbia almost all jews (cca 90%) were already killed. So, you should look into work of dr. Esther Gitman. You with idea of Great Serbia should stop with agression towards Croatia. Teritory of Croatia will never be yours. With your atittude you ruined yugoslavia, you lost Monte Negro, you lost Kosovo and as time goes by I think you will loose even Vojvodina in which you discriminate other non serbs as bunjevacki hrvati. You lost your war in Croatia and it is enough. Both, president (nikolic) and primeminister (vujcic) of Serbia are war criminals, so you have no right to judge anyone.

      • Just to add for those who don’t know much, president of Serbia mr.Nikolic said that Serbs will never stop dreaming of great serbia and that dream is synonym for occupying territory of Croatia and other neighbours. And just to mention the destiny of 9 000 muslims killed just in Srebrenica during the serbian agression (war) towards all nonserbs in BiH and Croatia. Or maybe to mention genicid in Ovcara where were killd all people that where by force took out of hospitall of Vukovar. They were civilians and wounded.There were many many concentration camps where cetnics/serbian battered and raped and killed people (also, president Nikolic said that he is proud to bi cetnic(k)) .all that happened in time between 1990-1995. Also, there are many documents that vitness saving jews as from Court of Pavelic also from serbs and Tito. So please, don’t speak about Croatia and its people in a sense of genocid. And especially don’ t do that after 45 years of oppression and persecution and even executions (now days current case of Perkovic in in a court in Germany) of croats in ex yugoslavia where the main role acted serbia with dictaor Tito.

    • Stop spreading Greaterserbian lies, it is awful. And bad for your health in general.

  • No wonder why they are so hated by mankind! I am sorry, we must never hate anybody, but many people do hate the Jews! I am talking not of all Jews, of course. But how did all this began? We will come to the Old Testament now. For many people, the Bible is just a “Zionist book” or a book of Jewish fairy tales at the least. Now, what has the Old Testament to do with what we read in above article? Well, read on; the Old Testament describes the crimes by the elite Jews of Israel committed against lower fellow-Jews and “the stranger in their midst” alike. They were financially oppressed by them. They killed their own prophets who spoke out against all the machinations of them. the result was banishment from their country by the king of Babylon, Nebukadnessar. This was the beginning! Centuries later, the distant descendants of these criminal Jews would be evicted out of any country in Europe! Do we see a connection here? Yes, I do! Nowadays, everyone who is speaking out against the lies and subverting influence of the Jews is called an “anti-Semite.” Now, what will the future bring? There will be a time that mankind is so fed up with all those lying elite Jews (which is, in fact, already now the case) that there will be a great “anti-Semitic” worldwide uprising against them! And might some pro-Zionist fool begin to cry out of “rising anti-Semitism”, chances are very big that he too, has to run for his life! Believe me, the Old Testament is more to the point than many people think to know about it!….