Rome is Burning, America is Burning

Excellent video well worth watching and sharing with friends and family. The entire Western world is at a crossroads. Which side are you on?

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  • The primary problem with “the synagogue” here in the west in general, (Britain/France/U.S. specifically), is this;
    Where the German people, Russian people chaffed under Talmudic rule, the people here in Sewer Nation revel in it.
    Dudes! Who’re the Kardashians bedding this week!?

    Sewer Nation – Idiot Culture.

  • Uh oh, looks like the video has been removed by the user… Shame, it was a great video.

  • I was unable to view the video…message said ‘this video has been removed by the user’ whatever that means. But, I think I’ve already seen this video, which is proof of what is in store if we stay on the same liberal, Commie, Progressive, anarchist path.

  • Why is Rome burning? Because of cuck pope Frannie. It’s not just the Jews who are causing problems. Frannie received the Charlemagne award this week where he combined MLK Jr.’s “I have dream” speech with Reagan’s “tear down this wall,” speech. He wants a multi-culti, borderless Europe – my nightmare. It is imperative that the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) be put out of business. I am a post-Vatican II cradle RCCer and I know the inside of the religion and its infrastructure. Most of the priests in the USA are gay. Estimates run from 10% to 52% of priests being gay. I believe it’s 51% so the tipping point has been reached. The same sex priestly abuse of children continues. The College of Cardinals is 48% black/Asian. The next pope will most assuredly be one of these. I do not accept non-white priests or popes. Eastern Europe is in good shape because of Victor Orban who put a stop to Merkel’s madness. The migrants have been chased out of Eastern Europe. The problem of migrants is specific
    to Germany, France, Sweden. Eastern Europe is mostly Christian Orthodox and thus do not listen to the Pope. In Western Europe pope Frannie is working with Merkel to faciliate the migrant invasion. I attach an interesting
    interview that addresses how Pope Frannie came to power (around the 25 minute mark). Caucasian cuck RCC males are the problem and must be stopped. These cucks are always complaining about “female independence.” But when an independent woman like me questions and “disobeys” them, and they cannot disprove what I say – i.e., the communion wafer doesnt’ work, they become hysterical like Glen Beck. (How about his face in the Cheetos tour de force?) I watch a “traditional RCC” website
    run by an “ex-gay.” The good news is that the RCC portion of the USA population has dropped a great deal. This despite the fact
    that the RCC wanted illegals from Mexico and Central America imported to fill their pews and teach Caucasian Americans how to be “good Christians.” I am still a Christian but I tell people I believe in i.q., evolution and my Christianity and politics are based on that. I point out facts and figures which lead to
    one logical conclusion: removal of as many and separation from the low i.q.ers who are not Caucasians.

  • Rudolf Friedrich 01

    The Vatican has been totally polluted by the Vatican II poisonous rubbish. Raise the hand the one thinking this ‘vatican’ promotes & supports the Catholic faith…!

    Vatican II is zionism. But it’s not the only Cult which has turned to be modernistic dung. Religion is actually a tool for the latest effort of the global extremists (led by the same globo-jewry). This last effort will likely lead to a full blown NWO rule.
    Not to mention that other ‘shades’ of christianity went down the same steep ladder long ago.