Revisionism Is At The Heart of Our Struggle For Freedom

Excellent video by Alison Chabloz:


  • Revisionism is hugely important to our struggle because White people have an unusual concern for the truth, and because the truth is usually on our side.

    But it isn’t central. Central is nationalism. And nationalism is essential even if we would learn that we were as awful as the Jews, or as feckless as the Blacks, or as crooked as the left/right line, or that the Third Reich was everything Jews pretend it was. We would still want to survive as ourselves.


    The video isn’t playing but a still of non-White colonist Dieudonne and anti-White/pro-Islam Soral still shows.

    People can have good ideas about other stuff, yet have other ideas quite incompatible with nationalism’s live and let live ethos.

    Chabloz isn’t quite rigorous.


    It’s like freeing yourself as a velcro strip in stages.

    Every damn anchor must be disconnected from any hook you hold.

    Us and only us. Free and entirely.

  • I adore Alison Chabloz, and applaud her honesty and bravery in exposing the LIES surrounding the Holohoax! Plus, she has a nice voice!