Radical Left Targets Alternative Media

Radical Left

  • Internet giants have been working hand-in-hand with thought censors to shut down independent news outlets around the world like American Free Press. Targeting the news organizations they disagree with, companies like Google and PayPal are squeezing conservative voices in an effort to silence and ultimately shut them down.

AdSense, the online advertising giant owned by Google, has cut ties with two politically incorrect media outlets, one of which is this newspaper’s website, following pressure from Media Matters, a leftist media watchdog group financed in part by George Soros.

In addition to AFP’s website, Counter-Currents Publishing, a white nationalist book publishing company that also maintains a website featuring blog posts and longer essays from various contributors, had its AdSense account terminated, according to a recent monthly newsletter written by Greg Johnson, the editor-in-chief of the company.

On Jan. 30, Media Matters, which has close ties to many of the leading personalities that ran Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, including John Podesta, published an inflammatory article entitled, “How Anti-Semitic and Holocaust-Denying Websites Are Using Google AdSense for Revenue.”

The article highlighted four independent media outlets— American Free Press, Counter-Currents Publishing, The Right Stuff, and “Veterans Today”—that used Google’s AdSense program to place online advertisements on their respective websites to generate income.

The article argued that “some of the worst purveyors of anti-Semitism on the Internet” were using AdSense to generate advertising revenue, and that these independent media outlets were “seemingly in direct violation” of AdSense’s program policy of prohibited content.

“Google believes strongly in the freedom of expression, but also recognizes the need to protect the quality of the AdSense network for users, advertisers, and publishers,” according to AdSense’s prohibited content policy. “Google ads may not be placed on pages that contain harassing or bullying content, or on content that incites hatred or promotes violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity. Additionally, Google ads may not appear on content that incites or advocates for harm against an individual or group.

However, pages containing educational, documentary, historical, scientific, or artistic content related to such subjects are permitted to participate in AdSense.”

Any objective reader of this newspaper and its online platform will fully recognize the fact that American Free Press has never and would never publish articles or opinion pieces that “contain harassing or bullying content” or content that “incites hatred or promotes violence” against any individual or group for any reason whatsoever.

This is just the latest attempt by the left and the enforcers of political correctness to shut down or otherwise limit free expression on the Internet. Politically incorrect media outlets and personalities are regularly targeted for “hate speech” violations on social media, resulting in their accounts being terminated. Major Internet giants such as PayPal, Amazon Affiliates, and AdSense often consult with leftist activist organizations—including Media Matters, the SPLC, and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)—to determine which organizations or individuals to target for censorship.

This writer, for instance, had his PayPal account permanently shut down in late November 2014 following pressure from the SPLC and ADL. To this day, I remain banned as an individual from utilizing PayPal’s services. Other writers, activists, and online content producers have also had their PayPal accounts permanently limited.

These actions have severely hampered the ability of independent media outlets and journalists to solicit donations and raise much-needed revenue.

Unlike many European nations, which jail political dissidents and those who engage in “hate speech,” those with politically incorrect views cannot be legally discriminated against by the state in America. However, private entities and corporations, such as Google, AdSense, PayPal, Twitter, Facebook, and other Internet giants, can and do discriminate against those daring to challenge the sacred dogmas of the left, often at the behest of radical leftist activist organizations.

Engaging in meaningful political dissent, challenging the officially sanctioned narratives of history as well as current events, and publishing information and perspectives that run contrary to the wishes and dictates of the powers that be is a risky business in America, despite the First Amendment and longstanding tradition of freedom of thought and intellectual inquiry. Readers would be wise to support the efforts of independent media outlets, especially American Free Press—America’s last real newspaper—while limiting their support and business dealings with the top Internet monopolies, which have proven over and over again their willingness to become the enforcers of political correctness at the behest of the radical left.

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  • I have supported AFP for years and will continue to do so. They are one of the few honest papers in the US.

  • Thanks for this article! I have been banned from Facebook and my whole Meetup.com group was deleted after eight years because I am a holocaust denier.
    Brian Ruhe


    Thanks for the interesting article. This is very unfortunate.

    However, before Google, there were other search engines, and doing fine. Then suddenly, 2 Jewish kids started a small company Google, and, in no time, it becomes #1 and toppled the giants of the industry, such as bing and yahoo and other search engines (older, more established ones).

    And then there was myspace, very popular. Then a Jewish kids stole some ideas and started facebook. Suddenly, facebook becomes #1, and myspace is or almost bankrupt.

    What is the explanation?

    How are Judaists able to enter a well established field, and take it over in no time?

    I suspect they are people in power who work with them to bring them into power, make them #1 and dismantle the opposition.

    Judaists work together as a team. They have a very strong sense of shared identity and paranoia towards outsiders, the goyim. The Oligarchs probably met and decided they wanted Judaists to control search results, not goyim. So they financed Google, the Jewish media promoted it, the Jewish regulators blessed it and, in no time, the Judaists were telling us search results.

    The reason they probably wanted to monopolize search engines and social media is not just for money, but more to control the goyim.

    Google knows all the websites the Judaists do not like (such as patriotic websites or anti-Israel websites) from its database and can effectively shut down all of them, by removing them from its search results.

    I suspect it will do that after other search engines have been bankrupted out of existence. Once Google is the only search engine in town, there will be a total black out of all patriotic and conservative websites or those who dare speak against Israel. A police state on the Internet is coming with Google in charge.

    Solution? Start building databases of websites. Believe it or not, a search engine, at least in theory, is not that hard too build.

    For starters, you just need a database of the websites and a list of keywords. Write a small program to visit them daily, and update key words.

    We must work with other countries which are free from Israeli influence, such as China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, to develop search engines that run on their servers. A meta search engine, which searches multiple search engines located in different countries, might be the way to go.

    People did that with youtube alternatives, which was censoring content, with good success.